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Unparalleled Communication Clarity

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    1,300ft (400m)
    LOS Range

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    Expandable Cascade

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    Cozy Headset

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    Flexible Configuration
    & Upgrade

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    Extended Battery Life

Introducing Hollyvox G51, the ultimate full-duplex wireless intercom system recognized for its unparalleled professional performance. With advanced dual-mic Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology, this professional full-duplex wireless intercom system ensures unparalleled communication clarity, ideal for production teams working in loud environments. The ergonomic headset design offers optimal stability and comfort, allowing you to stay focused on your tasks. With an impressive LOS range of 1,300ft (400m), it is the ideal choice for small- and medium-scale events such as stage performances and sports events, enabling seamless team coordination through extensive and interference-free communication.

Team Communication
to the Next Level

team1 team pe 1
team2 team pe 2
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team4 team pe 4

The Power of ENC to Excellent Audio Clarity

The Hollyvox G51 stands out with its exceptional dual-mic ENC technology, which delivers clear audio even in challenging conditions by effectively blocking unwanted background noise.
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  • Environmental Sound
    sound1 icon cyc
    Reverse Internal
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  • User Sound
    Environmental Sound
  • icon down
  • Up to 20 dB for noise
    Cancellation with ENC
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  • Sounds Output to others
Its supercardioid primary mic captures the speaker’s voice and environmental noise accurately, while the omnidirectional secondary mic collects environmental noise from various directions as noise samples. Through advanced ENC algorithms, the audio signal is processed in the beltpack, successfully eliminating the environmental noise and ensuring high-quality clear audio.

Precise Communication
with Group Talk

The Hollyvox G51 achieves precise communication by allowing for up to three-group communication, even in unlimited cascade connections. Group configuration flexibility is easily accessible via the base station or web page (where the group configuration file can be saved and imported). The beltpack offers 8 preset modes that users can adjust to suit their individual working needs. These modes are ideal for different team collaboration scenarios and work situations. Each mode comes with a color indicator light to make it easy to use and understand.

Complete Connectivity for
Seamless Communication

With its versatile range of interfaces, the Hollyvox G51 boasts unparalleled cascade connection capabilities. This means that you can expand your system to include virtually unlimited base stations. To connect two Hollyvox G51 base stations, a straightforward option is to use either IP or 4-wire cascade connection. To connect more than two base stations, a combination of IP and 4-wire cascade connections can be employed. This user-friendly approach empowers you to effortlessly expand your communication network according to your requirements.

Our device also supports connection to other Hollyland intercom systems via the 4-wire interface

other pe 1 other1

2-wire and 4-wire audio systems using the 2-wire interface and 4-wire interface

other pe 2 other2

Hollyland’s Walkie-Talkie Converter to work with a wider range of walkie-talkies.

other pe 3 other3

Impressive Communication
Range with 1.9GHz for
Enhanced Connection

The Hollyvox G51 offers full support for two types of antennas — panel antenna built into the base station and external fiberglass antenna. This allows for greater flexibility in on-site applications and significantly extends the transmission range. In addition, the device operates on 1.9GHz, ensuring communication free from interference.
External Fiberglass Antenna
The external fiberglass antennas provide a dependable transmission range of approximately 985ft (300m) in all directions, making them perfect for large-scale events like sports events, exhibitions, and beyond, ensuring reliable communication throughout the entire venue and uninterrupted connectivity.
Built-in Panel Antenna
Ideal for operations in unobstructed venues like church events and concerts, the built-in panel antenna offers an impressive one-way transmission range of up to 1,300ft (400m) in the front. Additionally, it provides an extra 160ft (50m) of range at the back. This configuration makes it an excellent choice for one-way communication purposes.

Increased Communication
Stability and Reliability

Powered by automatic frequency hopping technology, our device automatically identifies interferences across the frequency bands and selects interference-free options, ensuring uninterrupted communication and improved stability.
Note: The operating frequency may vary by country and region. Please refer to local laws and regulations for more information.

Immerse Yourself in Audio

  • 200Hz–7kHz

    Frequency Range

  • 16kHz

    Sampling Rate

  • 60dB±2


  • <1%


The Hollyvox G51 boasts impressive technical specifications for an immersive audio experience. For example, with a frequency range of 200Hz–7kHz, it captures every sound detail with precision. Furthermore, its sampling rate of 16kHz ensures high-quality audio sampling for accurate reproduction.

Enhanced Design for
Maximum Comfort and
Superior Audio

The brand-new headsets (including the single-ear headset and double-ear headset) developed by Hollyland offer maximum comfort and superior audio quality, with a structure that better fits the human ear and effectively reduces environmental noise. In addition, a wide range of headset accessories, such as mic cushion and head beam, is available for easy replacement on-site, promoting cleanliness and hygiene. Simply use them as needed and enjoy an exceptional wireless intercom experience.

Electret Mic ENC Double-Ear

The Hollyvox G51 includes an optional accessory in the form of a double-ear headset, ensuring maximum ambient noise reduction while catering to the specific preferences of those who need to focus more on their communication without being disturbed by environmental noise.

3.5mm Headset Interface

The beltpack offers compatibility with 3.5mm headsets with a condenser microphone, providing greater flexibility for communication.

TALK Button

With the ergonomically designed TALK button, you can effortlessly engage in conversations with just a single press, while a quick release activates the MUTE mode.

Group Button

The illuminated color on the A, B, and C buttons allows for easy identification of the assigned group, enabling efficient communication.

Neck Strap

Each beltpack comes with a lightweight neck strap for added security.

