26 Best Wireless Lavalier Microphones in 2024

One of the biggest advantages of a lavalier microphone is setting your hands free from holding mics. Since you can clip them to your shirt collar or anywhere on your clothing, they allow you to focus solely on your project. When lav mics meet wireless technology, it is like double chocolate cake. You can speak into your vlogs or interact with your audience several feet away. 

But what brand to choose when the plate is full of competitive options? If this question puzzles you, then grab your coffee and sit tight. Because this article will reveal the 26 best wireless lavalier microphones you can get in 2024. You will know the features, pros, cons, and more valuable products from the same manufacturers to help you make a wise decision.

Comparison Table – 26 Best Wireless Lavalier Microphone Systems in 2024

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Hollyland Lark M2$179.001000ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
RODE Wireless GO II$222.00656ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Shure BLX14/CVL$329.00300ftCardioid50Hz – 15kHzUHF
DJI Mic 2$349.00850ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Saramonic UmMic9 Kit2$293.49330ftOmnidirectional40Hz – 18kHzUHF
Movo Mini DUO$49.95164ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 6kHz2.4GHz
Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/L$399.95100ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
BOYA BOYALink$99.00328ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Samson XPD2$73.95328ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 17kHz2.4GHz
Sennheiser EW 112P G4$699.00330ftOmni/Cardioid50Hz – 18kHzN/A
Sony ECM-W2BT$198.00656ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHzBluetooth
SYNCO G2(A2)$169.00656ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Comica BoomX-D2$149.00164ftOmnidirectional80Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
AnkerWork M650$199.99656ftOmnidirectionalN/AN/A
Ulanzi U-Mic AM18$99.95328ftOmnidirectionalN/A2.4GHz
Azden WLX-Pro+i$224.49250ftOmnidirectionalN/AN/A
Galaxy Audio GT-V$80.9349ftUnidirectional and Cardioid20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
MAYBESTA AN151$27.99150ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHzN/A
Alvoxcon TG210$87.99100ftN/AN/AN/A
OSA K1A$23.9965ftOmnidirectionalN/AN/A
Bulatry BMi07$24.9960ftOmnidirectionalN/AN/A
Leettus $24.9965ftN/AN/AN/A
Pop voice$19.98– 

26 Best Wireless Lavalier Microphones in 2024

Let’s overview the top 26 lavalier wireless microphones in detail. 

1. Hollyland Lark M2

image 22

The Hollyland Lark M2 is surprisingly a lightweight wireless lavalier microphone of only 9 grams. This featherlight mic has a compact transmitter (TX) that securely fits your clothing without much notice. With no sagging or drooping, the M2’s button-size design blends perfectly into your comfort and convenience without compromising the audio quality.

To let you experience the highest quality of sound, the Hollyland Lark M2 is made with a robust metal mesh that protects against interferences, such as RF, 2.4G, and infrared. Moreover, the metal plays a vital role in safeguarding the internal mic parts from dust and debris. All these qualities ensure you savor audio without background noise.

One of the newest features, and one of its own kind, is M2’s wearability, like a stylish necklace. You can clip it on your silver, gold, or silk thread and carry it like a necklace. Apart from the appearance, this lavalier mic offers 48kHz and 24-bit High Fidelity Audio, allowing you to record the nuances of the subject’s sound. 

With an impressive 70dB signal-to-noise ratio, the Lark M2 provides crystal-clear audio recordings with minimal noise. This microphone is also compatible with various devices, including Apple/Android smartphones and tablets, computers, and action cameras. To suppress noise to another level, this lapel microphone is instilled with ENC technology with supported SPL levels up to 115dB. 

Just when you think the Hollyland Lark M2 is done with the traits, you get another surprise in the form of a high-gain LDS antenna. This Laser Direct Structuring antenna ensures stable and interference-free audio transmission over long distances of up to 300 meters. Plus, the total battery life is around 40 hours. The TX can record sounds for up to 10 hours on a single charge, while the portable charging case juices up the entire set in approximately 1.5 hours. The Lark M2 is also available in four variants – Combo, camera, lightning port, and USB-C port.

Key Specifications of Hollyland Lark M2

  • 1.5 hours charging time
  • Up to 10 hours of battery time
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 1000ft wireless transmission range
  • 70dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • 115dB Sound Pressure Levels
  • 2.4GHz AFH wireless transmission
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response 
  • GFSK 2 Mbps wireless modulation mode
  • Supports LarkSound app for real-time audio status and firmware update

Pros of Hollyland Lark M2

  • Dual anti-interference functionality
  • Direct playback from the smartphone’s speaker

Cons of Hollyland Lark M2

  • It is complicated to install a windshield 
  • Some users report that the volume dial rotates by accident during the recording


  • $179.00 (Price of the combo version as seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from Hollyland

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Hollyland Lark M2$179.001000ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Hollyland Lark M1$109.00650ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Hollyland Lark Max$249.00820ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Hollyland Lark C1$109.00650ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz

2. RODE Wireless GO II

image 23

There are no multiple thoughts on considering RODE as one of the prime choices when it comes to audio equipment. Among its several offered models, the Wireless GO II has taken a huge share in the market and content creators’ hearts. With dual-channel functionality, the GO II wireless lavalier microphone serves various creative segments, including reporting, filmmaking, and interviews. So whether you’re a professional videographer or a vlogger, this RODE mic can be used for various purposes. 

The RODE Wireless GO II offers a long list of unique features. It enables you to capture two audio sources at the same time in exceptional quality. It works on 2.4GHz transmission frequency and provides 128 encryption throughout the recording, ultimately securing your audio files from breaches and intrusions. With a 200-meter line-of-sight (LOS) wireless range, this wireless lav mic ensures crystal-clear sound to enhance your content. It is also a reliable tool to capture audio under packed radio frequency environments.

