11 Best Hidden Microphones for 2024

If movies and films have taught us anything, it’s how to use hidden microphones to record valuable information. And while it’s usually for blackmail or espionage on Hollywood, in the real world, spy microphones offer a ton of important uses. 

You can use it to record lectures if you’re a student, to record an interview if you’re a journalist, or to monitor your child when you’re busy at home. Honestly, the use cases of a hidden microphone are endless. 

In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the flooded market of hidden microphones. 

We’ll share our top picks for the best microphone in the market, as well as how you can choose the best one for your needs. 

Let’s get started!

Quick Summary: Our top picks comparison

Hidden MicrophoneRecording QualityBattery sizeVoice-ActivatedContinuous Recording TimeDimensions CompatibilityPrice
Hollyland Lark M248 kHz/24-bit High Fidelity Audio250mAHYes10 hours40mm x 16.5mm x 9mmAll devices($219.00)
TCTEC Digital Voice Recorder 1536 kbps at 24-bit/96kHz300mAHYes15 hours3″ / 7 cmAll PCs($65.99)
SOTA Surveillance Kawtco Mini Voice-Activated Digital Audio Recorder 1536 kbps at 24-bit/96kHz220mAHYes24 hours1.8 x 0.8 x 0.4 inchesWindows and Mac Computers($133.00)
ATTO NanoRec Digital Voice Recorder 536 kbps (96kHz/24-bit WAV format120mAHYes10 hours2.5 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches (64 x 38 x 15 mm)All smartphones and tablets($64.90)
RIVAUTURM 128GB Voice Activated Recorder 1536 hours at 192KBPS2200mAHYes240 hours2.8 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches (70 x 40 x 15 mm)Windows and MacOS($69.98)
PVerandio Voice Activate Recorder 1536 kbps at 24-bit/96kHz220mAHYes25 hours6″ / 15 cmDevices that support USB connectivity($55.99)
IZRYEC Smart Voice Recorder 1536 kbps at 24-bit/96kHz240mAHYes30 – 40 hours2″ x 1.7″ x 0.25″ (51mm x 43mm x 6.35mm)iOS, Android, and PC($99.99)
SSLINE Voice Activated Audio Recorder watch 1536kbps bit rate at 24-bit/96kHz350mAHYes50 hoursdiameter of 4.5 cm and a thickness of 1.6 cmPC and Mac, Philips VoiceTracer app($49.88)
XIXITYPY 64GB Voice Recorder 1536kbps at 24-bit/96kHz300mAHYes30 hours4.02 x 1.38 x 0.39 inches (102 x 35 x 10 mm)Windows and Mac($33.99)
Vivaniir 60H Voice Recorder 1536 kbps at 24-bit/96kHz300mAHYes25 hours4.1 x 1.2 x 0.5 inches (10.4 x 3.0 x 1.3 cm)Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS X($49.99)
Hollyland Lark Max24-bit/48kHz350mAHYes8 hours3.7 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches (9.4 x 4.6 x 1.5 cm)devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack or a Lightning connector($159.00)

#1: Hollyland Lark M2 ($219.00) – Best overall

image 124

The new Lark M2 microphone is our top pick for the best overall hidden microphone. Even though Hollyland doesn’t define it as one, its size, weight, and convenient button shape, makes it perfect as a hidden microphone.

You can easily attach this mic to your clothes with a magnet, clip it on, or hang it as a cool new necklace. Either way, nobody’s going to notice it’s a spy microphone. 

It weighs a measly 9 grams, and comes with a 40-hour battery life, enough to ensure 10 hours uninterrupted recording time. 

Lark M2 also comes with a lossless sound reproduction system, up to 300m transmission range, and 48khz/24-bit High Fidelity Audio. All these features ensure high-quality and nuanced audio output. 

Pros of Lark M2

  • Very versatile for different uses thanks to the magnetic attachment options 
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Lightweight, portable, and discrete
  • Simple and intuitive to use

Cons of Lark M2

  • Some users find the dongle a bit inconvenient
lark m2 box

Hollyland Lark M2

2-Person Wireless Mini Button Microphone.

