Mars 400S Pro II

(12 customer reviews)
  • 70ms Ultra-Low Latency, 450ft Transmission Range.
  • SDI+HDMI Dual Interfaces, 4 APP Monitoring
  • Up to 1080p, 12Mbps Data Rate, 3 Scene Modes.
  • Smart Channel Scan, Direct Live Streaming.
  • Multiple Power Supply and Diverse Fan Control Modes.
  • Sturdy & Durable Zinc Alloy Shell.
  • Colorful Indicator Logos, Integrated Cold Shoe.


Mars 400S Pro II
Mars 400S Pro RX

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Greater Range, Lower Latency

Breakthrough 450ft range, 70ms latency video solution; powerful, remarkable features.

SDI & HDMI Dual Ports

SDI & HDMI interfaces ensure seamless DSLR/Cinema camera connectivity.

Smart Channel Scan

Auto-selects optimal frequencies, visual channel scanning identifies signal interference for swift frequency selection.

Monitoring on Up to 4 Devices

Mars 400S Pro II offers flexible solutions to meet monitoring needs, including team collaboration, multi-crew monitoring, and multi-member cooperation.

Flexible Fan Control With
Mute Option

Three-speed fan adjustment (Auto/Low/Off) optimizes cooling, ensures stable signal transmission.

Cold Shoe Integration for
Simplified Setup

Integrated 1/4-inch threaded cold shoe ensures straightforward installation without any hassle.

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  1. RG

    Coming from the 400s to the 400s PRO II has been a seamless, pain-free process. I am a fan of the 400s Pro II! Particularly the exceptional build quality and versatile power options offered. While minimal delay could potentially pose a challenge for live broadcasts or pulling focus, it’s inconsequential for my purposes as a Gaffer. I would highly recommended for its outstanding performance and flexible power choices. The seamless ecosystem integration enhances user experience, delivering top-notch video quality with minimal latency. The system is not only customizable but also offers great value, proving accurate ranges and excellent indoor performance. A perfect addition to your kit if you are already in the hollyland ecosystem, or a great place to dip you toes and start your experience.

  2. C

    Very impressed with Hollyland so far. I also bought the M1 enhanced monitor. We’re using this for the directors and 1st Ac monitor. Build quality is top notch. It’s able to take multiple power sources which is a huge plus. It was cheaper for me to buy this than to rent a teradek system and I am not disappointed. There is about a frame or two of delay which I could see being a problem for someone doing live broadcast but for pulling focus it’s a non issue. Highly recommend.

  3. ET

    This is actually my 4th set of Hollyland transmitters (I own a pair of 300s, The Mars M1 Enhanced Monitor, The original 400s and now 400s Pro II).The fact that the whole eco-system works so well with eachother is a huge plus. Depending on the requirements, I have found that each of these has a usecase and the flexiblity is very welcomed.I sold my 400s Pro Is mostly because I thought the quality output vs the 300s wasn’t a big enough difference to keep. Enter the 400s Version II. With previous transmitters I struggled with audio and video syncing for talking head situations such as podcasts. There are plenty of tools in my audio and video mixer to correct this, but the lower latency the more I could trust my hardware in providing a usable audio/video sync in certain situations.I can say that both the video quality and latency work very well! This has made my podcasting and recording environments much easier and convenient to work in. It does what it says on the tin and does it very well so I am very happy with these units. Definitely keeping these unlike the version Is.If I needed 4k for my workflow I might spend the extra money for the 4k transmitters, but haven’t needed them yet.

  4. A

    This works really well, but please specify which batteries are supported. The answers to all of the questions say “standard NPF Sony batteries”.So I bought Sony NPFZ100 BUT despite it having NPF in its model name, it does NOT fit. It is smaller than most other NPF batteries.Unfortunately for me, since I bought the batteries at Best Buy, I can’t it since they don’t accept returns on batteries.Another thing I noticed that if you are not supplying the unit without enough power (i.e. plugging it into a USB power bank that is too weak), you will hear the unit start to make a squeaking sound and it also may just shut off on its own.Other than that, this thing is really solid and is really just plug and play. I tested having the receiver inside the house and then walked outside at the backyard with the doors closed and there weren’t any hiccups at all.

  5. WR

    Great tool, recommended.