The RODE Wireless GO II lets you attach to computers, mobile devices, and cameras. This connectivity credit goes to the variety of outputs, including USB Type-C, 3.5mm TRS analog, and iOS ports. It also allows you to simultaneously record subject to two different audio channels, such as an Android/iOS device and a DSLR or mirrorless camera. This wireless lavalier microphone also provides an internal memory of up to 40 hours for onboard sound recording. The mic also comes with a safety channel and a three-stage pad (extendable up to ten stages).

The GO II mic has a rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery with up to 7 hours of life, making it a reliable kit. You can get this microphone in single pack (1x TX, 1x RX) and double pack (1x TX, 2x RX) versions. 

Key Specifications of RODE Wireless GO II

  • 100dB Max SPL
  • 20dB mic preamp gain
  • 32-gram receiver weight
  • 30-gram transmitter weight
  • Battery time up to 7 hours
  • 2 hours battery charging time
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 50Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • 3.5mm TRS primary input and output
  • 656ft (200m) wireless recording range
  • MacOS 10.11 or above and Windows 10 or above computer compatibility

Pros of RODE Wireless GO II

  • It has an impressive, compact design
  • Advanced settings, despite the small size
  • You can charge the microphone through a USB, eliminating the requirement for a disposable battery

Cons of RODE Wireless GO II

  • Near-constant interference
  • Compatibility issues with Sony A7S3


  • $222.00 (Price of the dual channel version as seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from RODE

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
RODE Wireless GO II$222.00656ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
RODE Wireless GO$199.00229ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
RODE RODELink Filmmaker KitN/A328ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
RODE Wireless PRO$396.69853ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz

3. Shure BLX14/CVL

image 24

If you want a professional-grade wireless clip-on mic with uncomplicated features and a reasonable price, this kit might be of interest. The Shure BLX14/CVL gives the lavalier microphone more power through its wireless kit. The system consists of three main units – a 1x receiver, a body transmitter, and a lapel microphone. 

As soon as you connect the microphone to the transmitter and turn on the receiver, you get a high audio quality with clean sound. This is why the model is quite popular among educators and presenters, as it gives freedom to move without worrying about losing the signals. This remarkable system ensures crystal-clear sound, user-friendly functionality, and top-notch performance. 

If you analyze the units one by one, you will notice that the core unit is the BLX4 single-channel receiver that’s famous for its tabletop design. The CVL or the Centraverse lavalier condenser mic is the next vital part of this entire system that ensures discreet usability. 

By nature, the Shure BLX14/CVL escape unwanted noises due to its cardioid polar pattern. But, to make this feature more effective, manufacturers have included the Commshield RF filtering functionality to diminish interference from nearby electronic devices, such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and more. 

The Shure BLX14/CVL transmitter and receiver work as a solid team to offer a wireless range of up to 91 meters. Although it is a single-channel system, its QuickScan frequency functionality connects the mic with available and clean frequencies to eliminate potential interference. 

The next great characteristic of this wireless lavalier mic system is the battery time. You can use the kit for up to 14 hours on 2x AA batteries. Plus, the flexibility of adding up to 12 microphone channels together on different frequency bands makes the Shure BLX14/CVL convenient for recording multiple sound sources.  

Key Specifications of Shure BLX14/CVL

  • 2x built-in antennas
  • Tabletop receiver type
  • 72dB Signal-to-Noise ratio
  • Cardioid microphone polar pattern
  • The receiver requires AC/DC power
  • 300ft maximum wireless recording range
  • 50Hz to 15kHz standard frequency response
  • LED indicators on bodypack/transmitter and receiver
  • 1x XLR 3-pin (balanced, male) and 1x 1/4-inch TS (unbalanced, female) outputs

Pros of Shure BLX14/CVL

  • Straightforward configuration
  • Ideal for narration and home studio setups
  • This wireless lavalier microphone kit has exceptional reception and wireless transmission capabilities

Cons of Shure BLX14/CVL

  • You may find the audio quality a bit nasally
  • Some users report that the lavalier microphone is sensitive to cord movements


  • $329.00 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from Shure

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Shure BLX14/CVL$329.00300ftCardioid50Hz – 15kHzUHF
Shure SLXD14/85$692.00328ftUnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Shure BLX188/CVL$629.00300ftUnidirectional50Hz – 15kHzUHF

4. DJI Mic 2

image 25

Visually attractive and practically beneficial, the DJI Mic 2 is a combo of attractive design and features. Its high-quality metal charging case not only safeguards the units but even secures them through a locking latch. This ensures minimal damage to the system caused by accidental drops. What makes DJI Mic 2 an optimal wireless lavalier microphone is its rotating design. This permits you to become more flexible during your recording. 

With TX and RX units, you can directly wear and pass the audio signals to the connected device. Contrarily, the TX also allows you to convert a wired lavalier microphone into a wireless system by simply plugging it into the transmitter. That means, you can clip-on the transmitter (TX) directly on your clothing. Or, plug in a lavalier microphone to the TX and wear the lapel mic anywhere on your attire in a completely discreet manner. 

The DJI Mic 2 offers an intelligent noise-canceling feature that hinders environmental noise from entering the main audio source. As a result, you can enjoy crystal-clear sound recordings even when the room is full of people. With the inclusion of a windscreen, the noise-canceling capability multiplies itself, making it suitable for outdoor and urban environments. The mic works extremely well in delivering audio transmission up to 250 meters, making it suitable for studio recording, live streaming, and more. 

The DJI Mic 2 has a built-in omnidirectional pickup pattern, specifically optimized to capture vocals in high quality. This opens the doors to its usage for various projects, including interviews, vlogs, voiceovers, and more. Another great thing about this wireless lavalier mic is the secondary recording alongside the primary track. This function prevents you from losing captured audio in case of spikes in the audio levels and delivers balanced audio results even in loud environments, such as rock concerts.