Learn More

#2: TCTEC Digital Voice Recorder ($65.99) – Best storage capacity

image 125

If you’re looking to capture large audio sizes at decent quality, this Digital voice recorder is the mic for you. It comes with a large 96GB memory, allowing you to record up to 7,000 hours of high-quality audio. 

The microphone’s battery can last up to 35 hours, and the device also autosaves your recordings by default. 

TCTEC also fitted this microphone with a secure password protection and file management system. This means that no one can access your audio without your permission, and can be really useful when recording sensitive information. 

Pros of the Digital Voice Recorder

  • Allows voice activation 
  • Sufficient memory capacity and a large battery life
  • Clear recording quality even in noisy environments

Cons of Digital Voice Recorder

  • Needs to improve its user interface

#3: SOTA Surveillance Kawtco Mini Voice-Activated Digital Audio Recorder ($133.00)

image 126

When discretion is your top priority, this Kawtco KC-350-16 Recorder is one of the best you can use. It looks and has all the functionalities of your regular USB drive, but with powerful voice recording features.

The microphone comes with a massive recording capacity of up to 288 hours, plus 24 hours of continuous recording and around 25 days of battery life.

Its activated voice recording feature coupled with the one-touch recording makes using this device very simple and easy. 

You can even add dates and time stamps on your recordings to make them easier to organize thanks to Kawtco’s embedded technology.  

With all these features at your disposal, you can’t go wrong with this mini recorder. 

Pros of Kawtco Digital Audio Recorder

  • Small size making it portable and discrete
  • Allows time and date-stamped recordings
  • Long battery life in voice-activated mode

Cons of Kawtco Digital Audio Recorder

  • Quite pricey compared to other recorders
  • Outdated design 

#4: ATTO NanoRec Digital Voice Recorder – For continuous recording time ($64.90)

image 127

The Atto Digital Voice Recorder was designed for people with size and practicality in mind. This 1.2-inch-wide device features an automatic voice sensor, up to 4 recording qualities, around 8 GB in memory and up to 20 hours of continuous recording. 

It can store up to 141 hours of audio in WAV format, and protects all your files using a 4-digit password. 

The battery on this device is also rechargeable meaning you get to enjoy continuous, uninterrupted recording sessions for as long as needed. 

You also get to add time and date stamps on your recordings, and can easily transfer the files to Windows or MacOS. 

Pros of ATTO NanoRec Voice Recorder 

  • Crystal clear recording quality at 192Kbps
  • Decent battery and memory capacity 
  • Rechargeable from computer USB port
  • Discreet and compact design

Cons of ATTO NanoRec Voice Recorder 

  • No external microphone input 
  • Not waterproof

#5: RIVAUTURM 128GB Voice Activated Recorder ($69.98) – Best Value for money

image 128

If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, this 128GB recorder is the deal for you. It comes with a super sleek and compact design, making it easy to use and operate.

It also packs a powerful set of features including an enormous 128GB memory capacity that can store up to 1536 hours of files at 192KBPS.  

To ensure you never lose your files, this microphone also comes with a low power-auto save feature that auto-saves your recordings when the device power is low or turning off.

Overall, you get to enjoy good and easy recording, especially with one key recording option. You also get up to 240 hours of continuous recording and around 160 hours of headphone continuous playback. 

Pros of RIVAUTURM Voice Recorder

  • Very easy to use 
  • Comes with headphones and playback option
  • Good battery life

Cons of RIVAUTURM Voice Recorder

  • Sound isn’t very clear if the person talking is far away

#6: PVerandio Voice Activate Recorder ($55.99)

image 129

If you’re looking for a small and reliable voice recorder for daily use, this device from PVerandio is one of the best there is. It comes with an in-built 16GB memory and 64GB expansion memory TF card already fitted. 

It’s voice-activated and has a powerful range, allowing you to record at a distance of up to 60 feet. 

The recorder also supports a clear 256Kbps sound recording quality, with a high-capacity battery allowing for around 500 hours of continuous recording. You can even record while charging, although not when connected to a computer. 

This device is perfect for recording meetings, lectures, or even shopping lists and your to-do list. 

Its file system enables timestamping of all your recordings, and supports OTG for Android phones, making it very convenient for the user. 

