The Alexrandra Theater Transforms Communication Experience with Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro

Birmingham’s beloved theater, The Alexandra, was built in 1901 by William Coutts and throughout its vast history, has become home to first class entertainment. In 2018, the venue underwent an extensive refurbishment and reverted to its original name, The Alexandra. The theater is a valuable contributor to culture within Birmingham and the West Midlands, presenting first-rate musicals, drama, comedy and more.

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In June 2023, the theater’s technical manager learned about Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro and tested the system in August. Despite the recent acquisition of another communication system, the manager was intrigued by the potential to integrate the Solidcom C1 Pro. Thanks to its compatibility with the existing communication system and its versatile functionality, the C1 Pro was adopted in the end.

During a recent performance of Peter Pan Goes Wrong in March 2024, the theater crew used Solidcom C1 Pro. On site, 8 headsets are allocated for smooth operation: two for followspot operators, two for sound technicians, one for the lighting technician, one for the stage manager, and two for fly operators, with the base station positioned on the stage.

Reflecting on the integration of the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro into their operational practices, the theater management emphasizes its pivotal role in enhancing their production capabilities.

Full-Duplex Communication

“As a fly operator, I am tasked with controlling 53 ropes, each linked to a curtain. The timing for curtain changes is critical. Upon the director’s cue for a change, I might have to pull up curtain number 10 first, then run to number 20 and lower that one. Full-Duplex communication ensures I can get instructions in time. ”

The Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro offers full-duplex communication, enabling uninterrupted, real-time dialogue among team members. Real-time communication ensures that directions are transmitted instantly, allowing the crew to respond to dynamic situations with agility, thereby maintaining the seamless execution of every performance.

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Powerful Noise Cancellation

“For directors, stage managers, and technical crews who operate in areas filled with ambient sounds—from the hum of machinery to the murmur of a waiting audience—ENC headsets are a game-changer. They significantly enhance clarity and reduce background noise, ensuring that instructions and cues are conveyed and received with utmost precision.”

Equipped with state-of-the-art ENC technology, the Solidcom C1 Pro headsets are specifically designed to filter out background noise, ensuring crystal-clear communication in any environment. This focus on clear audio delivery is paramount in a theater setting, where the difference between missed and received cues can significantly impact a performance’s quality.

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Wide Compatibility

“Solidcom C1 Pro can cascade with the existing communication system, ensuring no system collecting dust. What’s more, by linking walkie-talkies to the existing communication system, and then connecting C1 Pro to the system, a stable connection between the walkie-talkies, the old system, the new system is made possible.”

The versatility of the Solidcom C1 Pro is highlighted by its ability to seamlessly cascade with multiple communication systems on the market. This wide compatibility bridges the gap between various communication standards and devices and is key to adapting to the existing technological landscape, where old and new systems coexist at the same time.  

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Hands-Free Operation

“Headsets allow us to communicate without the need to hold a device, freeing up our hands for other tasks. This is particularly useful for theater crews who need to operate equipment or manage props and costumes while staying in communication.”

The Solidcom C1 Pro’s hands-free operation is a testament to its user-friendly design, empowering crew members to move freely and perform their tasks without hindrance. This capability is indispensable in the fast-paced, multitasking environment of theater production, where every second counts.

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Enhanced Safety

“The fly floor directly above the stage is about the height of two stories. Operators using belt-pack communication systems worry about the belt-pack falling onto the stage and hitting someone. With headsets, the risk is significantly reduced. And the system is truly wireless, wire entanglement is also greatly eased. ”

The Solidcom C1 Pro addresses safety concerns by eliminating physical cables. Its truly wireless design not only enhances mobility but also significantly minimizes the chances of accidents caused by wire entanglement. The Solidcom C1 Pro’s commitment to safety extends to its light and ergonomic design, which ensures comfort and reduces the physical strain on users during long performances.


Following the Alexandra theater’s formal adoption of our product, we will continue to follow up and collect feedback on its use in the theater environment. Hope this application case helps you better understand how Hollyland wireless intercom systems facilitate smoother and more efficient communication experiences for users.


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