Key Specifications of DJI Mic 2

  • 120dB max SPL
  • 6 hours operating time
  • 14 hours of internal recording
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 6 hours operating time (both TX and RX)
  • 850ft (250m) maximum transmission range
  • 50Hz to 20kHz low cut off frequency response
  • 100Hz to 20kHz low cut on frequency response
  • 2 hours and 40 minutes required charging time for the case

Pros of DJI Mic 2

  • It has an excellent build quality
  • The interface is super easy and user-friendly
  • The transmitter also acts as a recording device 

Cons of DJI Mic 2

  • No muting function
  • Small touch controls – users with large fingers may find it a bit uncomfortable when using them


  • $349.00 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from DJI

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
DJI Mic 2$349.00850ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
DJI Mic$249.00820ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz

5. Saramonic UmMic9 (Kit2)

image 26

The Saramonic UmMic9 is a 2-person wireless lavalier microphone system. The specific Kit2 version comprises lavalier microphones,  2x transmitter (TX), and 1x receiver (RX). The mic is designed to fulfill the audio recording needs of mobile journalists, content makers, and vloggers. It has a reliable connection at a bit pricey cost.

From a durability point of view, all the components of Saramonic UmMic9 are made of high-quality metal. Moreover, the company claims that this model has a rugged design to resist rough handling. While this system is known for its seamless connectivity with mirrorless and DSLR cameras, you can also use it with your smartphones and audio recorders. However, depending on the device you want to connect it, you will need to purchase cables separately. 

Going for the Saramonic UmMic9 Kit2 means recording two subjects through a single RX simultaneously. Still, the design is quite portable with uncomplicated operations. Besides, it offers a straightforward setup and a user-friendly interface. These two traits sound like a treat for those who don’t want to get into the troubles of difficult configurations. 

Each TX has a 3.5mm connection that allows an SR-M1 lavalier mic to plug in. Unlike DJI Mic 2, the Saramonic UmMic9 has a mute option that functions by short pressing the power button. Furthermore, this kit provides an Auto Scan feature that allows you to explore up to 96 frequencies and automatically sets you up at the cleanest one. 

Additionally, the Saramonic UmMic9 comes with an LCD display and an easy menu system, allowing you to adjust settings in various lighting conditions. When you turn on the TX, it provides you with three wireless power levels. The system supports up to 100 meters of wireless range with real-time monitoring. 

Key Specifications of Saramonic UmMic9

  • Mono sound field
  • 12ms audio latency
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern 
  • Up to 96 RF channels support 
  • Analog UHF wireless technology
  • 40Hz to 18kHz frequency response
  • 330ft (100.6m) LOS wireless range
  • Approximately 6 hours of battery life
  • Supports up to 8 transmitters per receiver
  • Battery-powered (2x AA both TX and RX)
  • 514MHz to 596MHz carrier and receiving frequencies

Pros of Saramonic UmMic9

  • The system handles interference quite well 
  • Many users are satisfied with its sound quality, especially for indoor interviews
  • It primarily supports lavalier microphones but can also accommodate other mic types

Cons of Saramonic UmMic9

  • Additional batteries expense due to short operating time
  • Some users disliked the plastic area on the battery holder


  • $293.49 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from Saramonic

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Saramonic UmMic9 Kit2$293.49330ftOmnidirectional40Hz – 18kHzUHF
Saramonic Blink500 ProX B2$189.00328ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Saramonic Blink900 B2$299.00656ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz

6. Movo Mini DUO

image 27

One of the obstacles when creating content through smartphones is finding a reliable wireless lavalier microphone. But it looks like Movo has overcome this problem through its Mini DUO lav mic system available for both iPhone and Android phones. This lav mic system complements your video shoots by providing good audio quality at cost-effective pricing. You also save a few bucks you may spend on buying accessories, as the box comes with all the necessary charging cables and windscreens. 

The Movo Mini DUO is a MFi-certified kit with a lightning connector for iOS users. At the same time, the Android version has a 3.5mm/USB-C port on the receiver for a quick connection. So whatever variant you choose, you can record up to 10 hours of audio once the kit is fully charged. Also, despite a low-budget wireless lav mic, it pairs the receiver with both transmitters automatically.

From the portability perspective, the Movo Mini DUO lav wireless mic’s transmitters only weigh around 0.3z. Plus, both TXs get easily clipped on your shirt without making you feel that you’re wearing some equipment. Another beneficial trait of this wireless microphone is the noise cancellation feature. You can also adjust noise-canceling settings to receive noise-free and clean audio. The Movo Mini DUO operates on 2.4GHz and can deliver wireless signals up to 50 meters. 

While many potential users think that low-priced wireless mic kits won’t be able to deliver top-notch sound. The Mini DUO works quite the opposite of this mainstream thinking. As per the manufacturers, the microphone capsules in this device are of studio standard. That claim certainly means that you can use this device even for professional projects. Besides, features like one-touch mute, let you control audio signals coming from two sources.

Key Specifications of Movo Mini DUO

  • RF auto-scan
  • LED indicators
  • Mono sound field
  • 77dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Lightning port for iPhones
  • 3.5mm connectivity for Android
  • 20Hz to 6kHz frequency response
  • 164ft (50m) wireless transmission range
  • Integrated mics with omnidirectional polar pattern

Pros of Movo Mini DUO

  • It records every nuance of sound effectively
  • Compatibility with cameras, DSLRs, and camcorders 
  • Clean sound experience without fuzzy static or hissing noises

Cons of Movo Mini DUO

  • Some users complain about the limited range in urban areas
  • Due to high sensitivity, the mic may pick up surrounding sounds


  • $49.95 (Price of Android 3.5mm/USB-C version as seen on Amazon)
  • $59.95 (Price of iOS version as seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from Movo

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Movo Mini DUO$49.95164ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 6kHz2.4GHz
Movo WMX-20-DUO$199.95330ftOmnidirectional40Hz – 18kHzUHF
Movo WMIC50$49.95164ftOmnidirectional35Hz – 14kHz2.4GHz
Movo EDGE-DI-DUO$149.95200ftOmnidirectional35Hz – 14kHz2.4GHz

7. Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/L

image 28

The Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/L is a powerful wireless lavalier microphone system to set the stage on fire. Ideally manufactured for rapid setups for houses of worship, music studios, educational platforms, and conference rooms, this portable kit offers reliability and convenience. With the ATW-1101/L you not only get automatic frequency selection but also three different reception levels perfect for performers and presenters.

The Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/L has an excellent bodypack transmitter with an MT830cW lavalier microphone. This overcomes the need to purchase separate lavalier mics for this system. You can savor this hands-free operation for approximately 7 hours on just 2x AA batteries. The operating range remains strong up to 30 meters under open environments. It also supports up to 8x microphone channels together in the same atmosphere. 

What makes the System 10 ATW-1101/L better than most wireless lav mic kits is its clear speech delivery. With the top-notch design, this system professionally reproduces natural sound, eliminating the need for an in-depth postproduction process. Additionally, the MT830cW lav mic has a discreet design and enhanced sound. When the system is turned on, it monitors the 2.4GHz range and automatically switches to interference-free frequencies to improve audio quality. Moreover, it fully functions in the 2.4GHz ISM band that ceases signal interruptions caused by radio channels and TV. 

The receiver has a tabletop design, allowing you to stack multiple TX units. It permits you to pair up to 8 transmitters with its receiver. That means, you can capture 8 people’s voices simultaneously. This system is not only for vocals but it also lets you capture instruments at high quality. On the other hand, the front panel comes with LED indicators to show input levels, System ID, and pairing status. 

Key Specifications of Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/L

  • 24-bit bit depth
  • 48kHz sample rate
  • External antennas
  • Mono microphone
  • 1x XLR and 1x TS outputs
  • 1x Hirose 4-pin input/output
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • 100ft (300m) wireless transmission range
  • 2400MHz to 2483.5MHz operating frequencies

Pros of Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/L

  • The lavalier mic picks clean sound with clearly hearable words
  • All units are well-built and designed to cope with rough handling
  • No loss of signals during the transmission that fades audio consistency

Cons of Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/L

  • Users are required to adjust the volume during the installation process; otherwise, have to redo the installation to increase/decrease the volume


  • $399.95 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from Audio-Technica

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/L$399.95100ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Audio-Technica ATW-3211/831$649.00330ftCardioid31Hz – 15.5kHzN/A
Audio-Technica ATW-1311/L$999.00200ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz


image 29

BOYALINK is exclusively made for content creators who give equal importance to the audio while shooting vlogs or interviews. Based on the dual 2.4GHz channels, this wireless lavalier microphone system consists of a charging case, transmitter, and receiver. You might have come across lavalier mic systems with different versions for Android and iOS, but this one is distinct from such brands. 

By default, the BOYALINK has a 3.5mm jack that fits all 3.5mm inputs, especially Android phones. But to save you money, the manufacturers give two different attachable adapters – a USB-C (for Androids with type-C connectors) and a lightning port (for iPhones). This is why BOYALINK proudly calls itself a microphone with an “All-in-One” design. 

Digging more into the characteristics, the BOYALINK is not only aesthetic but also claims to strengthen your content game by improved audio recording. Merely weighing around 15 grams, this wireless lav system works with just a simple plug-and-play functionality. Also, it allows you to set your camera and subject for audio recording at a distance of up to 100 meters. Manufacturers claim that users can experience lossless transmission with zero trouble in the performance throughout the range.

The BOYALINK is not only compatible with smartphones, but it lets you capture audio on various devices. Be it your laptop, DSLR, camcorder, laptop, or PC, this wireless lavalier microphone is made to keep your expectations up. Just before you think the BOYA offers enough, you get another notable trait, like noise cancellation. 

You can count on BOYALINK for reproducing excellent audio even in challenging environments. The makers profess that it determines the original sound and enhances its quality during audio recording without letting background noises interrupt the process. 

Key Specifications of BOYALINK by BOYA

  • Ceramic antenna
  • Digital modulation
  • 16-bit bit depth
  • 48kHz sample rate
  • Less than 0.01% distortion
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Up to 328ft (100m) wireless range
  • Above 85dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS connectivity
  • Built-in battery life of TX is up to 10 hours and RX to up to 6 hours


  • BOYALINK has attractive and affordable pricing
  • Effective noise cancellation (rarely available at this price range)
  • The ease of using the same microphone on distinct devices is a real time saver


  • There is no direct playing – users need to remove the RX to listen to the recorded audio
  • Protective stickers are unnoticeable in the beginning, causing obstacles in charging and setup


  • $99.00 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from BOYA

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
BOYA BOYALink$99.00328ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
BOYA BY-WFM12$84.50164ftOmnidirectionalN/AVHF
BOYA Omic-D$99.95164ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
BOYA BY-WM3T-M2$70.00328ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz

9. Samson XPD2 (Lavalier)

image 30

There’s a reason for putting “lavalier” under the brackets. Since Samson XPD2 comes in handheld and headset variants, it is necessary to make sure you’re exploring the lav version of XPD2. So what’s with it? First the price – amazing, economical, and unbelievably low (under $80 as of today). Secondly, the way it delivers fair audio quality despite being an affordable wireless lavalier microphone. 

The lavalier version of the Samson XPD2 works on the PXD1 handheld bodypack/transmitter. So don’t get confused because of this component when buying the device. The purpose of keeping PXD1 as the main source of delivering audio signals to the receiver is to get rich and original sound. The transmitter provides uncompressed signals throughout the process of sound capturing. This gives you a high signal-to-noise ratio compared to traditional wireless kits. 

