11 Best Camera Wireless Transmitter – Know the Pros, Cons, Price, and Features

Meta Description: If you’re looking for a camera wireless transmitter, but you can’t decide on an ideal product? This article reveals 11 outstanding wireless video transmitters with all their details. 

A camera wireless transmitter permits you to transfer videos in real-time. It helps you and your crew monitor live videos during the filming process. Some of the best wireless video transmitter and receiver for video camera also have multiple inputs and outputs to expand connectivity options. 

But the question is, what wireless transmitter is ideal for your use? There are so many options at different pricing that may confuse you. At the same time, not all devices are capable of providing low latency and high video quality.

So in this article, you explore the 11 ideal wireless transmitters that fit most cameras and have all the required features. Each wireless transmitter is mentioned with its pros and cons, followed by main features and price. 

How to Choose Camera Wireless Transmitter?

There are a few factors you must pay attention to when selecting a wireless transmitter to attach to your camera.

a. Compatibility

Before getting yourself a camera wireless transmitter, make sure to check whether or not the device is compatible with your video camera. Some transmitters only work with limited video equipment. Therefore, any incorrect pick may result in a loss of money.

b. Transmission Range

Wireless transmitters for cameras provide different transmission ranges. For instance, some transmitter kits can transmit signals at a distance of 30k kilometers, while others are good for a few hundred feet. Always choose the one that fulfills all your requirements. For instance, a 1000ft range is great for your work, there is no point in having expensive long-range systems. 

c. Video Quality

Another factor to consider is the video quality that is transmitted. Even some pricey camera wireless transmitters fail to provide good visuals. So choose a brand that at least gives 1080p of image quality.

d. Latency

Real-time monitoring is impossible if your selected wireless camera transmitter has a high latency. It is wise to go for a product that offers minimal latency, starting from 0.001ms to a few more milliseconds. Otherwise, you will get a delay in the visuals, which may cause a great hurdle in real-time monitoring.

e. Price

Last but not least, understand your budget and find options that can be bought within. Keep in mind that camera wireless transmitters range between $400 to $6000, so always pick the one that suits your needs. It is also essential to understand that if some wireless transmitter is expensive, there is no surety of it being the perfect kit for you. So, always take the budget and features side by side. 

Comparison Table – Camera Wireless Transmitter

ProductPriceLatencyBattery LifeQualityRange
Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced$4990.08 secN/A1080p450ft
Hollyland Mars 400S Pro$5990.01 sec6.5 hours1080p400ft
Teradeck Bolt 6 LT$6,2900.001ms4 hours4K1500ft
Hollyland Mars 4K$3490.06sec8 hours4K30450ft
Accsoon CineView SE$649<50ms12 hours1080p1200ft
DJI Transmission$2,49928ms3 hours 40 minutes1080p20k ft
MiNE Media Mine Q9$5,600500ms3 hours1080p / 4K32k ft
Vaxis 3000 DV$6,580<80ms3 hours1080p3000ft
Hollyland Cosmo C1$89940ms6 hours1080p61000ft
Dejero EnGo 3xN/A0.5 sec3 hours4KN/A
LiveU – LU800N/AN/A4 hours4KN/A

11 Best Camera Wireless Transmitter

Here are the 11 best wireless video transmitter with reliable performance.

1. Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced

mIbuPzuPmUD58OFiKYsxtvPYbzySAu8UkEyJGzWCEzkMbpxZ3EuqwYgMg7wMRPr5NogmgnveHhEb fhsYW05DBm1eqs5VJl5tCuU7rr6JWlGte9n52FYTyU

The Mars M1 Enhanced is the latest addition to Hollyland’s video transmitter products. One of the main features of this device is its fantastic compatibility. It allows you to easily communicate between 2x M1 units and other Hollyland models, including Mars 4K, Mars 300 Pro, and Mars 400S Pro. Moreover, you can use it to send and receive from tablets and smartphones through the HollyView application. 

