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Why Can’t I Change My Birthday on Twitter?

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Ever come across those cautionary tweets, warning you about age-restricted content? Feeling frustrated because you can’t tweak your sensitive media settings to your preferences?  If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you’ve come to the right place.  Twitter, or rather X, makes a lot of fuss about your birthdate due to several privacy concerns. It

3 Ways to Watch Twitter on TV?

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Unlike many social media apps, X (formerly known as Twitter) features AirPlay support. This means that X allows its users to connect and enjoy Twitter content from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac directly on their bigger TV screens.  If you’re wondering, how this post is for you.  In this article, we’ll debunk different ways to

How Do I Find My Twitter Username?

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Do you regularly use your Twitter user ID and password? Someone might have asked you to share a username to tag your name in his tweet. But you cannot remember your username at that time. What will you do now? Fortunately, there are ways to locate your username. Find the comprehensive guide to finding your

Why Can’t I Change My Age On Twitter?

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Have you created your Twitter account with your personal details? Twitter allows you to customize your profile by choosing theme colors, location, and other details. But, can you update your birthdate on Twitter? Some users have a query- Why can’t I change my age on Twitter? It means they experience issues when they try to

How to View Age-Restricted Twitter (X) Without an Account?

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Twitter has age restrictions in place to prevent children from accessing sensitive or explicit content. However, adults can also miss out on such content if they have forgotten their account password. If you want to get quick access to adult content on Twitter, you can choose to do so without logging into your Twitter handle. 

7 Fixes to Twitter Search Incomplete Results

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Twitter, with its real-time updates and vast user base, is a goldmine of information and conversations. However, there are times when the Twitter search function might not display all the results you expect. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to find specific tweets or trending topics. In this blog, we’ll explore the common

How To See Deleted Search History On Twitter or X?

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Ever cleared your Twitter search history and immediately wished you hadn’t? Twitter, the globally renowned microblogging platform, by default, offers users the ability to search for tweets, user profiles, hashtags, and more. Just like browser search histories, this feature aids users in quickly revisiting their previous searches or seeing their recurring areas of interest without

7 Fixes to Twitter Anniversary Notification Won’t Go Away

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Do you regularly use Twitter to connect and interact with others? Twitter gives you notifications on different activities of your followers. But, it is really frustrating if your Twitter alert does not go away from your screen. You will find it difficult to navigate the social platform if the notifications are unresponsive. However, why does

How To Change Twitter Name Not Username? [Step by Step]

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If you are a business trying to rebuild your brand, you may want to change the social media account names for a new identity. Your business might also want to change the name on social platforms like Twitter to avoid copyright issues. However, you have to choose names that will not affect the discoverability of