The RXD2 USB stick acts as a receiver that easily connects to your Mac or Windows computers, and any Expedition Series with a USB wireless port. With a 3.5mm output, the XPD2 enables you to monitor the audio-in-progress through headphones. This wireless lavalier mic system also includes micro-receiver technology. Cheery on the top, it has a user-friendly design that’s easy to understand. On taking a closer look at the RX, you see a “PAIR” button that connects you to the TX in a single press. The “STATUS” light indicates the strength of the transmission. To add more sugar to the pie, the system also includes a USB Type-A to USB Type-C adapter that increases the compatibility span.

One thing that Samson clearly states about the XPD2 is the range. While this wireless mic is ideal for audio transmission up to 100 meters, the clarity of transmission also depends on the environment. That means you can expect a few meters cut in the range if the place of recording is too crowded or has a lot of zig-zags between the RX and TX.  

Key Specifications of Samson XPD2 (Lavalier)

  • 32kHz sample rate
  • 328ft (100m) wireless range
  • Samson LM8 lavalier mic
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 20Hz to 17kHz frequency response
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio above 85dB
  • 2.404GHz to 2.476GHz working frequency
  • Compatible with iPads and Android devices
  • 2x AA batteries required for TX’s functionality

Pros of Samson XPD2 (Lavalier)

  • Inexpensive pricing
  • It has a storable and compact design
  • Most users find it a reliable wireless lavalier mic system

Cons of Samson XPD2 (Lavalier)

  • Many users agree that the wireless range is not promising as the product has been marketed
  • The receiver fails to work when used with iPhones even if it was working fine previously


  • $73.95 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier MIcrophones from Samson

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Samson XPD2$73.95328ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 17kHz2.4GHz
Samson Concert 88x LM5$199.99300ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 15kHzUHF
Samson Go Mic Mobile$156.87100ftOmnidirectional10Hz – 22kHz2.4GHz
Samson XPDm Lavalier$149.99100ftCardioid20Hz – 16kHz2.4GHz

10. Sennheiser EW 112P G4

image 31

If you’re looking for a pro audio wireless lavalier mic, Sennheiser gives you one of the best of its kind. The Sennheiser EW 112P G4 falls under top-class wireless microphone systems for studio recordings and video content. The microphone perfectly combines impeccable sound quality, adaptability under dynamic environments, and user-friendly features. 

With Sennheiser EW 112P G4, you get two options for a lavalier mic to choose from. Either you can get an ME 2-II omnidirectional clip-on mic. Or, you can opt for the ME 4 cardioid microphone. This flexibility makes G4 one of the widely used kits for various applications, especially for indoor recordings. Whispers or loud sounds, the Sennheiser EW 112P G4 can grasp every audio detail with its impressive sensitivity and mic levels. 

Like most wireless lavalier microphones, this one also has an auto-scan feature that sets your audio signals to the cleanest frequency available. Nevertheless, the Sennheiser EW 112P G4 can be your best on-location wireless mic companion with high physical resistance capabilities. The credit goes to the makers for designing the all-metal chassis that makes the system strong enough to bear rough handling. 

Besides, the EW 112P G4 has a pretty comfortable design that excludes pointy edges. Instead, it has rounded edges with a discrete bodypack look of the transmitter that fits your pocket or belt easily. To ensure the lavalier mic stays firm in its position, the TX consists of a locking connector that securely attaches the mic. Plus, there’s a dedicated mute switch for your convenience.

The Sennheiser EW 112P G4’s receiver is mountable on a variety of camera brands and models. Moreover, the various connectivity options, such as XLR and 3.5mm jack, permit you to use this system for DSLRs, camcorders, and other recording devices. 

Key Specifications of Sennheiser EW 112P G4

  • 130dB Max SPL
  • Backlit LCD display
  • 42MHz RF bandwidth
  • 330ft (100.6m) wireless range
  • 50Hz to 18kHz frequency response
  • Up to 8 hours of functionality (TX/RX)
  • 2x AA batteries required for the receiver
  • Supports up to 12 transmitters on a single receiver
  • Omnidirectional/cardioid polar pattern (depending on the mic type)

Pros of Sennheiser EW 112P G4

  • The setup process is super simple
  • There are no reported interference issues so far
  • This wireless lavalier system is adored for its broadcast-quality audio

Cons of Sennheiser EW 112P G4

  • The only drawback is the price


  • $699.00 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from Sennheiser

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Sennheiser EW 112P G4$699.00330ftOmni/Cardioid50Hz – 18kHzN/A
Sennheiser XSW 2-ME2-E$397.57N/AOmnidirectional50Hz – 16kHzUHF
Sennheiser ew 500 G4-MKE2$1,099.00330ftOmnidirectional48Hz – 18kHzUHF
Sennheiser EW-DP ENG (Q1-6)$899.00328ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHzUHF

11. Sony ECM-W2BT

image 32

If you have a Sony camera with an MI interface. But you can’t find any good wireless lavalier microphone to increase the quality of your content. Then, Sony ECM-W2BT can be one intelligent solution. Design for journalists, YouTubers, and vloggers, the ECM-W2BT includes cutting-edge Bluetooth technology to deliver high audio quality and low-latency audio signals. 

Like all other mics in this list, the Sony ECM-W2BT also frees you from the worries of cables. And adds more convenience to your audio recording journey through its clip-on transmitter. But if you desire to be more discreet, the transmitter comes with a 3.5mm audio jack that lets you attach a lavalier mic, such as ECM-LV1. While you can use any lav use with this kit, you will have to buy it separately. 

However, the built-in microphone comes with a three-level switch, allowing you to capture the subject’s and cameraperson’s audio separately but simultaneously. The receiver set painlessly connects to any Sony cameras or devices with an MI shoe mount. Besides, the receiver also includes a 3.5mm output for other mirrorless cameras and DSLRs.

The battery life of Sony ECM-W2BT is also satisfying for most users, as this mic can work up to 9 trouble-free hours. Both TX and RX units run on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with operating time of up to 3 hours without using an MI connection. 

