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Lark C1 web Movie | Mobile Audio Made Easy

Hollyland October 27, 2022

The new Lark C1 is an ultra-compact wireless lavalier microphone with premium audio quality, specially designed for audio recording on mobile devices without limitations. With a wide range of simplified operations and an ultra-long duration of 32 hours, the new Lark delivers an unparalleled, all-day recording experience. Featuring our advanced sound processing technologies, it is perfect for you to easily capture crisp audio at distances of up to 650ft (200m).

1. Plug and Play
2. Simultaneous Recording and Charging
3. Speaker Play with RX Plugged
4. Hi-Fi Sound Quality
5. MFi-certified Lightning Interface
6. Active Noise Cancellation
7. Ultra-long Duration of 32 Hours
8. 650ft (200m) LOS Range