Built to ensure user ease, the Mars M1 Enhanced has a 5.5-inch touchscreen LCD with 1920 x 1080 resolution. There is also a feature called color calibration that brings professional-grade color accuracy by reproducing and fine-tuning color temperatures with the help of multiple adjustment levels. And there’s more when it comes to quality, such as 16.7 million natural colors, 16:9 aspect ratio, and Rec.709 color gamut characteristics that truly elevate your visual experience.

Another trait of the Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced is the integrated fan with selectable mute and auto modes. This lets you reduce fan noise while video recording a vital scene without compromising the overall performance. This device also has video playback and auto-trigger recording that lets you quickly watch your recorded content. Also, it allows you to record videos for up to 2 minutes.

Talking about connectivity, the Mars M1 Enhanced supports UDH/DCI HDMI 4K30 output and input, expanding its compatibility with a broad range of devices. Besides, this system comes with SDI support that improves your frame rate versatility, making it ideal for both production and broadcasting. With all these magical offers, the Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced becomes the leading wireless transmitter, serving different requirements for professional filmmakers and videographers. 

Features and Specifications of Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced

  • 1,000 nits
  • 450ft transmission range
  • 0.08s ultra-low latency
  • Universal compatibility
  • Smart channel scanning/selection

Pros of Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced

  • Affordable pricing
  • Provides highly clear visuals
  • Very strong body

Cons of Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced

  • The LOS range could be better


  • Starting from $499.00

2. Hollyland Mars 400S Pro

image 20
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The Hollyland Mars 400S Pro tops the list of camera wireless transmitter due to its wide range of useful features and ease of use. Whether you have a DSLR, gimbal, or mirrorless camera, this device gives you a solid transmission of up to 1080p using the latest SDI/HDMI transmission system. 

The Hollyland mARS 400S Pro has a 0.1-second latency which is ideal for the line-of-sight connection up to several feet on the receiver and Hollyview mobile application. Moreover, both the receiver and transmitter include an OLED display for fast configuration. 

Furthermore, to make sure you get strong signals, this entire system comes with 2x external antennas for the receiver and transmitter, with a spare one right in the box. 

Features and Specifications of Hollyland 400S Pro

  • Battery life up to 6.5 hours
  • 400ft transmission to the receiver
  • 300ft transmission to the mobile app
  • Multiple fan modes and power options
  • Simultaneous transmission of up to 4 apps
  • SDI and HDMI transmitter inputs and receiver outputs
  • Live streaming and real-time monitoring through the HollyView app

Pros of Hollyland Mars 400S Pro

  • Extremely low latency
  • Great transmission range
  • Supports high video resolutions
  • Direct configuration from the OLED display
  • It is durable with an excellent portability trait

Cons of Hollyland Mars 400S Pro

  • It is an expensive gear


  • 599.00

3. Teradeck Bolt 6 LT 1500

image 21

The Teradeck Bolt 6 LT is the latest creation from the company. The system has a 0.001 millisecond of latency and is operated through 6GHz wireless frequency. Therefore, you can expect to send and receive True-HDR and color-accurate videos effortlessly. The device has been designed keeping in mind the needs of professional filmmakers. However, due to its simple interface, even beginners can use this system hassle-free.

While Bolt 6 LT 1500 gives you a long transmission range of up to 1500ft without losing video quality. You can also attach a 5-pin USB adapter to access wireless camera-control configuration with smart monitors. Moreover, this wireless camera system comes with 1080p SDI and 4K HDMI inputs and outputs. Besides, you can have up to 12 channels for frequency adjustment. 

Features and Specifications of Teradeck Bolt 6 LT 1500

  • Zero delay
  • 4K image quality
  • 4k30 video at 10-bit
  • V-mount battery plate
  • 5x powerful antennas
  • AES-256 security encryption
  • Charging time is around 2 hours
  • Supports the latest frequency band (6 GHz)
  • Battery life up to 4 hours (depending on the framerate)

Pros of Teradeck Bolt 6LT 1500

  • Extended wireless range
  • You can connect it to all Bolt 4K devices
  • Compact aluminum design with multiple and lightweight mounting points

Cons of Teradeck Bolt 6LT 1500

  • It lacks an OLED display
  • This variant is extremely expensive


  • $6,290.00

4. Hollyland Mars 4K

image 22
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The Hollyland Mars 4K is another camera wireless transmitter from the Mars series. It offers a 450ft range and low latency of 0.06 seconds. It is equipped with a dual-core chip that makes it capable of data transfer at a default speed of 12Mb per second. 

