Syscom 1000T Support

All of them paird before shipping out from factory, need to pair again when we change the beltpack or add new beltpack. Connect the base station and beltpacks by USB type-c cable, connect USB cable-> go to the manu of beltpack->select pair.

Reset the base station and pair again one by one.

It means someone with beltpack call back to the base station, and short-press the “Remote Mic Kill” to release.

Long-press the side button of the beltpack.

MUTE means can only listen but can not talk, TALK means can listen and talk,LOST means disconncted.

Trying to check with DC power supply, or ensure GND connection is normal if using a AC power supply first , if still the same, then check if any poor connections of microphones on all the headsets.

1. Use a DC power supply, or ensure the Ground connection is normal if using an AC power supply.2. Check whether is there any poor connection of microphones on all the headsets.

Pair them again. If pairing failed, reset all the beltpacks and pair again.Tips: 0108B and 6808 can reset on the Hub.

Can extend the antenna (by using a reinforced glass antenna, etc.) or use a high gain antenna (by using a high gain plate aerial).

400m in maximum between beltpack and base station

8 pcs beltpacks with one set in maximum, with directional dynamic microphone

2 pcs by XLR ports cascade.

Yes,2 meters extended antenna is optional for Syscom 1000T