10 Best Wireless Audio Transmitters – From Price to Features Everything You Need to Know

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There are many reasons to have a wireless audio transmitter. For instance, if you have Bluetooth headphones or speakers, you can use the audio transmitter to send audio from your computer, TV, or other devices to your wireless speakers or headphones.  Similarly, an audio transmitter lets you connect your Bluetooth or other wireless-enabled headphones to

8 Best Wireless Headphones with Transmitter – Features, Pros, Cons, and More

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There are many reasons for having wireless headphones with transmitters. While freedom from wires is the best causes to get one of them, there are more benefits to look at. Wireless headphones that come with a transmitter are simple to set up with your TV. All you need to do is plug the transmitter into

6 Best Audio Interface with XLR Output – Features, Price, Pros and Cons

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Expecting a high-quality sound without using an interface? No way. Audio interfaces are the reason behind high-quality audio recordings. It allows you to connect microphones and instruments, allowing professionals and hobbyist musicians to have fun with their work. However, not all devices are manufactured with the same features. Likewise, it is hard to get an

Everything About Remote Features Disabled to Preserve Battery

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One of the worst possible times is when you are all set to drive your car, and suddenly the message pops up “Remote features disabled to preserve battery.” And this is frustrating.  Many companies have implemented various techniques to optimize power consumption to resolve this concern. But, if the error “remote features disabled to preserve battery” is popping