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LARK M1 | A Glimpse of LARK M1’s Key Features

Hollyland July 26, 2022

The Hollyland LARK M1 is an ultra-compact and lightweight personal digital wireless microphone. We can easily stuff the #LarkM1 system into our pocket or your gear case, and with up to 20 hours of long-last recording time together with the charging case, we can take it for run-and-gun productions anytime and anywhere! And, it works as a perfect backup microphone system for professional shootings if you already own a “PRO” system👏

1. HearClear Noise Cancellation
2. Charge & Store Two-in-One
3. Easy to Use Plug and Play Design
4. Tiny & Light Design
5. Hi-Fi Sound Quality
6. Stable Connection
7. 650ft (200m) Transmission (LOS)
8. Wide Compatibility