What is a Ribbon Microphone? Types, Applications, Pros and Cons

Among various microphone types, one with ribbons is highly recommended. While these mics can capture sounds in great detail, they also have a bit of a unique appearance compared to other microphones. But did you know that ribbon microphones are further divided into categories? And why are these mics expensive compared to other devices?  So,

What Does a Pop Filter Do? Types, Benefits, Uses, and Mistakes to Avoid

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Although a pop filter looks like a microphone accessory that seems unnecessary, it greatly impacts sound recording. While most people underestimate this disk-like thing, it actually serves a bigger purpose. So, in this article, you will understand what does a pop filter do? How it works and why you need one. Besides, you will also

What is Sample Rate in Audio? Its Types and Impact on Sound

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Sample rate is very important in determining the fidelity and quality of sound. Sample rates allow you to capture detailed audio with a true representation of the original sound. Moreover, it permits your audio systems to regenerate a wide range of frequencies accurately.  Unfortunately, many potential and new music producers, engineers, and musicians don’t go

What is Latency in Audio? Types, Causes, and 8 Ways to Reduce It

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If latency seems like an alien word, you may know its synonym, ‘delay,’ in a better way. It plays a key role in the world of audio – be it live sound, studio recording, or simply enjoying music at your home through earphones or speakers. However, many people are unaware of this concept and don’t

What is ASMR on TikTok – Origin, Types, Challenges, and Secrets to Success

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In the world of social media, TikTok is known as one of the most captivating and engaging platforms, offering a new way to show self-expression and creativity. Within this realm, you will observe numerous phenomena and trends, attracting the minds and bodies of millions of users around the globe.  Amid these trends lies one specific