8 Best Wireless Intercom Systems in 2024

A wireless intercom can ease and fasten communication among your team. However, not every model is capable of fulfilling your requirements. Another common issue is the price. Some long range wireless intercoms are too costly while the economical alternatives have a short operating range and minimal features. 

But this article shows you the 8 best wireless intercom systems. From affordable wireless intercom devices to expensive options, you will explore all popular wireless intercom brands. All models discussed here display key features, and specifications, with benefits and disadvantages so you can make a sound decision.

Comparison Table – 8 Best Wireless Intercom System Models

ProductPriceUsers Per SystemWireless TechnologyOperating RangeHeadset Battery LifeDuplex ModeEarpiece DesignFrequency ResponseNoise CancellationMax SPL
Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro$1,299.004DECT1,100ft10 hoursFull duplexOn-ear150Hz to 7kHzYes115dB
Hollyland Solidcom C1$999.004DECT1,100ft10 hoursFull duplexOn-ear150Hz to 7kHzNo115dB
Eartec Ultralite 4-Person$735.004Digital DECT 1.9GHz1,312ft5 hoursFull duplexOn-earN/ANoN/A
SYNCO XTalk X5$499.005Digital 2.4GHz1,148ft20 hoursFull duplexOn-ear 150Hz to 7kHzYes98dB
Saramonic WiTalk WT9S$1,549.009Digital 1.9GHz 1,312ft18 hoursFull duplexOver-ear300Hz to 5kHzNo115dB
Ikan Livecom 1000$2,299.005Digital 1.9GHzUp to 1,000ftN/AFull duplexSingle earpieceN/AYesN/A
Came-TV WAERO$518.004Digital 1.9GHz1,200ft12 hoursTDD duplexSingle earpiece headbandN/ANoN/A
Vaxis Litecomm V1 6S$1,895.006Bluetooth/NFC and Digital DECT 1.9GHz65ft (NFC) and 1,148ft (DECT)12 hoursFull duplexOn-ear dual earpieceN/AYesN/A

Note: All the prices mentioned in the comparison table are subject to change. The manufacturers and Amazon stores have the right to change the price without advanced notice. 

8 Best Wireless Intercom Systems

Here are the 8 best value wireless intercom systems under the spotlight.

1. Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro

image 535

The Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro is a professional-grade wireless intercom for video shoots. The system incorporates dual-microphone Environmental Noise Cancellation technology that transmits clear audio even in noisy surroundings. This wireless intercom kit goes for 4 persons. However, you can add up to 8 more wireless headsets to the system. 

Since the Solidcom C1 Pro is the newest innovation by Hollyland, the audio quality is also improved due to the addition of more features. The system includes a cutting-edge Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) that eliminates echo within the frequency ranges of 150Hz to 7kHz. Moreover, it also delivers crisp and authentic sound throughout the session. 

What’s more? The prevention of wind noise is one of the best traits of the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro. The microphones include a Y5 filter that acts as a shield against direct airflow. And when the Y5 meets the microphone covers, it makes the kit perfect for productions even on some extremely windy days.

The Solidcom C1 Pro comes with a powerful transceiver that enables wireless communication up to 1,100 feet. Also, the kit works for up to 10 hours for seamless collaboration.

Key Specifications of the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro

  • 4-person kit
  • 115dB SPL
  • On-ear design
  • Full duplex mode
  • 10-hour battery life
  • DECT wireless technology
  • 1,100ft wireless operating range
  • 150Hz to 7kHz frequency response


  • Excellent battery life 
  • The kit offers clear sound at all voice levels 
  • Headsets fit comfortably without sharp edges
  • The noise cancellation can be quickly turned on/off


  • Inexperienced users may require a high learning curve to operate this system


  • $1,299.00 (As seen on Amazon)

2. Hollyland Solidcom C1

image 536

The Hollyland Solidcom C1 is a one-step down from the C1 Pro. However, it is still the most popular wireless intercom for video and audio projects compared to other brands. The kit offers impeccable sound clarity to ensure you are heard by all the connected team members. This innovative system permits complete hands-free usability and links up to four members.

Each headset comes with a dual antenna and a single mic, making this wireless intercom an anti-interference kit for continuous team communication. From the design perspective, the Solidcom C1 is a portable solution without base stations and belt packs. Every headset weighs around 168 grams, ensuring comfort even if you wear it for extended durations. This wireless intercom system also has a solid build quality since it’s crafted with PC-ABS materials. 

Talking about the battery life, the remote headsets have a runtime of 10 hours and only take 2.5 hours to recharge. While the Solidcom C1 does not have any noise-canceling feature, it does provide a dedicated mute button. But it uses the same wireless Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology as the C1 Pro. So, you can expect clean sound and interference-free operations with Solidcom C1. Also, the kit comes with all essential accessories. 

