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Introducing the Mars M1 Enhanced | One and Done

Hollyland November 1, 2023

Mars M1 Enhanced features a 5.5″ touch screen with groundbreaking advantages such as accurate color calibration and Rec. 709 color gamut, delivering a pleasant monitoring experience with professional image analysis functions.
The versatile wireless device supports an impressive LOS range of up to 450ft (150m) and boasts a low latency of only 0.08 seconds, allowing for more flexibility in device deployment and ensuring seamless monitoring without noticeable lag.

🔥Key features:
● TX, RX, and Monitor — All in One
● Responsive 5.5″ LCD Touch Screen
● 450ft (150m) LOS Range
● 0.08s Ultra-low Latency(TX)
● Revolutionary HollyOS
● HDMI & SDI Support
● Innovative Trigger Recording
● Video Playback
● Flexible Power Supply Solutions