5 Must-Have DSLR Microphones Under $100 for Crystal Clear Audio

Having top-notch audio for DSLR videography is crucial for professional content creation. Numerous affordable microphone options are available while entering into 2024. These reasonably priced microphones are designed to enhance your audio recording experience, whether you’re recording movie clips or quick vlogs on the move. 

They meet the requirements of filmmakers and content creators to improve their audio recording capabilities without spending too much. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best under $100 DSLR microphones with an assurance of excellent sound quality and easy-to-use features. Furthermore, selecting any of these microphones enables you to achieve professional-level results.

Comparison Between the Top 5 DSLR Microphones

Content creators often seek DSLR microphones that strike a balance between affordability and superior audio performance. Below, you’ll discover a comparison chart showcasing distinctive features of various DSLR mics. This section aims to aid you in making an informed decision to elevate the audio quality in your creative endeavors.

MetricsVideoMicroBOYA BY-BM3032TM-2XCamMic+V-MIC D3 PRO
Impedance200 ohm200 ohm1.6k ohm200 ohm200 ohm
Sensitivity-33.0 dB-30±3 dBSens H: -37dB Sens L: -52 dB-45 ±3 dB-24±2 dB
Frequency Response35Hz-18kHz20Hz-20 kHz50 Hz-20 kHz40 Hz-10 kHz50 Hz–20 kHz
Polar PatternCardioidSuper-cardioidCardioidCardioidSuper-cardioid
S/N Ratio75 dB85 dB74 dB80 dB84 dB

5 Best DSLR Microphones Under $100 

In the above section, we explored the comparison between the top 5 microphones by discussing basic features. These affordable microphones capture sound well and play a key role in creating an engaging experience for your audience. 

Moreover, these efficient microphones enhance audio and storytelling quality while creating content. We’ve carefully examined and enlisted their specification along with advantages and disadvantages to give you valuable insights.

  1. Rode VideoMicro

The Rode VideoMicro is an on-camera microphone with exceptional audio quality in a compact and lightweight package. It is a preferred choice to record sounds while making a film or daily vlogs. With its mere 80mm length and 42g weight, it’s an ideal choice for those who prioritize portability without compromising on performance. The integrated Rycote Lyre shock mount ensures superior isolation from handling noise.

rode videomicro dslr microphone

Additionally, its deluxe furry windshield is perfect for outdoor recording. This microphone is super easy to use and conveniently powered by the camera plug-in power (min 3V). A high-quality on-camera condenser microphone captures crisp and natural-sounding audio.

Key Specifications Values 
Capsule 0.50″
Acoustic Principle Pressure Gradient
Connectivity Technology Auxiliary 
Output Connection 3.5mm TRS
Maximum SPL140dB
Frequency Range 100Hz – 20kHz
Power Requirements 2V-5V DC
Active Electronic ComponentJFET Impedance Converter


  • The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use, especially for creators on the move.
  • With no need for batteries, it’s hassle-free and always ready to record while shining in various scenarios.


  • Users with newer iPhones and DSLR cameras need to purchase an adapter for compatibility.
  1. BOYA BY-BM3032

The BOYA BY-BM3032 is a super-cardioid shotgun microphone designed for cameras, camcorders, and audio recorders. This microphone delivers clear and natural sound for professional applications. A wide frequency response ensures excellent audio quality across various shooting scenarios. Its three-step high-pass filter allows effective rejection of low-frequency noise to enhance recording clarity. 

boya dslr microphone under 100 dollars

The automatic power on-off function, which is synchronized with the camera’s state, is a convenient feature that helps conserve battery life. This 30-hour battery life powered by two AA batteries is highly beneficial during extended shoots.

Key Specifications Values 
Weight 180g
Size 50mm
Acoustic Principle Line Gradient 
Output Connector Stereo Mini-Jack in 3.5mm
High Pass Filter 0Hz, 75Hz,150Hz
Gain Control +20 dB, 0 dB, -10 dB
Operating Time with Battery 30H
Power Requirements 1.5V


  • Wide frequency response and high-pass filter make it adaptable to various recording environments.
  • Automatic power function and safety channel function enhance user experience during shoots.


  • Compared to other options, the BY-BM3032 may be relatively more expensive. 

The TASCAM TM-2X is a highly versatile X-Y stereo condenser microphone designed for DSLR cameras. This mic offers exceptional sound quality for high-quality video recording. Its directional stereo configuration is capable of handling sound pressures up to 120dB SPL, which ensures clear audio capture in front of the user. 

Tascam tm2x dslr microphone 

The floating support structure minimizes handling noise, and the noise isolation arm reduces operational noise from the camera. Notable features include a vari-angle microphone structure for optimal placement. Plus, a low-cut filter to eliminate low-frequency noise and a fur windscreen for outdoor recording. 

