2024 Best Gaming Headsets With a Microphone to Boost Your Experience

Multiplayer games generally require players to communicate with each other to defeat the enemy team. A gaming headset with a microphone fulfills this need by allowing one to interact with teammates for coordination and teamwork. Besides connectivity requirements, a good quality microphone will also help you hear crispier audio than speakers. Using these best headsets will let you hear footsteps approaching from behind you in a first-person shooter game. 

All in all, a good headset combines immersive audio with the ability to talk to other players. Therefore, players will be able to enjoy a well-rounded gaming experience. Throughout this article, we will also introduce you to the best methods for picking the best headset for gaming. 

How Can You Choose the Best Gaming Headphone with a Microphone?

The market is filled with headset options that allow you to connect with your teammates through a high-quality microphone. However, it will pose the challenge of selecting the best one to get the most appropriate gaming experience. Here, you can read about the factors you must consider while choosing:

  1. Audio Quality: An ideal audio output should be the first thing you look at in the gaming headset. As the primary purpose of headphones is to deliver crisp sound, headphones need to have immersive sound with good bass and overall balance. 
  2. Built-in Microphone: A quality gaming headset requires a high-quality microphone to offer crisp voice transmission. Plus, you will find noise-canceling mics an added bonus during intense gaming moments. 
  3. Comfort and Build Quality: Since you’ll likely be wearing your gaming headset for extended periods, it is essential to consider factors such as comfort. Furthermore, a headset should have a lightweight design with soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband. 
  4. Wired vs. Wireless: You need to decide what type of headset you want for audio in and out transmission. Gamers should prefer wired headsets for lower latency. However, players wanting to move around while wearing headphones need to go for wireless headsets.
  5. Battery Life: Gaming is usually addictive, so players need to consider the battery life of wireless headsets. Doing so will help you enjoy long gaming sessions without any interruption. 

Top 8 Gaming Headsets with a Microphone Available in 2024 

Upon analyzing all these factors when choosing gaming headphones, it is time to consider some of the best options. For this purpose, you must go through the list of headsets below to compare them and make an informed decision. 

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 

ESports professionals will love to utilize this wireless headset for highly competitive gaming tournaments. It has a detachable mic that can capture audio from a wide range of frequencies to transmit detailed voice during gaming sessions. Other than that, its earbuds contain flow knit ultra-soft cushions for the comfort level of the players. 

razor blackshark v2 headset with microphone

Moreover, this hyper-speed wireless headset provides users with over 70 hours of battery time. Plus, gamers can enjoy the THX spatial audio for a 360-degree sound experience. This headset is trusted by several professional eSports players, including Ninja and Shotzzy. 

Key SpecificationsValues
Frequency Response 12 to 28 kHz
Drivers50 mm
Earcups Cushion with Oval Ear 
Microphone Style Wideband with Detachable Mic
Audio Surround THX Spatial Audio
Battery Life Around 70 hours 

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid 

With its ultra-low latency, this wireless headset provides a real-time communication medium to gamers. You can quickly eliminate the surrounding noise with its enhanced noise-cancellation feature for immersive gaming. Moreover, the microphone of this headset is detachable, providing users an opportunity to adjust the weight of this equipment according to the situation. 

apos h3pro headset with microphone

Furthermore, players can enjoy up to 19 hours of wireless gaming with the long battery time of this headset with a microphone. Users even get the chance to extend the battery timing to thirty hours with the ANC turned off. Plus, EPOS BrainAdapt Technology supports the way your brain processes sound signals. Using this technology, this headset enables faster response time for better decision-making during the game.

Key SpecificationsValues
Headset WeightAround 300 grams
Ear CouplingAll around the ear
Charge TimeUp to 2 hours
Operating Temperature Range from 50°F to 104°F
AccessoriesBT Dongle, USB Cable, Audio Cable
WarrantyUp to 2 years 
Pricing $135

HyperX Cloud Alpha 

Professional gamers can use this headset, with over 300 hours of battery time, for over a week-long uninterrupted gaming marathon. It even provides signature memory foam in the ear cushions to let players enjoy a comfortable experience during such long gaming sessions. Besides, its spatial audio functionality will provide you with a crisp and highly immersive sound with a virtual 3D sound stage. 

hyperx cloud alpha headset with microphone

Other than its comfy ear cushions, this headset has a durable aluminum frame that can stick by your side for years of gaming sessions. Also, its noise-cancellation mic comes with an LED status indicator to let you know about the working mode. You can also utilize its HyperX NGENUITY software to adjust the mic settings for better customization.

Key SpecificationValues
Headphone FrameAluminum 
Ear Cushions Premium Leatherette Memory Foams
Wireless RangeAround 20 meters
Battery LifeApproximately 300 hours
MicrophoneElectret and Bi-directional
Charge TimeAround 4.5 hours
Pricing $169

Arctis Nova 7 

The integration of Nova Acoustic System with custom-designed drivers makes this headset a perfect device for gamers. Using this combination of software and hardware, it delivers crisp notes and deep bass to let players enjoy out-of-the-world listening sessions. Other than that, it provides multi-platform support to allow PC, Mac, PlayStation, and other gaming console users to communicate with their teams. 

arctis nova 7 headset with microphone

With its USB-C charging slot, you can charge this headset anywhere you want within just 15 minutes. Plus, its AI-powered noise cancellation mic allows you to avoid all the incoming and outgoing audio noise for perfect interaction. Other than that, its build has 4 points of adjustments and breathable memory foam cushions.