Key Specifications of the Hollyland Solidcom C1

  • 115dB SPL
  • 4-person kit
  • 1,100ft wireless range
  • On-ear design
  • Battery life up to 10 hours
  • DECT wireless technology
  • 150Hz to 7kHz frequency response


  • It is a suitable kit for various recording environments
  • This wireless intercom system has excellent sound quality
  • The kit has a high sensitivity that even allows you to hear whispers


  • Not a perfect solution for covering concerts
  • Unfortunately, this intercom wireless system lacks noise cancellation


  • $999.00 (As seen on Amazon)

3. Eartec Ultralite

image 537

The Eartec Ultralite is a wireless headset for a 4-member video crew. It is an effective solution for seamless communication while engaged in daily tasks. The kit comes with a master headset and 3x remote headsets for smooth two-way conversation. The package also includes 4x LiPo batteries (rechargeable), a 10-port charger, and a travel case. 

The Eartec Ultralite is specifically designed for US users. One of the best things about the design is the built-in transceiver. Unlike other models, the Eartec Ultralite ear cup embeds a transceiver, which saves you from bulky backpacks and tangling wires. 

To ensure easy communication, this two-way wireless intercom includes a swiveling mic arm attached to the headsets, allowing you to wear the mic on either the right or left side. This adjustable microphone can rotate up to 270 degrees. Besides, the microphone automatically mutes when you raise it in the upward direction.

Additionally, this wireless intercom system also has a volume adjustment function with up and down buttons. Notably, the headsets are water resistant making them ideal for outdoor use, even if the weather conditions are unfavorable. The Eartec Ultralite works on LiPo batteries, making each headset functional for at least 5 hours for uninterrupted operation. Also, the kit comes with a 10-port charger while the design includes LED indicators that show battery levels. 

Key Specifications of the Eartec Ultralite

  • 4-person kit
  • 1,312ft wireless range
  • Battery life of up to 5 hours
  • Full duplex mode
  • On-ear earpiece design
  • DECT digital 1.9GHz wireless technology


  • The charging station has a sleek design
  • The hub station can be used with multiple headsets
  • This wireless intercom system delivers clear sound


  • The battery compartment is constructed with low-quality plastic
  • According to users, the system cannot deliver clean sound until the mic is placed very near the mouth


  • $735.00 (As seen on Amazon)

4. SYNCO XTalk X5

image 538

Group communication becomes convenient and fast with the SYNCO XTalk X5 wireless intercom system. The company claims that the master headset is less likely to malfunction, ensuring durability and a long lifespan of several years. The system uses a 2.4GHz interference-free wireless frequency range for seamless and stable communication. 

The SYNCO XTalk X5’s master headset has a visible dominance over the slaves, as it can mute all the headsets by pressing the mute button. This instant muting option is a great way to avoid disruptive and unnecessary conversations, allowing the entire crew to focus on the main task. 

The SYNCO XTalk X5 offers a wireless transmission of up to 1,148 feet. And when both remotes are linked with the master headset, the range doubles up to 2,296 feet. In case the connection is lost, this wireless mic automatically links within a few seconds due to the SYNCO Quick Re-Link technology. 

Furthermore, the SYNCO XTalk X5 offers an Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) feature that not only prevents echoes but also eliminates ambient sounds and reverb noises for clear voice transmission. The system also has a one-button clarity function that activates the noise-canceling feature with a single press. The SYNCO XTalk X5 comes with a replaceable battery that works for up to 20 to 24 hours. 

Key Specifications of the SYNCO XTalk X5

  • 5-person kit
  • 1,148ft wireless range
  • 98dB Max SPL
  • 20-hour (approx) battery life
  • Full duplex mode
  • On-ear design
  • 150Hz to 7kHz frequency response
  • Digital 2.4GHz wireless technology


  • Excellent noise cancellation 
  • The headsets have a great fit and a long battery life 
  • It has a simple setup with minimal configuration requirements


  • Plastic build quality
  • Users have reported a noticeable audio delay
  • Concrete walls can disrupt signal transmission 


  • $499.00 (As seen on Amazon)

5. Saramonic WiTalk WT9S

image 539

The Saramonic WiTalk WT9S claims itself to be the true full duplex wireless intercom system. This intercom kit lets you connect and communicate with 9 people at the same time without any obstacles. It is also noted that some brands don’t allow the second person to speak until the first finishes their conversation. However, the Saramonic WiTalk WT9S breaks this walkie-talkie communication style, permitting the connected members to chime in without waiting. This allows for limitless collaboration and also increases the reporting time to make sure the connected people speak of important matters without delay.