The Mars 4K supports UHD 4K30 transmission through HDMI, which gives high resolution during production. Besides that, it also supports HD and FHD formats at various framerates, including 24p, 30p, and 60p. It lets you enjoy three scene modes, such as balance, speed, and HD through H.264 encoding.

The HDMI and SDI input interfaces support 59.94, 29.97, and 23.98 fps frame rate input, ideal for switching between professional video equipment. 

Features and Specifications of Hollyland Mars 4K

  • HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • Smart channel scanning
  • 450ft transmission range
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life when used on DC power
  • Multiple power options, including L-Series battery, DC, and USB Type C
  • Integration with the Holly View mobile application on both Android and iOS

Pros of Hollyland Mars 4K

  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to set up and use
  • The system is well built
  • The size is neither too big nor too small

Cons of Hollyland Mars 4K

  • The RX and TX have built-in fans, which are a bit noisy


  • $349.00

5. Accsoon CineView SE

image 23

The Accsoon CineView SE is a strong-built and feature-rich camera wireless transmitter that beats the other high latency devices by offering a low latency of under 50ms. The system is functional on both 5GHz and 2.4GHz dual-band frequencies to ensure you receive signal stability. Also, this trait allows you to stream live videos without interference in the audio and video quality.

The CineView SE provides video transmission up to 1080p 60fps through HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs. Additionally, this device gives an excellent wireless range of 1200ft so that videographers and filmmakers like you can work with flexibility. 

Features and Specifications of Accsoon CineView SE

  • < 50ms latency
  • Great 1080p video quality
  • 1.3-inch built-in OLED display
  • 1200ft strong transmission range
  • Max 12-hour estimated battery life
  • Live monitoring on 4 different devices
  • Quick preview through the Accsoon GO app
  • Aerospace-grade high-quality aluminum construction
  • Multiple power options, including DC input, USB Type-C, and NP-F battery

Pros of Accsoon CineView SE

  • It is a lightweight system
  • Long wireless transmission range
  • Response and faster signals due to dual-band technology

Cons of Accsoon CineView SE

  • It is a pricey video transmitter
  • The software is not user-friendly for beginners
  • The latency may cause a little delay between live monitoring


  • $649.00

6. DJI Transmission

image 24

The DJI Transmission is another addition to the DJI’s camera wireless transmitter product line. It comes with many incorporated solutions that act as a video monitor, recorder, controller, and receiver. Additionally, it is built to be integrated with DJI Master Wheels and Ronin products. 

This DJI Transmission is equipped with the O3 Pro transmission technology, allowing a magnificent on-ground transmission from a distance of up to 20,000ft. Moreover, the system supports up to 1080p at 60fps video transmission with a maximum of 40Mbps to ensure high video quality. At the same time, it allows you to save real-time audio monitoring at 48kHz and 16-bit, which surely enhances both the audio and video monitoring experience for your crew members. 

Features and Specifications of DJI Transmission

  • 68ms latency
  • Camera control
  • Broadcast mode
  • Proxy recording 
  • 1080p video quality
  • Supports up o 23 channels
  • 20,000ft or 6km transmission range
  • 3 hours and 40 minutes of battery time
  • 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands
  • Ability to connect with multiple receivers simultaneously
  • AES 256-bit encryption for highly secured transmission
  • 7-inch wide touch screen with a 1920 x 1200 max resolution

Pros of DJI Transmission

  • Very impressive wireless range
  • Appreciable video quality
  • Reliable and secure connection

Cons of DJI Transmission

  • Lack of SDI/HDMI outputs
  • There’s noticeable fan noise
  • It is a heavyweight camera transmitter
  • You must get both TX and RX – none of them are sold separately


  • $2,499.00

7. MiNE Media Mine Q9

image 25

The MiNE Media Mine Q9 has the newest cutting-edge technology, which makes it a solid 5G bonding encoder along with a wireless camera transmitter. This equipment stands out for its lightweight and easy functionality, making it ideal for videographers, filmmakers, and content creators. The Mine Q9 uses built-in Cloud IP networks to ensure reliable and seamless connectivity.

