1. For participants who win prizes in the activity, it is important to provide their contact and shipping information for Hollyland upon receiving the official prize notification. Failure to provide valid information within the year 2023 will be considered as voluntarily forfeiting the eligibility to receive the prizes, and Hollyland will not be able to arrange the prize delivery.
  2. The prizes will be provided by Hollyland after the announcement of the winner list. While Hollyland takes responsibility for arranging the delivery, it should be noted that Hollyland will not be held accountable if the prizes are not received due to the winner’s provision of incorrect or otherwise non-functioning contact and shipping information or other factors. All the prizes are subject to the physical items received.
  3. The recipient of the Grand Prize will be determined through a combination of fan voting and internal evaluation by Hollyland. Hollyland reserves the right to make the final decision and interpretation of the final result. The included free round-trip flight ticket provided for this prize is exclusively intended for the personal use of the winner for Hollyland’s Open Day event and cannot be transferred to any other individual. The winner is also not allowed to bring along friends or family members to participate in Hollyland’s Open Day event.
  4. The production of the special gift box (limited edition for 2023) among the prizes may require some time. We kindly ask for the winners’ patience while waiting for the prizes to arrive. Please note that, in general, all prizes cannot be exchanged for other items or cash of equivalent value.
  5. The validity period of Lark Ambassador Certificate is one year (from August 31, 2023, to August 31, 2024). The certificates awarded to the winners of the selected stories will be provided in digital format. Hollyland will send the certificates to the winners via the email address they have provided. Regarding the microphone prize, the winners can select either Lark M1 or Lark C1 but cannot choose a specific product SKU.
  6. Participants are limited to joining the activity only once. Those joining the activity with more than one identity will be automatically disqualified from the activity.
  7. Participants should ensure that the content of their stories is authentic and objective. Please refrain from publishing negative or defaming content that impacts the Hollyland brand and its products or engaging in false or exaggerated promotion of the Hollyland brand and its products.
  8. Dishonest practice, vote manipulation, misrepresentation, or any other inappropriate action that may have a negative impact on Hollyland will not be accepted. If identified, Hollyland reserves the right to remove questionable votes and revoke the participant’s eligibility for the event.
  9. Upon receiving the stories shared by the participants, Hollyland may initiate further contact in order to gather more details about the stories. The participants should ensure that Hollyland can reach them using the email address they have provided or through social media platforms. It is important to note that further communication does not guarantee the selection of the participant’s story. Once their story is selected, Hollyland may edit or modify it for campaign purposes.
  10. Hollyland may, according to the actual event situation, make changes or adjustments to the event rules in compliance with the local laws and regulations (if applicable). Any relevant changes or adjustments will be announced on the official event page or communicated to the participants promptly through other proper means.
  11. Once the participants submit their story, it is considered that they have accepted all the following rules:
    ● By submitting their story (including but not limited to text, images, or videos), the participants are considered the author of the story or have obtained legal authorization for it. The story should not have been published before, and it should not infringe upon the copyrights, rights of portrait, rights of reputation, or any other legal rights of others. Any infringement of the legitimate rights of others will result in the cancellation of participation in the event and disqualification from receiving any prize. In case of any related legal liabilities incurred, the responsible party shall be held liable, and Hollyland will not bear any liability in such cases.
    ● By submitting their story, the participants agree that once the story is selected by Hollyland, it is deemed as granting Hollyland the authorization to use it on the official event page and other online promotional channels. It will also be considered that the participants have granted Hollyland and its partners the legal right to reproduce and adapt the story without any payment regarding the aforementioned usage.
    ● Hollyland will review the stories submitted, and if there is any content that violates laws and regulations as well as relevant event rules or any content that Hollyland considers inappropriate for the event, Hollyland reserves the right to request the participants to delete or block such content. The participants are obliged to comply with the request.
    ● All participants’ personal information provided will only be used for the purposes of the event, including but not limited to conducting interviews regarding the submitted story and confirming the delivery of the prizes. Please ensure that the information provided is authentic and valid.