From Passion to Profession: Paulus’s Uninterrupted Communication with Solidcom Headset

Paulus Rizal is a full-time cinematographer from Indonesia. His journey as a photographer began with a passion for visual arts. Around 2001, when he started studying Visual Communication Design, he ventured into the wedding videography business. Through self-learning, he continuously improved his social skills, photography fundamentals, and video editing techniques.

After graduating, Paulus decided to pursue a career as an independent videographer. Despite having limited equipment, he always strives to provide the best service to his clients and meet the diverse needs of different backgrounds. He firmly believes that every project holds its unique value and continuously seeks to convey clients’ messages with concise and effective creativity. Over time, he gradually started offering local advertising production services.

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Nowadays, Paulus has become an experienced videographer. One of the most meaningful achievements for him is the opportunity to share experiences, techniques, and simple knowledge with industry peers in formal or informal forums, as well as mentoring people who are inspired to enter this field. His goal is to encourage more participation in the industry beyond the capital city, hoping that it will have a positive impact on various aspects. He strives to make a positive contribution to this industry.

Due to Paulus’s passion and outstanding abilities, his work always leaves clients satisfied to the point that one loyal client consistently reaches out to him, inviting him to lead a team for their shoots.

Recently, Paulus Rizal received an invitation from Dermaluxe Clinic to assemble a production team for a mid-sized project, which includes company profiles and brand videos. In this project, Paulus Rizal takes on the roles of cinematography director and producer.



This time, the shooting location was selected in Semarang, Indonesia, a city known for its unique charm that blends rich history, culture, and natural beauty. The shooting project is divided into two days, with the first day dedicated to outdoor shooting and the second day for indoor shooting.

During the outdoor shoot, the changing lighting conditions make time extremely valuable, making efficient teamwork among the production crew crucial. Capturing the ideal shots within the limited and precious time becomes a challenge. Paulus Rizal needs to coordinate with the lighting technicians and fellow cinematographers to ensure a smooth operation. In this critical moment, the Solidcom series headphones provide Paulus Rizal with a solution.


Optimize Collaboration Workflow

“The Solidcom headphones have been a great help to us, especially in increasing communication accuracy and speed between us. There is no more yelling on set.”

The special feature of the Solidcom C1 Pro headphones is the dual-mic ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) function. The main microphone collects both the user’s voice and environment sounds, while the secondary microphone is specifically designed to capture environmental sounds. This ensures clear and audible transmission of the user’s voice.

Moreover, the wide frequency range of 150 Hz-7K Hz guarantees accurate sound reproduction. Whether you have a deep, bass-rich voice or a crisp, high-pitched tone, this frequency range captures the subtle nuances of your voice, making it sound authentic and natural.

With an impressive transmission range of 1,100ft (350m), even if you are standing at a distant location, your voice can be accurately transmitted. Wherever you are, this extended transmission distance ensures that your voice is heard clearly, allowing you to maintain excellent communication with your team.

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Stylish & Light Weight Design

“I am truly fond of its stylish appearance, and it is remarkably lightweight.”

The color of obsidian and the polygonal design, especially the contrasting color design on the headband of the Solidcom C1 Pro, give it a highly stylish appearance.

In addition, the entire headphone, including the battery, weighs only 170 grams, making it extremely lightweight. The widened headband design ensures that the Solidcom series headphones are very comfortable for extended periods of wear. No matter how long your shooting sessions are, you can enjoy a comfortable experience.

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Backward Compatibility

“We used the eight headphones we had, with 6 Solidcom C1 and 2 Solidcom C1 Pro, and they can pair together and work perfectly.”

The Solidcom C1 and Solidcom C1 Pro headphones have the ability to be mutually compatible and pair with each other. This compatibility provides you with greater flexibility. You can mix and match different models of headphones based on the specific needs of your scenes, catering to the various requirements of your team members.


Availability & Budget-friendly

“I initially chose Solidcom headphones due to its availability, sound quality, and affordable price. They fully met my expectations.”

Considering the diverse needs of each user and the varying team sizes, Hollyland has prepared different headphone quantity packages for users to purchase according to their specific requirements. For larger teams, Solidcom also provides HUB Version that allows for cascading, enabling the expansion of the number of headphones to meet your needs.


Overall Experience – 9/10

“I would rate it 9/10. This product is excellent and useful, and Hollyland provides great service.”

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Paulus Rizal | Videographer 

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