Moreover, Q9 offers a few interesting features which are perfect for remote productions. It allows you to enjoy a 4K video transmission that reveals high-quality footage. Besides, it has independent video and audio processing chips to deliver a smooth monitoring experience.

Features and Specifications of MiNE Media Mine Q9

  • 5-inch touch panel
  • Max 3 hours of battery time
  • 10 kilometers (32, 800ft) wireless range
  • Supports up to 8 channels simultaneously
  • Controllable via M Live App and web browser
  • 6 SIM, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity options
  • Great for live streaming through SRT, RTSP, RTMPS, and RTMP for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc

Pros of MiNE Media Mine Q9

  • Ideal for portable use
  • Friendly user interface
  • Built to survive rough handling

Cons of MiNE Media Mine Q9

  • High latency
  • The battery time is short
  • The wireless range is not as high as expected
  • It does not support all audio and video formats
  • Daily software updates can create impedance in the flow
  • Beginners should expect a high learning curve to operate this device
  • The price is too much for the features of this device. Also, you need to email the company to get a quote, as no price is mentioned on the official site or Amazon store


  • $5,600 (based on research)

8. Vaxis 3000 DV

image 26

The Vaxis 3000 DV is a camera wireless transfer and receiver kit. It provides a great solution for transmitting high-quality video without compressing the signals due to the zero latency trait. The system comes with blade antennas to ensure a powerful line-of-sight video signal transmission up to 3000 ft. 

Vaxis 3000 DV offers 1 x SDI input and 1 x HDMI input along with SDI-loop via output. Contrarily, the RX has 2 x HDI, as well as SDI outputs. When combined together, this device offers 1080p 60fbs video quality. Moreover, to make sure you don’t get troubled attaching 3000 DV with your camera or HDMI/SDI sources, each unit is incorporated with a 1/4-inch by 20-thread hole.

Features and Specifications of Vaxis 3000 DV

  • Os Playback
  • Up to 20 channel support
  • Max 3 hours battery time
  • 5.1 to 5.9 GHz wireless frequency
  • Two-pin LEMO-type connector with AC/DC cable
  • LED display with channel details and connection status
  • Dual V-mount plate for battery and camera attachment on the transmitter
  • Multiple power systems for camera and transmitter through pass-through power

Pros of Vaxis 3000 DV

  • Lossless visuals
  • Uncompressed video quality
  • Excellent transmission range
  • Good numbers of input and output support
  • The device supports cross conversion

Cons of Vaxis 3000 DV

  • Expensive
  • Low battery time 
  • Not a cost-effective option
  • It is not a lightweight system
  • Users complain about interference from surrounding electronic devices


  • $6,580.00

9. Hollyland Cosmo C1

image 27
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The Hollyland Cosmo C1 is another HDMI/SDI camera wireless transmitter to deliver high-quality videos without using a complex cable system. Although Cosmo C1 is a bit old technology compared to 400S Pro and Mars 4K, it is still the best wireless video transmitter and receiver for video camera in the market.

The transmitter and receiver of C1 make a strong bond between them using the 5.1 GHz to 5.9 GHz frequency range. The product supports H.265/HVEC code to ensure minimal latency of 40 ms over 5 GHz. Furthermore, to make sure the transmitted video is secured, Cosmo C1 is equipped with AES-128 encryption.

The Cosmo C1 also offers a smart channel selection feature which automatically detects the cleanest channel for the best transmission quality. What’s more? This equipment gives you all the major advantages of HEVO to make sure the retransmission process is without frame loss.