Pros of PVerandio Voice Recorder 

  • Small, lightweight, and practical, ideal for everyday use
  • Great memory capacity for recording 
  • Reliable long-range recording 
  • Comes with headphones for playback

Cons of PVerandio Voice Recorder 

  • Not compatible with all operating systems

#7: IZRYEC Smart Voice Recorder – Best for mobile compatibility ($99.99)

image 130

When it comes to ease of use, no recorder beats IZRYEC’s Smart Voice Recorder. The device is small, and feather-light and has a mobile app that makes it easier to manage and protect your recordings. 

It can fit anywhere easily, and is very discreet, making it the perfect microphone if you don’t want someone to know you’re recording.

It’s also designed with a magnetic clip and adhesive Velcro to ensure hands-free recording is a possibility. 

For 30 hours, this device allows you to maintain continuous recording and up to 40 hours of continuous voice-activated recording. 

iZYREC uses newer and more innovative radio and sound technology like the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) algorithms to amplify and improve sound quality. 

Additionally, its AI noise cancellation feature and the dual Knowles SiSonic microphones make for excellent recording quality at up to 1536 Kbps.  

You’ll get this device in two capacity variants i.e., 32GB eMMS capacity that accommodates up to 240 hours, and the 64GB eMMS capacity that handles up to 480 recording hours. 

Pros of iZRYEC Smart Recorder

  • Tiny, portable, and easy to use
  • Excellent voice detection and audio quality 
  • Great and efficient app functionality
  • Good battery life

Cons of iZRYEC Smart Recorder

  • Only compatible with smartphones
  • No headphone jack
  • You can’t expand the 32GB memory

#8: SSLINE Voice Activated Audio Recorder watch – Best for long distances ($49.88)

image 131

If you’re looking for convenience when using a hidden microphone, it doesn’t get better than this SSLine voice recorder watch. 

At a glance, it’s not different from any other smartwatch on the market, which is good for hiding. However, the watch comes with a 60ft distance recording capability, at up to 3072 Kbps HD recording rate and up to 50 hours continuous recording time. 

It’s very easy to use this watch as all features are accessible by either pushing up or down on its side buttons. It’s also voice-controlled so you won’t have to struggle starting a recording. 

And once you’re done, you can set a 3-digit password on the watch to protect your files. 

Other features to note on this device include timestamping, recording while charging, listening while recording, power off auto-save, and quick file transfer on iPhone and Android.

Pros of SSLine Voice Recorder Watch

  • Large memory that stores up to 1147 recording hours 
  • Convenient and flexible to use anywhere
  • Decent sound quality with noise cancellation
  • Record in long distances

Cons of SSLine Voice Recorder Watch

  • It’s not weather-resistant 
  • Take time when charging

#9: XIXITYPY 64GB Voice Recorder – Best Budget microphone ($33.99)

image 132

If you’re working with a small budget, XIXITYPY’s spy microphone is a really good device to use. For just under $35, this recorder is arguably the easiest to use and carry around. 

Since it’s designed as a pen, all you have to do is press the button at the top and your recording starts. The sound quality on this device is still great at 3072 kbps, and it can handle a recording capacity of around 375 hours. 

It comes with 64GB memory space, and allows you to name your recorded files by the recording time. The pen also auto-saves your recording when power is running out. 

Pros of XIXITYPY Voice Recorder

  • Recordings sound crisp and clear
  • Large memory storage
  • Portable and can be used anywhere
  • Voice-activated, and operates on one key only

Cons of XIXITYPY Voice Recorder

  • Often experiences noises from friction with clothes, or when writing

#10: Vivaniir 60H Voice Recorder ($49.99)

image 133

For users who love recording meetings or lectures or even interviews, Vivaniir’s 60H voice recorder is the ideal option. It’s voice-activated, with 900 hours recording capacity and a solid 60 hours continuous recording at 192kbps. 

The recorder is made of hard and light aluminum alloy making it quite lightweight and exquisite.

It’s also very easy to use owing to the one-touch recording feature, and connecting to PC or Android isn’t an issue. 

You’ll get good noise cancellation on the device and low battery auto-save feature every time. 

