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Characteristics Of Hollyland Mars T1000

It's All Just A Click Away

The maximum communication distance between the base station and beltpacks is 300 meters, which is greater than the combined length of two soccer fields. This will ensure smooth communication between team members over long distances and allow them to collaborate more effectively in the field.

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Hollyland | MARS T1000 | Reliable Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom System

Hollyland Mars T1000

Hollyland Mars T1000 ideal for broadcasting, training, and meetings, the Hollyland Full-Duplex Intercom System with Four Beltpack Transceivers allows two-way communication at a range of up to 1000'. It includes a base station, four beltpack transceivers, and five headsets. The base station powers from an included AC power adapter with 4-pin XLR connector or from optional L-series batteries via the dual-battery plate built into the top of the station.

wireless intercom mars t1000 tutorial video
Hollyland Mars T1000 Wireless Coms RANGE TEST and REVIEW

MARS T1000 Reviews

Here is what our users say about Mars T1000 wireless intercom system.

I feel really nice and well worth the value the money that you would spend on this system as far as the overall quality of materials this thing is a 9 out of 10 because I feel like the headset could be better value the price. I believe is a top-notch wireless intercom system for an incredible value in the market.

Worship Leader Hangout
wireless intercom mars t1000 tutorial video
"I can hear you, can you hear me?" – Hollyland T1000 Intercom Review

MARS T1000 Reviews

Here is what our users say about Mars T1000 wireless intercom system.

I can recommend the Hollyland Mars T1000 Intercom System to people who are after an affordable and durable communication solution for small sets and small teams.

Cine D
wireless intercom mars t1000 tutorial video
Hollyland Mars T1000 Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom System | Wireless Talkback System

MARS T1000 Reviews

Here is what our users say about Mars T1000 wireless intercom system.

A competitive product and it is coming in at economical price and I've actually heard told that these things cam be costing upwards of $10,000. So, this is not a cheap thing that you just buy for giggles but if it's a production thing that you need, this is doing it at a great value.

Hub Location Sound // Jim Keaney
wireless intercom mars t1000 tutorial video
Awesome wireless coms for church production! // Hollyland Mars T1000

MARS T1000 Reviews

Here is what our users say about Mars T1000 wireless intercom system.

Awesome wireless coms for church production! First impressions super solid,I'm very impressed with the audio quality and audio range kind of some big things I look for in the intercom system. ( far as just functionality it literally took us 20 seconds to turn it on, get them paired and it’s working perfectly. So functionality, ease of use, quality...I mean, it’s pretty great; it’s pretty awesome, I can’t imagine, you know now, our team may find some things that we would need differently or more but as far as just ease of use and setting it up, this thing is and it sounds great, I mean the audio was great..)

Doug Johnson Productions
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Hands-Free Full-Duplex Communication

With this full-duplex intercom system, audio transmission starts once you speak, and there is no need to press a button before talking (as is the case for a walkie-talkie). Its full-duplex feature allows communication in both directions, which guarantees efficient and agile team collaboration.

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HD Display, All Info at A Glance

The base station and beltpacks all come with high-definition OLED display, which can display important information including signal strength, remaining battery power, and connection status in real time. So, you can clearly and intuitively understand whether the beltpacks are working properly.

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Built to Power A Long Workday

The base station is fitted with a dual-battery plate, and can be powered by dual F970 batteries or from a DC power supply. One F970 battery can ensure more than 20 hours of ultra-long operating time. And dual batteries mean you can replace a battery without turning off the device.

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Dynamic Microphone,Carrier-Grade Audio Quality

The product comes standard with a dynamic headset. This professional noise-canceling headset can effectively isolate the ambient noise to ensure carrier-grade audio quality, so that you can easily hear your instructions.
The 3.5mm headset jack allows you to also use your everyday headsets and enjoy more choices and flexibility.

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Clearer, Faster, Preciser

Each belt pack is equipped with a 3.5mm external tally light jack and supports wireless tally function, which allows the director to send work instructions precisely and quickly.

intercom systems with tally light

Convenient Beltpack Charging&Firmware Upgrade

The base station provides 1 USB Type-C and 4 USB Type-A ports. The USB Type-C port can be used for firmware upgrade. The USB Type-A ports can be used to charge 4 beltpacks at the same time. Each beltpack can be used for more than 8 hours when fully charged. So, just charge all your devices at atime and then rest assured that they will last many hours.

hollyland mars t1000 intercom system

Crew-Friendly 1 to 4 Design

The mini base station has a simplified design and is easier to operate. It can work with up to 4 mini beltpacks. It is suitable for a wide range of activities including small and medium team livestreaming, stage shows, EFP, live webcasting, and film & television production.

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Hollyland Mars T1000 Manual


mars t1000 interfaces
  • 1PowerSwitch
  • 2Left /Up Button
  • 3Menu/Confirm Button
  • 4Right / Down Button
  • 5Beltpack MIC Mute Button
  • 63.5mm HeadphoneInterface
  • 7BaseStation Volume Control knob
  • 8DC PowerSupply [4-pinXLRmale]
  • 9Analog Voice InputOutput(RJ45Networkport)
  • 10F970 Battery Plate
  • 11TYPE-C
  • 12Beltpack Charging and Paired Data Connection port
  • 13RF Antenna Port(SMA-K female connector)
mars t1000 interfaces
  • 1RF Antenna Port (SMA-Kfemaleconnector)
  • 2PowerSwitch and Volume Control Knob
  • 33.5mm Headphone Port
  • 4Mute/C all Button
  • 5Beltpack Charging and Paired Data Connection Interface
  • 63-Segment3.5mmTally output
  • 7Left /Up Button
  • 8Menu/ Confirm Button
  • 9Right / Down Button




mars t1000 packing list

Mars T1000(Optional)

Gross Weight:9.5KG
Net Weight:8.5Kg
Included packaging box:550*235*465mm

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