Features and Specifications of Hollyland Cosmo C1

  • 40 ms latency
  • 1000ft wireless range
  • OLED display on RX and TX
  • Maximum 6 hours of battery time
  • Wide compatibility with the camera
  • Chargeability through DC adapter, NP-F battery, and USB Type C charger

Pros of Hollyland Cosmo C1

  • User-friendly interface
  • Good wireless transmission
  • Ease of horizontal and vertical mounting

Cons of Hollyland Cosmo C1

  • Latency is high 
  • The price is high compared to the latest Hollyland camera transmitters


  • $899.00

10. Dejero EnGo 3x

image 28

The Dejero EnGo 3x allows you to savor mesmerizing video production through multi-camera support. The system lets you transfer 4 fully frame-synced High-Definition feeds from a single unit. There’s a unique Dejero Control feature that lets you remotely preview all the incoming feeds, content distribution, and managing field units. 

The Dejero EnGo 3x camera wireless transmitter won’t disappoint with the latency factor, as it offers latency below 0.5 seconds through bonded cellular connectivity. The device is incorporated with the Smart Bending technology that combines different networks in real-time. This gives improved reliability, vast coverage, and enhanced bandwidth capacity.

Besides, the Dejero EnGo 3x is designed to support 5G modems to support additional bands by carriers in different regions, such as Latin America, Canada, the US, China, Australia, Latin America, and Korea. 

Features and Specifications of Dejero EnGo 3x

  • Built-in 5G modems
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Gateway mode that increases productivity
  • Next-gen antenna and RF design for faster transmission
  • Support real-time communication through Intercom and IFB

Pros of Dejero EnGo 3x

  • HDR quality videos
  • Low sub-second latency
  • Works with various cameras and models
  • Multiple connectivity options, including cellular, 4G, 5G, LEO/MEO/GEO satellite, and fixed broadband

Cons of Dejero EnGo 3x

  • Battery life could be a lot better
  • Hidden pricing (you need to ask for a quote)
  • The system generates a lot of heat and, therefore, is not suitable for hot climate
  • The number of wireless range is unidentified by the manufacturers


  • N/A

11. LiveU – LU800

image 29

The LiveU – LU800 is an avant-grade and resourceful useful for multi-camera production and known for its integrated 5G technology. It provides great audio and video functionalities as if you’re using fiber-based or satellite setups, but, of course, in a cost-effective way. This makes the LU800 a good choice for handling complicated remote production tasks. 

It has a portable unit that permits you to enjoy up to 4 frame-synced feeds at a high resolution. Also, it has a PRO2 and PRO4 multi-camera licence, allowing you to convert the device into a multi-cam unit. What’s more? The LU800 wireless camera transmitter offers minimal latency due to the 5G technology. It boasts an enhanced antenna performance and ensures global compatibility for various cellular wireless frequencies, such as 6 GHz 5G and LTE. 

Features and Specifications of LiveU – LU800

  • 5-inch touch screen
  • Up to 14 connections
  • It also supports up to 8 x 4G/5G dual SIM modems
  • 70Mbps data transmission speed
  • 4K 60fps video quality
  • Battery time of up to 4 hours
  • 4K video quality

Pros of LiveU – LU800

  • Reliable performance
  • Good video quality
  • Three different connectivity options

Cons of LiveU – LU800

  • It has a complicated software
  • The price is not officially mentioned on the official site or Amazon store
  • Not enough information from the company to understand the range and latency


  • N/A


When looking for the best camera wireless transmitter, you should always look for features, like low latency, high wireless range, bandwidth, compatibility and the latest technology. In this list of 11 wireless video transmitters, each has a unique feature that makes them stand out. You can check out all the Hollyland camera wireless transmitters if you want low latency at inexpensive pricing. You can choose the DJI or Teradeck if you have a big budget.


Q1. How does a camera transmitter work?

A wireless camera transmitter uses RF frequency to send video signals to the receiver so you can monitor live videos or images. 

Q2. Do wireless video transmitters need Wi-Fi?

Not all camera wireless transmitter requires a Wi-Fi connection. If the device has an HDMI resource, it can create its own wireless connection between the receiver and the transmitter. 

Q3. Which camera video transmitters transfer videos in 1080p or higher quality?

Hollyland Mars 400S Pro, Mars 4K, and Teradeck Bolt 6 LT 1500 are a few camera video transmitters that transfer 1080p and 4K video quality. 


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