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How to Download Audio from Youtube [Step by Step]

How to Download Audio from Youtube [Step by Step]

YouTube has evolved into a rich tapestry of music, podcasts, tutorials and other forms of audio content. You might want to access this content offline for convenience, especially when you have limited internet connectivity. Let’s dive into various methods to download audio from YouTube to access it offline, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite content

How to Record Audio on PC [Step by Step]

How to Record Audio on PC [Step by Step]

Recording audio on your PC is a valuable skill for various purposes, from creating podcasts and music tracks to conducting interviews and capturing memorable moments. With the right tools and techniques, anyone can easily record high-quality audio directly on their computer. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to

How to Save Audio Messages on iPhone [Step by Step]

How to Save Audio Messages on iPhone [Step by Step]

If you’ve ever sent an audio message on iPhone’s iMessages, you probably understand how convenient the feature is. It makes it easy for anyone to send sentimental or sensitive messages as audio files, instead of typing long paragraphs of text that will only bore the receiver.  But for users who upgraded their iPhones after the

How To Gift Membership YouTube?

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YouTube stands as a colossal platform in the digital entertainment landscape, offering an endless stream of content to suit every taste and interest. At the heart of this content-rich world are YouTube memberships, a feature that transforms the viewing experience into something more personalized and engaging.  These memberships are not just a gateway to exclusive

How to Unlink IG From TikTok [Step by Step]

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Instagram and TikTok have risen in popularity since their launch. These apps allow users to share videos, pictures, and stories with followers.  They also have a unique feature – you can link both accounts. With this, you don’t have to post on both social platforms separately.  When your IG and TikTok are connected, whatever you

How To Disable Yellow Border in OBS; A Complete Guide For Non-Techies!

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Many people have been scratching their heads due to this pesky YELLOW BORDER IN OBS, wondering how to bid adieu to this uninvited guest in their streaming adventures.  And No, THIS ISN’T A BUG, TOO! So, what is it, and how to disable it? Well, here we are again to help you out!  The Yellow

How to Splice RCA Cable to Speaker Wire? [Step by Step]

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Sometimes, audio enthusiasts find themselves in a situation where they need to connect RCA cables to speaker wires. Yet, boosting sounds by connecting the RCA cables to an amplifier is beneficial, but one must also be careful. A wrong connection can damage your sound system. However, if one has a stereo system with RCA outputs

How to Hear Audio from a Capture Card?

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Achieving a perfect streaming quality is crucial for professional gamers and live streamers. Whether you are live-streaming or recording content, using capture cards for auditing audio can help you to create high-quality content and gives you an immersive experience.  That’s why understanding the importance of capturing audio from your capture card is essential. Whether the

How to Mute Words on Threads [Step by Step]

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As a person of dignity and decency, you may not want your Threads feed flooded with foul and slang words, especially when you hold a reputable social position. However, another bitter truth is that you can’t force everyone on the Internet to behave sensibly. Considering this, by default Threads hides comments and replies containing offensive

6 Ways How to Download Images on Xbox One

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Are you trying hard to download images on Xbox One but couldn’t find luck in this game? Well, you’re not the only one facing this problem. In fact, many Xbox players are struggling to find a way to download images on their consoles. But what if you are told there are ways to download pictures