6 Lösungen für Facebook-Gruppenbeiträge, die im Jahr 2023 nicht gesehen werden

Selbst im digitalen Zeitalter 2023 hatte Facebook Probleme, bei denen Beiträge überraschend aus den Gruppen verschwanden. Facebook aktualisiert seine Algorithmen erheblich, um den Aufbau von Gemeinschaften zu verbessern, und die Einhaltung der jüngsten Änderungen ist unerlässlich. Mit über zwei Milliarden aktiven Nutzern werden Facebook-Gruppen hauptsächlich mit gemeinsamen und fokussierten Interessen aufgebaut. Daher ist die Sichtbarkeit

Hollyland’s Unforgettable Journey at Inter BEE 2023

Hollyland Technology left a strong impression on attendees at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (Inter BEE) held from November 15th to 17th, 2023. The event provided a perfect platform for industry professionals to experience the latest advancements in the media landscape. Hollyland has been a regular participant at Inter BEE since 2021, and its booth

Best Black Friday Deals 2023


Black Friday 2023 is around the corner. If you are looking for the best deals on wireless products, look no further. We’ve got you covered with all the amazing discounts on Hollyland wireless products. Check out the decent offers below: ·Up to 11-45% Off – LARK MAX ·Up to 19-20% Off – Lark C1 ·Up to 20-34% Off – Lark M1 ·Up to 13-20% Off – Lark 150 ·Up to 10-20% Off – Mars 4K ·Up to 15-20% Off – Mars 400S Pro ·Up to 15-20% Off – Mars 300 Pro ·Up to 15-20% Off – Cosmo C1 ·Up to 17-20% Off – Solidcom C1 ·Up to 15% Off – Mars T1000 Wireless Video Transmission System Featuring long-range stable connection and ultra-low latency, Hollyland’s wireless video transmission products provide a seamless transmission of high-quality full HD  video signals, supporting resolutions up to 4K. Among the remarkable lineup is the MARS 4K, a cutting-edge wireless video transmission system. It boasts an impressive line-of-sight (LOS) range of 450ft (150m) and an ultra-low latency of 0.06s. The innovation combines high performance and reliable quality at a budget-friendly price. MARS 4K at Amazon Perfect for: Cinematographers, Indie Filmmakers, Live Streamers, Reporters, Documentarians, Music Video Directors Wireless Intercom System Hollyland’s wireless intercom systems guarantee effective communication among your production crew, ensuring smooth coordination on set. The Solidcom C1 stands out as a secure wireless intercom system, equipped with DECT 6.0 encryption and dual-antenna technology. It offers the flexibility to cascade with multiple systems using a hub for expanded communication. Alternatively, it can support up to eight headsets independently, without the need for a hub. Solidcom C1 at Amazon Perfect for: Production Teams, Worship Services, Broadcasters, Theater Productions, Sports Events, Filmmakers Wireless Microphone Hollyland’s Lark series wireless microphones deliver natural sound, empowering you to move freely and record your adventures with high-quality audio.  The LARK MAX, the latest member of the Lark series, is an all-in-one wireless lavalier microphone that features industry-first MaxTimbre Mic technology and advanced Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology, providing an unparalleled crystal-clear sound. LARK MAX at Amazon Perfect for: Content Creators, Reporters, Wedding Videographers, Vloggers, Fitness Coaches, Educators Don’t miss out on these incredible deals. You can’t go wrong with Hollyland wireless products!

13 Best On-Camera Monitors in 2024


In today’s digital world, content creation has become very important due to its different use cases in multiple fields of social media marketing, YouTube, and Instagram. Many content creators are now focusing on creating more and better engaging quality content, especially in video format. According to some research, it has been observed that people love

6 Best 4K Camera Monitors in 2024

image 244

Are you a passionate filmmaker or a dedicated videographer searching for the ultimate tool to elevate your video production game? Look no further, because in this article, we’re about to unveil the six finest 4K camera monitors that can take your visual storytelling to the next level. With the ever-increasing demand for high-quality video content,

6 Best Director’s Monitors in 2024 – Complete Details with Comparison Table

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A director’s monitor is an important tool in video production and filmmaking. It serves as the director’s window in any ongoing production. Its main purpose is to allow you real-time visual monitoring and elevate your ability as a director to guide the technical and creative aspects of the entire shoot. Moreover, this monitor will enable

11 Best Mini Microphones in 2023 – Complete Details

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There are different varieties of microphones. Some are small, while others are big, but then comes the tiniest mics, which are discreet and capable of recording high-quality audio. However, users are still looking for popular brands that manufacture mini microphones. So, unfortunately, they end up buying products from unreliable companies that won’t last long.  Therefore,

12 Best Noise Cancelling Microphones in 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Features

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Noise-canceling microphones are necessary for you if you think your recording environment is noisy. Having mics with noise-canceling features helps mitigate unwanted sound, and you can capture clean and crisp audio. Such microphones use various technologies to reduce noise and ensure delivering high voice quality.  So, in this article, you will find the 12 best

IBC 2023 Invitation from Hollyland


Hello, We are thrilled to announce that Hollyland will be participating in the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2023) in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from September 15-18, 2023. We warmly invite you to visit us at booth 11.B34 during the event to explore our video shooting and live streaming setups. As a significant global event for the media,

15 Best DSLR Microphones in 2023 – Detailed Review with Features and Benefits

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The built-in microphones that come with most DSLR cameras are usually unimpressive. They pick up a lot of unwanted noise rather than focusing on the sound of the main subject. Besides, using an internal DSLR microphone makes you look unprofessional. Poor audio quality can make you lose your audience and negatively impact your overall career. 

11 Best Gaming Microphones in 2023 – Detailed Review and Comparison

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High-quality sound is important for creating an unforgettable experience for your viewers. When you choose the best gaming microphone, it helps you capture clean and crisp audio, which improves the overall stream quality. A dedicated gaming microphone also makes you look professional in the eyes of your audience. It separates you from gamers who use