Volume Button

The volume buttons on the side of the beltpack allow for effortless adjustment of 10-level volume, ensuring optimal audio control.

Configure Your Device
Anywhere, Anytime

Seamlessly unleash the maximum capabilities of the device by utilizing the base station, Hollyvox app, and web page for device configurations and upgrades.

  • configure1

    Web Page

  • configure2

    Hollyvox App

  • configure3

    Base Station

Continuous Power Supply
for Uninterrupted

Each beltpack comes with two replaceable lithium polymer batteries with an operating time of up to 6 hours. The included charging base completely alleviates concerns about low power, as it can fully charge 8 beltpacks and 8 batteries in merely 2.5 hours at a time.
The base station supports power supply through POE or NP-F batteries, ensuring uninterrupted communication regardless of the power source.


Incredible Form
Factor Effects

The beltpack features detachable antennas for easy replacement and added robustness, along with a secure TALK button. Weighing around 200g (7oz), the beltpack is crafted using double injection molding technology, providing a comfortable grip and improved drop-proof performance with its matte finish.

  • The headset with a military-inspired design features a metal head beam, specifically engineered to deliver optimal scratch-proof performance.

  • The base station is crafted with high-quality aluminum alloy, featuring a robust construction that ensures exceptional resilience, even in the most demanding environments.


  • RU51 Wireless Intercom System RRU x1

    sku1 1
  • Electret Mic ENC Single-Ear Headset x8

    sku1 2
  • BP51 Wireless ENC Intercom Beltpack x8

    sku1 3
  • Beltpack Battery Charging Base x1

    sku1 4
  • External Fiberglass Antenna x2

    sku1 5
  • Beltpack Battery for BP51 x16

    sku1 6
  • 4-Pin XLR Adapter x1

    sku1 7
  • Neck Strap x8

    sku1 8
  • POE Adapter x1

    sku1 9
  • 3/8 Mounting Screw x1

    sku1 10
  • Crab Clamp for RU51 x1

    sku1 11
  • RRJ45 to Dual XLR Cable x1

    sku1 12
  • Hard-Shell Carry Case x1

    sku1 13
  • RJ45 to XLR Cable x1

    sku1 14
  • AC Power Cable x2

    sku1 15
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable x1

    sku1 16
  • User Manual x1

    sku1 17
  • Warranty Card x1

    sku1 18
  • RU51 Wireless Intercom System RRU x1

    sku 2 1
  • Electret Mic ENC Single-Ear Headset x4

    sku 2 2
  • BP51 Wireless ENC Intercom Beltpack x4

    sku 2 3
  • Beltpack Battery Charging Base x1

    sku 2 4
  • External Fiberglass Antenna x2

    sku 2 5
  • Beltpack Battery for BP51 x8

    sku 2 6
  • 4-Pin XLR Adapter x1

    sku 2 7
  • Neck Strap x4

    sku 2 8
  • POE Adapter x1

    sku 2 9
  • 3/8 Mounting Screw x1

    sku 2 10
  • Crab Clamp for RU51 x1

    sku 2 11
  • RJ45 to Dual XLR Cable x1

    sku 2 12
  • Hard-Shall Carry Case x1

    sku 2 13
  • RJ45 to XLR Cable x1

    sku 2 14
  • AC Power Cable x2

    sku 2 15
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable x1

    sku 2 16
  • User Manual x1

    sku 2 17
  • Warranty Card x1

    sku 2 18

Your Setup


BP51 Wireless
ENC Intercom Beltpack


Beltpack Battery Charging Base


Beltpack Battery for BP51


RU51 Wireless Intercom System RRU


External Fiberglass Antenna


POE Adapter


4-Pin XLR Adapter


RJ45 to Dual XLR Cable


3/8 Mounting Screa


Electret Mic ENC Double-Ear Headset


Electret Mic ENC Single-Ear Headset


Over-Ear Earpads for HS01/02


On-Ear Earpads for HS01/02


Mic Cushion for HS01/02


Head Beam Pad for HS01/02


Crab Clamp for RU51


  • Interface

    POE interface (RJ45)
    Power supply interface (RJ45)
    4-wire audio interface
    2-wire audio interface
    USB interface

  • Power Supply

    POE power supply
    NP-F battery

  • Frequency Response


  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio


  • Distortion


  • LOS Range

    1,300ft (400m)

  • Frequency Band


  • Modulation Mode


  • TX Power


  • RX Sensitivity


  • Bandwidth


  • Power Consumption


  • Dimensions

    (L x W x H): 255.5mm x 180.4mm x 48.5mm
    (10″ x 7.1″ x 1.9″)

  • Net Weight

    Approx. 1560g (55oz)

  • ENC Level


  • Temperature Range

    0℃ to 45℃ (working condition)
    -20℃ to 60℃ (storage condition)

  • Interface

    3.5mm headset interface
    0B10 headset interface
    USB-C interface

  • Power Supply

    1500mAh lithium polymer battery

  • Frequency Response

    ENC OFF: 200Hz-7kHz (fluctuation range: ±6dB)
    ENC ON: 200Hz-7kHz (fluctuation range: ±10dB)

  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio


  • Distortion


  • LOS Range

    1,300ft (400m)

  • Frequency Band


  • Modulation Mode


  • TX Power


  • RX Sensitivity


  • Bandwidth


  • Power Consumption


  • Dimensions

    (L x W x H): 105mm x 65mm x 22.4mm
    (4.13″ x 2.56″ x 0.88″)

  • Net Weight

    Approx. 200g (7oz)

  • ENC Level


  • Temperature Range

    0℃ to 45℃ (working condition)
    -20℃ to 60℃ (storage condition)