The Saramonic WiTalk WT9S design is extremely comfortable. The headsets have breathable and soft ear cups made of leatherette. Plus, the mic booms can rotate at 270 degrees, allowing users to tailor the position according to their comfort level. Moreover, the WiTalk  WT9S ensures high sound quality by offering 65db SNR and frequency range customized to human voices. Also, the microphone in each headset effectively filters unwanted background noise.

The Saramonic WiTalk WT9S provides high-quality signals and an interference-free wireless range as it uses the 1.9GHz frequency spectrum for wireless connectivity. You and your team can communicate over a maximum distance of 1,132 feet without losing connections. Interestingly, all remote headsets have a battery life of 18 hours. Additionally, the 10-bay charger helps quickly recharge the battery. Each headset includes a USB-C port for charging and an external power supply.

Key Specifications of the Saramonic WiTalk WT9S

  • 9-person kit
  • Full duplex mode
  • 1,312ft wireless range
  • 18 hours of battery life
  • Cucumaural/over-ear design
  • 115dB sound pressure level
  • 1.9GHz digital wireless technology
  • 300Hz to 5kHz frequency response


  • The quality of audio transmission is superb
  • No waiting limitations for simultaneous speakers 
  • Impressive battery life with direct power option


  • It is an expensive wireless intercom system 
  • Despite operating over a less congested spectrum, users have complained about signal dropouts in some environments


  • $1,549.00 approx. (Converted price in USD from non-US Amazon)

6. Ikan Livecom 1000

image 540

The Ikan Livecom 1000 is one of the clear sound wireless intercom systems for video shooting. The kit is widely used for industries, including production, theater, and film, where there is no room for uninterrupted communication. The system offers a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet.  Like many brands, it also uses 1.9GHz wireless technology to transmit audio to up to 5 persons since the system comes with 4x beltpacks, 1x base station, and 5x headsets. 

The Ikan Livecom 1000’s base station offers multiple connectivity options, such as 4x USB-A ports for charging, 1x 3.5mm headset jack, and 1x USB-C port for debugging. And guess what, if you have a bigger team, you can also link two Ikan Livecom 1000 systems to work simultaneously through the RJ45 port. 

The base station is powered by a 1x lithium battery that gives an operating time of 20 hours. Nevertheless, the system possesses dual battery slots so you can easily swap batteries without turning off the system. On the other hand, the beltpacks have built-in batteries with a maximum runtime of 8 hours. Moreover, the package comes with a power adapter, 2x antennas, multi-port USB Type-C charging, USB cables, and a solid carrying case. 

And guess what? The Ikan Livecom 1000 full duplex wireless intercom kit also gives you the noise cancellation feature in the headsets for clear conversations. 

Key Specifications of the Ikan Livecom 1000

  • 5-person kit
  • Full duplex system
  • Up to 1,000ft wireless range
  • 8-hour beltpack runtime
  • 20-hour base station battery life
  • Single earpiece design
  • Digital 1.9GHz wireless technology


  • Robust build quality of the entire components
  • The system has lots of ports, giving more connectivity options to users


  • Premium pricing makes the system unattractive to most users
  • According to some users, the system does not offer a 1,000ft wireless range as advertised by the manufacturer
  • The company fails to provide information about essential parameters, such as headset battery life


  • $2,299.00 (As seen on Amazon)

7. Came-TV WAERO

image 541

The Came-TV WAERO is another 2-way wireless intercom system. It can connect up to 3x slave units or headsets, which makes a total of 4 communication mediums. If you want to extend the number of slave units, you can link up to 8 headsets with the hub station. This means you can, you don’t have to invest in other systems if your team exceeds in number. Each headset consists of an interchangeable battery, which lets you avoid the use of an additional battery pack. 

The Came-TV WAERO has a user-friendly design. The system mainly features power and volume buttons. This simplicity even allows non-technical persons to use the device efficiently. Speaking is also hassle-free. Lowering the microphone near your mouth makes the kit active to transmit voice to other team members raising the mic boom upward mutes the microphone. That is why, this wireless intercom setup is widely utilized in video productions and sports events. 

The Came-TV WAERO is a time-division duplex system that functions on digital 1.9GHz wireless technology and gives an operating range of up to 366 meters (around 1200 feet).  Also, the headsets have a long battery life of 12 hours. 