If talking specifically about the Sony ECM-W2BT design, there are no delicate buttons or menu systems that require a high learning curve. Appearance-wise, both transmitter and receiver units feel sturdy and durable. Also, this lavalier microphone kit comes with all the necessary accessories. But the one that’s worth mentioning is the furry windscreen. 

It is made to help you capture clean sound even on extremely windy days. Moreover, the system comes with attenuator functionality, allowing you to record quieter sounds at an increased volume or loud sounds at a lower volume. 

Key Specifications of Sony ECM-W2BT

  • LED indicators
  • 3 hours of battery time
  • 1x clip-on transmitter
  • Camera-mount receiver type
  • 656ft (200m) wireless range
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Bluetooth wireless functionality
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • Built-in rechargeable battery system
  • Integrated and attachable lavalier microphone
  • Up to 9 hours of operation time when powered through the camera

Pros of Sony ECM-W2BT

  • Also works with smartphones
  • Lightweight design and a compact body
  • It has a straightforward pairing process with compatible devices

Cons of Sony ECM-W2BT

  • The battery life is too short
  • The windscreen fails to cease wind noise to the fullest


  • $198.00 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from Sony

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Sony ECM-W2BT$198.00656ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHzBluetooth
Sony UWP-D27$1,309.95330ftOmnidirectional23Hz – 18kHzUHF

12. SYNCO G2(A2)

image 33

The SYNCO G2(A2) is a pocket-sized dual wireless lavalier microphone kit that’s a boon for content creators who want top-notch sound quality. Weighing around 39 grams, the receiver, and transmitter have a compact body and capability to blend in any kind of audio capturing scenario. This mic comes with USB Type-C and TRS outputs, making it compatible with different devices, including laptops, mobile phones, loudspeakers, and cameras. 

The SYNCO G2(A2) comes with magnetic clips at the back of the body that lets you place them on the subject’s clothing without much visibility. It works on the 2.4GHz transmission technology and delivers clear and crisp sound. Since the standard package includes 2x TX and 1x RX, you can record two people at one time. 

What makes SYNCO G2(A2) better than its previous models is the Syncoder Transmission Algorithm (4.0). This technology provides stable signals at a distance of up to 200 meters (Line-of-sight) and up to 50 meters (Non-line-of-sight). This feature is not only impressive but also makes this brand more trustable since most products don’t disclose the non-line-of-sight range. So, thanks to SYNCO for being transparent. 

The SYNCO G2(A2) is also equipped with the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum feature that automatically and anonymously detects and adjusts available frequencies. As a result, you experience conflict-less signals and superb privacy against all sorts of interferences. 

And guess what? The G2(A2) includes a TFT true-color display on both TX and RX to help you read the status and other details about your wireless mic connection in high or low-lighting environments. Moreover, it has a 3-in-1 charging process that charges all units (1x RX and 2x TXs) at the same time. 

Key Specifications of SYNCO G2(A2)

  • 120dB Max SPL
  • TFT display screen
  • 2 hours charging time
  • Pocket clip mounting
  • Supports 2x audio channels
  • 6x volume adjustment levels
  • -35 dB microphone sensitivity
  • 2400MHz to 2483.5MHz RF bandwidth
  • 50Hz to 20kHz supported frequency response 
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life (both TX and RX)

Pros of SYNCO G2(A2)

  • Good battery life
  • Hassle-free setup
  • The units come in a solid hard-shell case that protects the system from damage during travel

Cons of SYNCO G2(A2)

  • Some users think that it is a pricey wireless lavalier microphone


  • $169.00 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from SYNCO

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
SYNCO G2(A2)$169.00656ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
SYNCO P1 T/L$39.00164ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
SYNCO G3$99.00820ftOmnidirectional50Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz

13. Comica BoomX-D2

image 34

The Comica BoomX-D2 is a wireless lavalier microphone. According to the brand owners, this mic is suitable for prolonged sound recording sessions. From this statement, you can expect its remarkable performance when recording podcasts or vlogs. Going deeper into the system you get a 3.5mm port for headphone attachment. This enables you to monitor the audio during the recording process. 

Gladly, the Comica BoomX-D2 is one of the devices that has a muting option. While the system lacks a dedicated mute button, pressing the power button on the TX does this job. That’s a quick solution to immediate pausing for making adjustments during the session. 

The BoomX-D2 also shines due to its diverse audio modes. A simple push on the switch can let you record audio in stereo as well as mono. However, when using this mic with smartphones, you can only work through the mono output. Likewise, this wireless lavalier mic kit has dual input modes. That means you can select between external and internal microphones, depending on the recording environment, to get high-quality of audio recordings.

Overviewing the compatibility, the Comica BoomX-D2 gives you dual output cable connections – a 3.5mm TRRS and a 3.5mm TRS. So whether you want to use this mic with a mobile phone, camcorder, or a DSLR camera, BoomX-D2 makes it possible for you. But, you may need to purchase the cables separately. 

And like most brands, the Comica BoomX-D2 also comes with 2x transmitters and 1x receiver set. The operating range you get using these units is approx. 50 meters, suitable for YouTube recordings, interviews, TikTok live streams, and more. Besides, the kit offers a minimal latency of below 20ms. Whereas, the built-in battery life can keep both units charged up to 5 hours.

