What is Extended Live View on Blink [Detailed Explain]

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Extended Live View transforms Blink cameras, revolutionizing surveillance with uninterrupted live video streaming, surpassing conventional live view limitations. This feature empowers users by enabling prolonged monitoring without the need for constant manual activation, ensuring seamless access to real-time footage. Blink Subscription Plans unlock premium features, including Extended Live View tailored for Blink Wired Floodlight and

4 Fixes To ‘Unable To Reach Cloud Blink’ 

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Blink is an Amazon-owned home security company that produces cameras, video doorbells, and home security systems. The great thing about their services is that you can seamlessly connect to them via the cloud. However, you may run into situations where you’ll be unable to reach the Blink cloud. This guide aims to resolve all the

9 Fixes to Blink Not Saving to USB

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Got a Blink camera? Noticed it’s not saving to USB. You’re not alone.  Blink camera and doorbell boasts a notable feature referred to as local storage. This local storage is designed for moments when the Internet isn’t your best friend or when cloud subscriptions lapse.  It’s no wonder sellers use this feature as a significant

7 Fixes to Blink Not Recording to USB

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Blink cameras have become the guardians of our homes and businesses, capturing every vital moment with precision. But what happens when these silent sentinels suddenly fall silent themselves, refusing to record to that trusty USB drive? It’s a situation that can send shivers down your spine – the very devices meant to secure your world