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Hollyland July 23, 2021

Event organizers and media producers searching for a reliable and easy-to-use wireless team communication system can finally stop searching ❤ 🎧 Hollyland’s Solidcom M1 is the next generation in wireless intercoms for teams that supports large teams, numerous devices, with crystal clear sound, intuitive beltpacks grouping, and 1300ft range. The new Solidcom M1 is the new generation 1.9GHz full-duplex professional wireless intercom system that supports eight-channel beltpack simultaneous communication plus cascaded connection of multiple additional devices.

👉Industry-First Solution To Power Up to 1300ft-Radius Communication Range
👉Enhanced Audio Quality, Let Your Voice be Heard Crisp and Loud
👉Intuitive Grouping at A Single Tap
👉Multi-Device Cascade Connection for Hassle-Free Group Communication
👉Born Rugged, Take It Anywhere with You
👉Out-of-the-Box Convenience
👉Ergonomic Button Layout for Smooth & Precise Operation
👉A Plethora of Choices for Your Ears
👉Say No to Low-Battery Anxiety