Key Specifications of Comica BoomX-D2

  • Plastic housing
  • Up to 20dB gain range
  • LCD status display screen
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 16-bit and 48kHz sample rate
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • 2400MHz to 2489.5MHz RF bandwidth
  • Supports secondary lavalier microphones
  • Up to 164ft (50m) wireless transmission range

Pros of Comica BoomX-D2

  • It has a stylish design
  • High-quality plastic material is used in the housing
  • The microphone selects the best interference-free channel automatically

Cons of Comica BoomX-D2

  • The accessories are expensive
  • Battery life is not up to the mark


  • $149.00 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from Comica

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Comica BoomX-D2$149.00164ftOmnidirectional80Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz
Comica CVM-WM100 Plus$159.00328ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHzUHF
Comica BoomX-U U1$179.00394ftOmnidirectional80Hz – 20kHzUHF
Comica CVM-WM300A$329.00394ftOmnidirectionalUHF

14. AnkerWork M650

image 35

The AnkerWork M650 breaks the chains that limit your creativity when it comes to high-quality sound. Specifically targeted to content creators who seek uncompromising audio, this wireless lav microphone kit provides great convenience due to uncomplex options. With hassle-free audio setup through the touchscreen, this microphone allows you to adjust settings in no time. Furthermore, the kit has USB and Lightning accessories to help you connect the system to your cameras, computers, and tablets effortlessly. 

The AnkerWork M650’s receiver and transmitters pair automatically as soon as you take them out of the case. The microphone is also instilled with the VoiceShield technology that clears the captured sound from ambient noises. One of the best features of this microphone is uncompressed audio files when uploading them to any editing software. 

The AnkerWork M650 ensures low latency that allows you to smoothly record audio with perfect synchronization. However, the most impressive trait of the M650 is the battery life. You can use the mic for up to 15 hours when used with the charging case. Contrarily, you get up to 6 hours of battery time when recording audio without the case. Plus, the system provides quick charging even if the batteries are fully drained. 

In case you forget about charging the units for your big shoot the next day, AnkerWork M650’s auto-charging will remind you to juice the system up by placing it inside the charging case. Additionally, the AnkerWork software permits you to further fine-tune the audio by simply logging into your user account. 

Key Specifications of AnkerWork M650

  • 656ft (200m) wireless range
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 3.5mm TRS TX/RX input and output
  • 6 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • VoiceShield noise cancellation technology
  • 1.47-inch touchscreen display on the receiver
  • Up to 15 hours operating time with charging case

Pros of AnkerWork M650

  • This wireless microphone has a unique design
  • The has a professional-grade noise-canceling system

Cons of AnkerWork M650

  • The product may not be compatible with some iPhone models


  • $199.99

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from AnkerWork

AnkerWork only offers one model in wireless lavalier microphone systems.

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
AnkerWork M650$199.99656ftOmnidirectionalN/AN/A

15. Ulanzi U-Mic AM18

image 36

The Ulanzi U-Mic AM18 is a dual-channel lavalier microphone kit that works wirelessly to improve your sound experience. The first glance at this system makes you realize the aesthetic design it has. The broad silver top lining followed by black shiny color, makes it eye-catching in the videos.

One of the prominent traits of this wireless lavalier mic is the three recording modes. You can use the mono mode for capturing audio in clean frequencies. The stereo mode offers a high-fidelity and rich sound. The third mode is called the safety track mode which ensures you have a backup of the recorded audio in case the original one has spikes. 

This explains why the Ulanzi U-Mic AM18 has the onboard audio recording option. Both transmitters can be utilized as individual sound recorders for several hours with 8GB of capacity. To fight the wind noise problem, the brand provides 2x furry windscreens so you can record clean sounds in extreme weather conditions. 

While the microphone’s case is portable, it also works as a charging station that makes the unit work for up to 20 hours. But that’s not the only purpose it serves. The charging case is strong enough to protect all the components of the mic and even plays a vital role in pairing the units. 

When you use the transmitter and receiver out of the case, the TX works for up to 14 hours while the RX stays active for up to 6 hours. Icing on the cake, the transmitter also works as a separate recorder and can record up to 5 hours of audio without even pairing it with the RX. With 100 meters of range, the U-Mic AM18 ensures clean audio recordings even in bustling places like highways, roads, airports, and train stations. 

Key Specifications of U-Mic AM18

  • TFT touchscreen
  • 2000mAh charging case battery
  • 3.5MM TRS lavalier analog input
  • 328ft (100m) wireless operating range
  • Built-in USB-C and lightning output ports
  • Rechargeable 300mAh battery (TX and RX)
  • USB Type-C and Pogo Pin charging possibilities
  • Up to 14 hours of recording time after a single charge

Pros of U-Mic AM18

  • The safe mode provides distortion-free audio recordings
  • This mic comes with superior noise-canceling functionality
  • Ease of fine-tuning the audio due to dedicated volume settings

Cons of U-Mic AM18

  • Users dislike the high learning curve to activate noise cancellation
  • Low sound quality when used without a separate lavalier microphone


  • $99.95 (As seen on Amazon)

More Wireless Lavalier Microphones from Ulanzi

ProductPriceRangePolar PatternFrequency ResponseWireless Technology
Ulanzi U-Mic AM18$99.95328ftOmnidirectionalN/A2.4GHz
Ulanzi J12$39.9565.6ftOmnidirectionalN/AN/A
Ulanzi V6$39.95164ftOmnidirectional20Hz – 20kHz2.4GHz

More Options for Wireless Lavalier Microphones

16. Azden WLX-Pro+i

image 37

The Azden WLX-Pro+i is a VHF wireless lav microphone kit compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and cameras. It functions in the low-interference bands and can transmit audio to up to 76 meters. 

Key Specifications of Azden WLX-Pro+i

  • 250ft (76.2m) wireless range
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Camera mount receiver design
  • Supports up to two mics/transmitters per receiver


  • $224.49 (As seen on Amazon)

17. Galaxy Audio GT-V

image 38

The Galaxy Audio GT-V is a battery-powered wireless lavalier TX and RX kit. This lightweight device is great for live presentations, YouTube videos, wedding shoots, and more. With a promising 15-meter wireless range and 6 hours of battery life, this lavalier system has a user-friendly setup and fair audio quality.

