Effortless Live Streaming with Hollyland VenusLiv: 1.5-hour DJ Performance by Media 4 Commerce

Today, we will present a special case study, introducing the experience and feedback of Hollyland VenusLiv brought by Media 4 Commerce.

Media 4 Commerce is a leading talent and livestream management agency with extensive expertise. They have successfully collaborated with over 150 talents and delivered more than 50 projects. Specializing in livestream events and social commerce, Media 4 Commerce has emerged as a pioneer in the development of innovative strategies and solutions.

Through collaborations with renowned partners and platforms, Media 4 Commerce has gained in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges in the livestreaming industry. Their customized solutions and creative approaches have contributed to the design of successful live streaming events, providing entertainment for audiences while also generating increased revenue.

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A 1.5-hour DJ Performance

Media 4 Commerce recently hosted a fascinating live streaming event that featured a 1.5-hour DJ performance in one of Munich’s largest parks. During the event, the DJ played house music that delighted viewers on-site and online. 

During the livestream event, an increasing number of on-site spectators are coming to witness the DJ performance. The DJ’s music and the beautiful backdrop are attracting more and more audience members who want to experience the event firsthand.

Built-in UVC for Effortless Streaming

“We chose the Hollyland VenusLiv cameras because they are perfect for our needs. With its wide compatibility, we can easily livestream on platforms like Instagram. 
The connection is extremely simple as we can directly connect the camera to the computer via USB without any additional devices, and the reliability of the VenusLiv camera is particularly impressive. ”

The VenusLiv’s USB Video Class (UVC) ensures smooth video streaming without the need for external capture cards. To experience lightning-fast streaming, simply connect your computer to the VenusLiv using the included USB cable.

Utilizing the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), VenusLiv also enables you to stream content by simply inputting a streaming URL. Enjoy the flexibility of streaming on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. The VenusLiv stores your streaming URL for future use, making it easy to go live again with just a tap.

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Experience 24/7 Uninterrupted Streaming

“It stays cool even during long streaming sessions, so we can stream without interruption. This feature is crucial for us as we run our live streaming like a DJ performing a set – seamlessly and without downtime. ”

Enjoy uninterrupted streaming without frustrating issues like frame stuttering or unexpected shutdowns. The VenusLiv features a seamless streaming experience made possible by an advanced aerospace-grade heat dissipation system that ensures optimal performance without the risk of overheating issues. Stream with confidence and captivate your audience without any interruptions.

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Stable and High-Speed Internet Connection

“In addition, VenusLiv allows for a variety of connection options, be it via fast Wi-Fi or LAN, depending on what our requirements are at the time. This flexibility helps us keep our streams smooth and professional, and overall the VenusLiv impressed us with its ease of use and high-quality features.
 It was the perfect choice for our approach.”

The VenusLiv offers fast and reliable Wi-Fi or LAN port connections, allowing you to select the connection option that suits your needs.

Improve Workflow

“The Hollyland VenusLiv has significantly streamlined our workflow during live streaming. Its RTMP compatibility allows us to quickly connect and stream to multiple platforms without any hassle. The USB connectivity eliminates the need for additional equipment, making setup quick and efficient.Moreover, VenusLiv’s reliable performance and heat dissipation ensure that we can focus on our stream without worrying about technical issues. This has optimized our workflow, allowing us to deliver high-quality live streams seamlessly. Overall, VenusLiv has been instrumental in enhancing our live-streaming process and productivity. ”

Media 4 Commerce

Our names are Christian Schneid, Alois Gmur and Marvin Niederfeilner, the founders of Media 4commerce. Our journey began in e-commerce 6 years ago, where we successfully marketed innovative products. The impetus to take our business in new directions came from a newspaper article from Asia that highlighted the topic of social commerce and caught our attention. During our further research, we came across HSE Hello, who wanted to develop one of the first social commerce platforms in Germany. This encounter opened up new perspectives for us, and we became service partners who contributed significantly to the success of the HELLO app.  Through this experience, we developed innovative approaches in the field of social commerce in Germany and established ourselves as major players in this industry.

In the course of our ongoing developments and successes, we also established a successful cooperation with TikTok, where we were able to position ourselves as an agency in the TikTok Live area. This has allowed us to further drive our expertise and passion for digital innovation and set new standards in the live streaming space.

Our focus extends beyond the present; we are curious about the future development of the live shopping market in Europe and are committed to helping shape its evolution. We work closely with leading platforms such as HSE and TikTok to create innovative partnerships and push the boundaries of digital commerce.

At Media 4commerce, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of social commerce and livestreaming to redefine the ecommerce landscape. Through strategic partnerships and pioneering initiatives, we strive to create engaging and impactful experiences that bridge the gap between consumers and brands.

Contact us to explore joint opportunities and join us on this exciting journey into the future of digital commerce.

Email: info@media4commerce.de

Official Website: Services – Media 4 Commerce


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