Key Specifications Values 
Microphone Type  Cardioid
Output Impedance1.6 ohms
Maximum Input Level  120dB
Frequency Range50Hz to 20kHz
Connection Cable Length33 cm
AccessoriesNoise Isolation Arm and Fur Windscreen


  • A simple setup requires only mounting on the camera, making it accessible for users without extensive technical knowledge.
  • The microphone incorporates features like a noise isolation arm and a low-cut filter for effective noise reduction.


  • The quality of this microphone is not up to the mark because many users have complained about broken parts.
  1. Saramonic CamMic+

Saramonic CamMic+ delivers clear broadcast-quality sound to DSLRs, mirrorless video cameras, smartphones, and tablets. Powered by a single AA battery, it is ideal for cameras lacking plug-in power or to conserve camera battery life. With plug-and-play operation, this versatile shotgun microphone includes two removable output cables for cameras and mobile devices for flexibility in connectivity. 

saramonic cammic dslr microphone 

The sleek and lightweight design, with a robust integrated shock mount, ensures easy usage. Also, its double-thickness windscreen and low-cut filter enhance dialog intelligibility in various environments. This microphone also has a high-pass filter that allows you to remove background noises to record videos in noisy environments.

Key Specifications Values 
Type Condenser Microphone 
Weight 107 g
Dimension6.47 x 2.12 x 3.29”
Maximum Input 106 dB
Polar PatternUni-Directional 
Power Requirements One AA Battery
Signal-to-Noise Ratio800 dB


  • It is suitable for various devices and enables extended use without frequent replacements.
  • This microphone, specially designed for DSLRs, is lightweight yet robust, with an integrated shock mount for durability.


  • It relies on a single AA battery, which may be considered a limitation for users preferring rechargeable options.
  1. V-MIC D3 PRO

The Deity V-MIC D3 Pro is a shotgun microphone designed for various devices and ensures compatibility with DSLRs and more. Its standout feature is the analog gain knob to provide a built-in audio mixer. Other than that, the revolutionary design includes an ergonomic bump guard to prevent unintended adjustments during shoots. 

deity vmic dslr microphone 

With a 40% increase in battery life and a fast USB-C charging option, it excels in extended usage scenarios. Also, the super-cardioid pickup pattern ensures precise audio capture, and the aluminum metal housing adds durability.

Key Specifications Values 
Housing MaterialAluminum Metal 
Battery Type Lithium-Lon
Dynamic Range 114 dB
Frequency Range50Hz – 20kHz
Transducer Principle Prepolarized Condenser 
Sensitivity 1V
Signal-to-Noise Ratio84dB 
Special Feature XLR, 3.5mm Jack


  • V-MIC D3 Pro has a revolutionary design with an adjustable gain knob for precise control without added weight.
  • This mic has an impressive 51-hour runtime and quick USB-C charging for prolonged shooting sessions.


  • Some users might find it slightly larger or heavier compared to ultra-portable alternatives.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a DSLR Microphone

For creators who want to make their videography better, choosing the right microphone means thinking about various factors. It’s not just about the cost because you also need to consider things like the type of microphone, how it captures sound, if it works with your camera, and any extra features it might have. In the following section, you’ll find essential considerations before choosing a preferred microphone. 

  • Types of Microphones: Shotgun microphones are ideal for pinpointing specific sounds and are commonly used in filmmaking and interviews. Furthermore, lavalier microphones are often used in discrete scenarios like interviews or vlogging for hands-free use. Condenser mics are sensitive with superior audio quality, suitable for studio settings, and require external power. You should opt for the one that meets your specific needs and requirements.
  • Compatibility: It refers to how well the microphone connects to your DSLR or recording device. You should ensure the microphone’s connector type matches your camera’s input ports and be prepared for any needed adapters or cables.
  • Power Source: Users should check for scenarios to pick either a battery-powered or phantom power source. Microphones with batteries offer flexibility but require monitoring for uninterrupted recording. Some microphones draw power from the camera or external recorder. They eliminate the need for external batteries but potentially limit compatibility.
  • Durability and Low-Cut Filters: This is vital, especially for microphones used outdoors. A well-built microphone with sturdy materials is more likely to withstand rough handling and environmental conditions. Furthermore, low-cut filters, or high-pass filters, minimize low-frequency sounds like wind or traffic for recording clarity. They focus on the desired mid to high-frequency range for better audio quality.


In conclusion, these 5 cost-effective DSLR Microphones are essential tools for content creators. They provide excellent sound quality and easy-to-use features to make the audio recording process effortless. Additionally, they cater to a variety of creative needs, whether you’re recording daily vlogs or enhancing your video production quality. With the assurance of effective audio recording, you can select any of the microphones to achieve professional-level outcomes. 

LARK M2 is a lightweight wireless microphone weighing only 9 grams. It is perfect for vloggers, podcasters, filmmakers, and others who want to effortlessly record professional audio for their videos. With lossless sound reproduction and a 40-hour battery life, it delivers high-quality uninterrupted audio recording every time.


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