How to Choose the Best External Microphones for Your Action Camera in 2024

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In today’s modern environment when everything around us is digitalized and highly advanced, you may want a handy and practical camera especially when you’re out and want to capture your exciting adventures with an action camera. You do want to capture the whole experience, right?

However, most of the time the built-in microphones on these action cameras don’t do justice to the memorable moments you’re filming. That’s where external action camera microphone attachments come in handy! In this explainer, we’ll explore why you need one and how to pick the best for your action camera.

Why do you need to Choose an External Microphone?

Sometimes the microphones that come with action cameras are convenient but they come with their limitations and they don’t have a voice cancellation option. You might be having difficulty capturing your video and audio when you are out or in public places. They might pick up unwanted sounds like wind or background noise. And because of these situations, it probably makes your audio less clear. Also, they might not capture the excitement of your adventures as well as you’d like.

Choosing the best external action camera microphone attachment can solve these issues. These little gadgets are designed to capture high-quality audio, for high-quality video, and because of this handy gadget, it is possible to make videos even in public places. They have advanced features like noise-canceling and directional capabilities, which means they focus on the sound you want and reduce annoying background noise

Why is it beneficial to buy an external microphone for your action camera?

There are many benefits of buying external microphones for your action camera and high-quality videos. It is a small gadget that can be quite easy to handle and use. Your audio quality must meet your visual excellence. Many people use external microphone cameras to create interesting and entertaining high-quality content for their vlogs.

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1. Voice Cancellation Option.

One of the benefits of buying action camera microphone attachments is they are built to be used in different recording environments. You can adjust their settings for various situations, making sure your audio is always top-notch with their voice cancellation option. This feature only focuses on your voice and neglects the background sounds.

2. High-quality audio for Vlogging and Filmmaking.

Another benefit of having a good external microphone attachment with your action camera is you can make your video anywhere and in any environment without any stress of background noises especially If you’re into vlogging or filming. This small gadget will play a crucial role while you are filming. It adds a professional touch to your videos, with clear audio making them more enjoyable and entertaining for your audience.

What Factors Do We Need to Know Before Choosing the Right Microphone?

1. Check the Compatibility:

When you think you have to buy microphone attachments for your action camera, make sure it is compatible and works with your specific action camera model. Read all the given specifications and information from the booklet or read customer reviews to avoid any compatibility issues.

2. Check the Portability

It is very important to check the portability of the microphone before buying it. You don’t want an accessory that’s hard to carry or slows you down. Look for a microphone that is handy, easy to carry, lightweight, portable, and easy to attach and detach.

3. Check the Durability

Durability is also one of the main factors to check before buying your microphone Adventures don’t always happen in perfect weather or perfect timing. A good microphone attachment should be able to handle different conditions, so check for weather-resistant features. Also, check how long is the durability time mentioned in the booklet.

4. Check the Warranty.

Checking the warranty is also important when buying your microphone for your action camera. Always go with the long warranty it will help you in the long run.

The Best Microphone Attachments in 2024:

Now, let’s talk about some top picks of 2024! These microphones for action cameras have some cool features that make them favorites among action camera users:

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1. Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Condensor Microphone.

This is one of the best microphones for the Vloggers. It is a compact and lightweight microphone attachment that is perfect to carry anywhere with you especially outdoors but not ideal for windy situations. It is used for a professional level and gives you high-quality audio.

It reduces unwanted background noises only focusing on your voice and is easy to use. All that is required is simply to plug and play! It is ready to use. you can use this microphone for straight 70 hours as it uses 90-volt and gives you 70 hours to use. It comes with a 10-year warranty which is also a plus point.

2. Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone:

This shotgun microphone attachment is portable and lightweight. it delivers high-quality sound. It is compact in size and shock-mount design, ensuring clear recordings. It is very convenient to carry and easy to use.

It has a cool noise canceling feature that is only focused on your sound and reduces the background noises. It is not ideal for windy situations. It is durable and comes with a long warranty.

3. Sony ECMCS3 Clip-On Microphone:

This microphone attachment is one of the most affordable and flexible, this microphone attachment not only captures sound from all directions, but it also produces high-quality sound. It is ideally made for great interviews and versatile recording situations. It is portable and easy to use.

4. Rode Wireless GO II:

Do you want an external microphone with wires which is not easy to handle because of all the wires? Here is the solution: Rode Wireless Go II is a wireless external microphone that is easy to use. It is one of the best microphones for action cameras. It is lightweight, portable,  affordable, and versatile in shape.

The first version of Rode Wireless Go was amazing but this V2 has come up with more addons for making more high-quality and gun-style recording.

Remember, when choosing a microphone attachment for an action camera, always ensure it’s compatible with your action camera model for the best results.

Concluding Remarks:

In summary, an external action camera microphone attachment is a must-have gadget for anyone who wants to capture high-quality audio while recording their adventures. It helps to eliminate unwanted background noises and captures clear audio, which adds a professional touch to your videos.

Before buying a microphone attachment, it is essential to check its compatibility, portability, durability, and warranty. The Rode smartLav+ and Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun microphone are two of the best options available in 2024, with their unique features and high-quality performance making them favorites among action camera users.


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