Key Specifications of Galaxy Audio GT-V

  • Mono sound field
  • 63dB Signal-to-Noise ratio
  • 2.4GHz frequency hopping
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • Cardioid and unidirectional polar pattern


  • $80.39 (As seen on Amazon)

18. Sevenoak SKM-W4-K2

image 39

The SKM-W4-K2 by Sevenaok is a good quality wireless lavalier mic that is best for live streaming. It is a lightweight kit with three selectable modes and an OLED display. The wireless range covers up to 100 meters distance and the total battery life of the TX and RX is approximately 11.5 hours. 

Key Specifications of Sevenoak SKM-W4-K2

  • 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 35Hz to 18kHz frequency response


  • $100.00 (As seen on Amazon)


image 40

The MAYBESTA AN151 is an auto-pairable wireless lavalier microphone. The mic has a spray-proof design and high sensitivity that allows you to capture detailed audio. It is designed for iOS users and is compatible with iPads and iPhones. The battery charges within 2 hours and the operating time is up to 4.5 hours.

Key Specifications of MAYBESTA AN151

  • Lightning connector
  • 150ft (15m) wireless range
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later versions for smooth functionality


  • $27.99 (As seen on Amazon)

20. Alvoxcon TG210

image 41

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose wireless lavalier microphone kit at a not-so-expensive price, meet the Alvoxcon TG210. The mic offers a 30-meter distortion and feedback-free wireless range. It uses UHF technology to provide strong signals and to mitigate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference. 

Key Specifications of Alvoxcon TG210

  • 100ft (30m) operating range
  • 6.35mm jack receiver input
  • 902MHz to 928MHz transmission


  • $87.99 (As seen on Amazon)


image 42

NPTCL is another 2-pack wireless microphone that you can use for video interviews, Instagram streaming, and other projects. While the audio quality is not exceptional, it can still record audio better than your laptop and smartphone’s built-in mic. The kit can capture sounds for 10 hours on a fully charged battery. Moreover, the maximum wireless range it offers is up to 30 meters. 

Key Specifications of NPTCL

  • 110mAh battery
  • PVC and plastic body
  • USB-C connector type
  • 100ft (30m) transmission range
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern


  • $23.99 (As seen on Amazon)

22. OSA K1A

image 43

The OSA K1A works wirelessly using the Bluetooth technology. It is a lavalier mic set that’s compatible with cameras, Android, and iOS devices. The kit comes with a 3.5mm jack and USB-C connectors for quick attachment. It only covers a distance of up to 19 meters and has an ultra-low latency.

Key Specifications of OSA K1A

  • 0.009s audio latency
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 65ft (19m) max wireless strength
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of life


  • $23.99 (As seen on Amazon)

23. Bulatry BMi07

image 44

The Bulatry BMi07 is a 2-person wireless lav microphone. It is a simple plug-and-play device that works through a 2.4GHz signal. This product can let you record audio from a distance of up to 18 meters. It also offers 44.1kHz to 48kHz stereo quality sound with 9ms latency.

Key Specifications of Bulatry BMi07

  • Up to 60ft (18m) range
  • Battery life up to 5 hours
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 2 hours of required charging time


  • $24.99 (As seen on Amazon)

24. Leettus

image 45

The name sounds like a vege but it’s a low-price lavalier wireless microphone. Available in 1x and 2x transmitters, the Leettus provides a USB-C connector on the TX and a lightning connector on the RX. With a battery timing of up to 7 hours, the mic covers a wireless range of around 19 meters.

Key Specifications of Leettus

  • Auto-pairing
  • 65ft (19m) wireless coverage
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern


  • $24.99 (As seen on Amazon)


image 46

The JHSNOEL has a lightning connector, making it compatible with iOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones. This lavalier wireless mic has an omnidirectional pickup pattern with special features like volume control and plug-and-play functionality. Besides, the manufacturers claim that they have installed a DSP chip for improved audio quality. The device is good for up to 19 meters and has an advanced 360-degree noise reduction function.

Key Specifications of JHSNOEL

  • 2 hours charging time
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Omnidirectional lav microphone
  • Up to 65ft (19m) wireless transmission


  • $25.99 (As seen on Amazon)

26. PoP voice

image 47

Lastly, the Pop voice is only a one-piece lavalier microphone attachable to any device with a 3.5mm connector. Although this isn’t a wireless microphone, it can still be an option for those looking for a really inexpensive microphone. 

Key Specifications of Pop voice

  • 2-meter cable length
  • No batteries required
  • Convertible from 4-pin to 3-pin


  • $13.98 (As seen on Amazon)


There may be countless options when you look for a wireless lapel mic. But not all devices can perform up to your expectations. The 26 lavalier wireless microphones discussed here are all tried and tested brands. The first fifteen products fall into the top-tier category where mics like Hollyland Lark M2, DJI Mic 2, and RODE GO II are clear winners, as they are professional systems. Contrarily, the rest of the products, starting from sixteen, can be used for casual recordings.


Q1. What is a wireless lavalier microphone?

A wireless lavalier mic can be clipped on your clothing. You can also wear it discreetly, and it works wirelessly through the transmitter and receiver. It doesn’t require a cable to attach to the audio interface or speaker to capture sound. However, you may need a wired mic to attach to the transmitter/bodypack if you are opting for a proper wireless lavalier system. 

Q2. What is the best wireless lavalier microphone?

Hollyland Lark M2 is the newest edition to the world of wireless lavalier mics. It has great features at a cost-effective price. That is why it is popular among professional content creators, interview hosts, and vloggers. Other options may include RODE and DJI wireless models. 

Q3. How do I connect my wireless lavalier microphone?

You need to connect the receiver to your camera or smartphone. Then turn on both the transmitter and receiver for pairing. Once paired, you can use the wireless lavalier mic. 

LARK M2 is a lightweight wireless microphone weighing only 9 grams. It is perfect for vloggers, podcasters, filmmakers, and others who want to effortlessly record professional audio for their videos. With lossless sound reproduction and a 40-hour battery life, it delivers high-quality uninterrupted audio recording every time.


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