How to Turn Off Spatial Audio? [Step by Step]

How to Turn Off Spatial Audio? [Step by Step]

We all, at least once in our lives, have wished that we could be transported into the heart of our favorite movie or song. Spatial audio is something that aims to do just that by creating an immersive listening experience. It is much more than traditional stereo sound. It is because it introduces a sense

How Can You Turn Off YouTube Suggestions at the End of Video?

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YouTube viewers may find it difficult to see the actual video content if their screen is cluttered with suggestions at the end of every video. The end card feature was introduced to enhance the viewer experience rather than detract from the actual videos. If viewers find the end cards annoying, it could lead to a

How to Turn Off Ambient Mode on YouTube? [Step by Step]

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YouTube’s Ambient Mode is an innovative feature that enhances the screen visuals, especially for those who prefer a dark theme. This innovative feature adds a subtle yet immersive lighting effect to the background of the video player, aligning with the colors of the content being viewed.  So, if you’re searching for a guide on how

How to Turn Off Click Sounds on Facebook

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Have you ever experienced the embarrassing effect of Facebook sound? Trust us, we’ve had our share of those embarrassing moments. Imagine being in a meeting, and your phone keeps beeping non-stop.  It gets more frustrating if you’re nervous because you won’t know what to do. That’s not all! The annoying loud audio from stories and