Key SpecificationsValues
DriversNeodymium 40 mm
Spatial Audio360° Supported 
Microphone ClearCast Gen 2
Polar PatternBidirectional 
Battery LifeUp to 38 hours 
Fast ChargeAround 15 minutes for 6 hours of gaming time
Pricing €199.99


Using this lightweight and durable headset, gamers can enjoy multiple hours of comfortable playing sessions. Its leatherette earcups and memory foam further boost the comfort level for gamers. In addition to that, this gaming headphone provides intuitive controls with an on-ear volume roller and mic mute button to easily control its functionality. 

corsair hs55 headset with microphone

Besides, you will enjoy excellent sound quality and range due to its neodymium audio drivers. This headset also has an omnidirectional mic that delivers your sound with crystal clear quality for uninterrupted interactions. Plus, you can attach these headphones to multiple devices, including PCs, consoles, and controllers.

Key SpecificationsValues
CompatibilityPlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, PC and more
Microphone TypeOmni-directional
DriversAround 50 mm
Headphone Wired
Frequency ResponseApprox. 20Hz to 20 kHz
Pricing $59.99

Logitech Pro X2

With its pro-grade sound and seamless wireless transmission, this gaming headset is a preferred choice for professional gamers. Its immersive soundscape allows you to hear each step and action during the intense moments of shooting games. Besides that, this headset has a rotating hinge and comfortable buds to let gamers enjoy long gaming sessions in full comfort. 

logitech pro x2 headset with microphone

In addition, its 50mm graphene drivers deliver professional quality sound to hear each detail of the game. Upon changing this headset one time, you will be able to enjoy over 50 hours of gameplay without any interruption. Plus, it provides flexible connection sources via Bluetooth, wired, and wireless transmission.

Key SpecificationsValues
DriverGraphene 1.97
Build Aluminum and Steel 
Battery LifeAround 50 hours
Microphone Cardioid (Unidirectional)
Compatibility Windows, PlayStation 
Mic Type Electret Condenser
Pricing $249.99

Audio Technica ATH-M50

Combining the powers of the studio sound of M50X with an iconic microphone, this headset proves to be the best for gamers and content creators. With a flexible boom arm, you can flip the mic to mute it with ease. Moreover, this headset has two interchangeable earpads, including default and mesh, each serving a separate purpose due to the different comfort levels of the gamers. 

audio technica headset with microphone

Other than that, it provides users with exceptional audio quality with deep bass response. Players can choose from analog or digital models according to the type of their gaming medium. All in all, this headset provides you with all the features you need for a perfect gaming experience.

Key SpecificationsValues
Headphone Type Closed-back Dynamic
Microphone Electret Condenser
Power SupplyUSB power (5 V DC)
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Supported OSMacOS, Windows
Driver45 mm
Pricing $149

Bonus Recommend: Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro 

Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro is primarily designed as a wireless intercom headset system for communication in production environments. However, its features make it suitable for gaming as well. With its dual-mic environmental noise cancellation feature, gamers can communicate with their teammates during intense battle situations. In addition, it has multiple buttons on its body, including volume, mic boom, and ENC, to help you control its functionality with ease. 

solidcom c1 pro headset with microphone

Other than that, it provides a fully secure listening experience by preventing the outside world from hearing your conversations. Professional gamers will find this headset especially valuable due to its long battery life and up to twenty percent reduced power consumption. Most importantly, users can get the utmost comfort with the on-ear and over-ear cushions of these headphones.

solidcom c1 pro

Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro

Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset System for Team Talk.

Learn More
Key SpecificationsValues
RX SensitivityLess than -90dBm
Battery CapacityAround 700mAh
Charging TimeApproximately 2.5 hours
Temperature From 0℃ to 45℃ in working condition
Type of Microphone Electret
Net WeightAround 170g with battery 
Pricing $1299

FAQs Related to Headset with a Microphone 

Q1. How should we ideally place the microphone attached to the headset?

Gamers usually like to place the headset microphone two finger widths from their lower lip. Moreover, the front of the microphone should ideally face your mouth. A microphone positioned too close to your mouth will result in poor sound quality. When placed too far away, it makes it difficult for teammates to hear you. 

Q2. Is there any noise-cancellation headset with a microphone available?

Yes, many noise-cancelling headsets with a microphone are available to boost the experience of gamers. These headsets are great for blocking out ambient noise so you can focus on your interactions with teammates. They also have a noise-cancellation microphone that allows you to deliver your voice to your squad without any interruption. 

Q3. Which is the best headset with a microphone? 

With all the options on the market, it will become challenging to choose the best one. However, we can say that Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro emerges as the top pick with its multi-featured headsets. The best thing about this gaming headset is the trademark noise cancellation technology, which makes it ideal for gamers. Other than gaming, this headset with a microphone is the preferred choice for professional content creators. 


Upon going through the whole article, you are now knowledgeable about picking the best headset for your gaming needs. A good headphone with a microphone will surely change the way you interact with friends during an intense gaming session. 

All the gaming headphones mentioned in this article will help you enjoy long playing sessions. However, gamers looking for a professional-level headset should go for Solidcom C1 Pro due to its highly immersive soundscape. 


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