Pros of Vivaniir Voice Recorder

  • Uses the light but durable aluminum alloy housing 
  • Clear recording quality and playback 
  • Solid 400mAh battery life, very reliable

Cons of Vivaniir Voice Recorder

  • One-touch recording can be too sensitive
  • Not compatible with all devices

#11: Hollyland Lark Max ($159.00) – Honorable mention

image 134

Finally, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t mention Hollyland’s Lark Max recorder in this list. While it’s clearly not a spy microphone, the microphone offers some of the best features you need in a hidden microphone. 

It offers a large recording range of up to 820 ft, uses excellent noise cancellation, and can be easily clipped onto your clothes. The recorder even incorporates MaxTimbre Mic Technology to capture every audio detail for your recordings. 

Everything about this wireless microphone stands out from all other wireless mic systems available in the industry. 

Its design is sleek and compact, the device has a flawless user-interface, and allows for up to 14 hours of backup recording.

Pros of Hollyland Lark Max

  • Studio-level audio quality 
  • Great build quality, feels very premium
  • Very effective noise cancellation 
  • Excellent long-range recording 

Cons of Hollyland Lark Max

  • Quite pricey
Hollyland LARK MAX vs DJI Mic 2

Hollyland LARK MAX

Wireless Microphone with Studio Audio.

Learn More

Buying Guide – What to consider before buying a hidden microphone

Before buying a hidden microphone, the most important thing you should consider is your need. Why do you need a hidden mic? What do you think a hidden microphone will help you achieve?

With these answers in mind, you can now choose a suitable wireless hidden microphone. Among the factors you should now consider include:

  • Battery life

Hidden microphones may at times need to record audio for several hours non-stop without recharging. You therefore want a spy microphone with a good battery that can cover you for a few days.

  • Audio quality

Since hidden microphones aren’t usually out in the open, you want to get one that offers clear sounds, even when it’s hidden between obstructions. For instance, if you’re wearing a hidden mic inside your clothes, the resulting recording shouldn’t be all muffed up. 

  • Size and discreetness

The best hidden microphones are small and inconspicuous, making them easy to conceal in various locations without being detected. 

  • Connectivity

The quality of audio recorded by a hidden microphone is always affected by their connectivity mode. Wireless microphones provide greater hiding flexibility over wired microphones, but only at close ranges. 

When they’re hidden too far from the speaker, they become prone to interference and poor connections. 

You therefore need to ensure that the hidden microphone you choose achieves high transmission ranges so that it can record clear audio from any distance. 

  • Recording capacity

Every recording device comes with a specific storage capacity. So you need to know how much storage you need, in terms of audio hours.  Consider factors such as storage space, recording format, and whether the microphone offers options for continuous recording or triggered recording based on sound detection.

  • Compatibility

The hidden microphone you choose should be compatible with your recording devices, both software and hardware. If you want to store or share those recordings on your iPhone or Android phones, or even Windows or MacOS PC, ensure that the microphone is compatible with those systems. 


What are hidden microphones?

Hidden microphones are miniature audio recording devices designed to capture sound covertly without being detected. These devices are typically small, discreet, and can be concealed in various objects or locations, such as within clothing, furniture, or everyday objects like pens or USB drives.

What does a hidden microphone sound like?

In most cases, hidden microphones won’t emit any specific, easily detectable sounds. But in some cases, poorly made or malfunctioning hidden microphones might produce a faint buzzing or whining sound, especially when powered on.

How can I find a hidden microphone or camera?

Do a visual sweep! Look for odd holes or misplaced items. In darkness, use a flashlight to find reflections from lenses. Also, consider an RF detector for hidden devices. But remember it’s not foolproof. For high concerns, always seek professional help.

Can a phone app detect hidden cameras?

Yes! Some phone apps claim to detect hidden cameras by using the phone’s camera sensor to locate camera lenses based on reflections. However, their effectiveness can vary, and they may not be reliable for detecting all types of hidden cameras.

Final thoughts

There are tons of hidden microphones in the market and choosing one is no walk in the park. 

The 11 microphones we’ve listed in this article are but a few of the best hidden mics you can choose – but they may not necessarily be the best for you. 

The best way to get a good hidden microphone is to buy one that meets your needs. I hope this helps.


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