Why and How to Fix Twitch Ads are Out of Control Issue

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Twitch is a popular video streaming platform where gamers host esports tournaments or stream their live gameplay. Over the past few years, its user base doubled. As of 2023, it has over 7 million streamers and around 140 million monthly active users.  Like other content platforms, it has a mechanism to support content creators, named

Does YouTube Kids Have Ads?

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Remember the joy of Saturday morning cartoons? In today’s digital age, kids enjoy shows on YouTube Kids. But do YouTube Kids have ads, and what kind? In this blog, we explore this, shedding light on privacy concerns and scrutinizing Google’s ad policies if you’ve wondered about ads on YouTube Kids and privacy, read on as

Why Am I Getting Dating Ads on Facebook?

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The ads you see on Facebook are typically targeted based on the information that Facebook has about you. Facebook collects data on your activities, interests, and demographic information to deliver more personalized ads. If you have listed relationship status, interests related to dating, or other relevant information on your Facebook profile, advertisers may use this

Why Is My Facebook Feed All Ads

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Facebook, a platform known for connecting friends, sharing updates, and discovering interesting content, has evolved over the years. Lately, you might have noticed a shift in your feed, where advertisements seem to dominate. In this blog, we’ll explore why this happens and offer insights on how to regain a more balanced and personalized Facebook experience.