Upgrade for Mars M1

March 27, 2023

1. Kindly Note

  • It takes a risk to to do the upgrade, please avoid updating during important events;
  • Please make sure the device with enough power during  updating;
  • Please don`t unplug the USB flash disk during updating to avoid updating failure;
  • Feel free to contact us if the updating failure or error causes the malfunction: Hollyland Technical Support Engineer: support@hollyland-tech.com

2. Updating Tool

  • USB-C flash disk / USB flash disk + OTG convertor
  • Download Upgrade File –> Download Linkage

3. Upgrade Steps

  • Format the USB flash disk into FAT32 format first, then place the updating file in the USB flash disk root directly.
  • Insert the USB flash disk into the wireless monitor`s Type-C port, the monitor will enter the updating status automatically. Then just waiting for the update completion.

4. Special notes

  • The USB flash disk needs to be formatted into the FAT32 format first so can the device to recognize the USB flash disk.
  • If the USB flash disk which over 32G, the Window/Mac system don’t have the FAT32 options, so need professional disk software tools (like DiskGenius) to format it.
  • The updating file needs to be placed in the USB flash disk root directory can the device read the updating file, the file can’t be placed in another folder.
  • Checking whether the monitor firmware version is the latest or not on the device information after the update is completed.