Key Specifications of the Came-TV WAERO

  • 4-person kit
  • Digital 1.9GHz wireless technology
  • 1,200ft wireless range
  • 12-hour runtime
  • TDD duplex mode
  • Single earpiece headband design


  • The system successfully ensures clear communication even in loud environments
  • Many users consider it as a budget-friendly wireless intercom with useful features


  • Notable static noise during live events which annoys the user
  • Doesn’t provide a full 12-hour battery life as claimed by the company


  • $518.00 (As seen on Amazon)

8. Vaxis Litecomm V1 6S

image 542

The Vaxis Litecomm V1 6S is a high-end wireless intercom system for comfortable and clear communication even in loud surroundings. With dual-mic ENC, the system reduces all possible background noises, allowing you to talk and listen to your crew without disturbance. The kit has 6x dual-sided headsets and 6x bodypacks (5 for guests and 1 for the host). Llitecomm V1 functions on Bluetooth and ensures quick NFC pairing for stable connectivity.  At the same time, it uses DECT  technology for secure audio transmission. 

When used with NFC pairing, the Vaxis Litecomm V1 6S offers a wireless range of up to 65 feet. Conversely, the DECT technology provides an operating range of up to 1,148 feet. This makes the system ideal for multiple recording settings, like live broadcasts, film productions, and more. 

Furthermore, the headsets are lightweight, each weighing approx. 36 grams. Since they are made with high-quality titanium-allow memory frames, the headsets are durable and comfortable to wear for extended durations. Moreover, the microphone on the headset has a mute functionality. You can either press the dedicated mute button or raise the mic boom upward. 

The host bodypacks have a battery life of 6.5 hours while the guest bodypacks can run up to 10 hours. The headsets have a runtime of 12 hours. These units have a rechargeable battery that only takes 2.5 hours to juice up.

Key Specifications of the Vaxis Litecomm V1 6S

  • 6-person kit
  • 65ft/1,148ft wireless range
  • Digital DECT 1.9GHz and Bluetooth/NFC
  • 12-hour headset battery life
  • 15 days headset standby time
  • Full duplex system with echo cancellation
  • Dual earpiece with over-ear design
  • Active Noise Canceling microphones


  • Efficient noise cancellation feature
  • NFC pairing blocks signal interference from surround devices


  • Overpriced wireless intercom system compared to other alternatives


  • 1,895.00 (approx/estimated)

How to Choose the Best Wireless Intercom System?

The following factors can help you select a reliable wireless intercom system.

a. Number of Users

You should know the number of users the wireless intercom system supports. For instance, if you are a crew of 6 people and you are choosing a 4-person device, you won’t be able to communicate with the entire team wirelessly. So, select a system that matches the number of people you want to wirelessly collaborate with. 

b. Wireless Technology

Wireless technology plays a key role in communication through intercom systems. Plus, they have a huge impact on transmission reliability, clarity, and range. The DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) and 1.9GHz technologies are more preferred. They offer a longer wireless range and clear wireless communication. Besides, DECT is the better alternative since it is less likely to have signal interference, making it more reliable for crowded environments. On the other hand, Bluetooth connectivity is only good for short distances. 

c. Wireless Range

The wireless range of an intercom system decides how far the team members can be while still talking to one another without signal drops or lag. You should pick a system that at least provides a 900ft operating range. However, the more the better. If the range is too narrow, you might experience poor audio quality and even lose connection with your team. A longer range ensures the crew stays connected. 

d. Battery Life

The battery life of a wireless intercom system, especially the headset unit, is an important factor to consider when picking the device. It determines how long you and other people on your team can use the unit without recharging. 

If the battery dies too soon, you will face interruption in the communication, leading to complications during extended work shifts. Remember, a minimum battery time of 10 hours is excellent, but you should always strive for a higher time. Because long battery life will keep the headset, hub, and bodypacks active for the entire day. 

e. Duplex Mode

The duplex mode in a wireless intercom signifies that people can listen and talk simultaneously through the system, just like a typical phone call. There are two types of duplex. The full duplex means that every connected person can hear and speak at the same time. Whereas, the Time Division Duplex (TDD) means talking and listening in turns. If one person is speaking, the other will have to wait for their turn to talk. It is wise to pick a wireless intercom system with a full duplex function. 

f. Comfort

Comfort elements, such as dual or single earpieces with soft earpads, are vital factors to look for in a wireless intercom system. These components affect how comfortable and easy the headset is so you can wear it the entire day. Dual earpieces block surrounding noise and allow you to effortlessly focus on the ongoing conversation. However, they may put more pressure on the ears when worn all day. 

Conversely, headsets with a single earpiece let you listen to your surroundings, which means, you can hear people on the intercom as well as remain aware of the happenings around you. Moreover, they don’t put stress on the ears compared to dual earpieces. 

g. Noise Cancellation

You can’t control the natural unwanted background noises from intruding on your wireless communication. But you can reign the intensity with the best wireless intercom systems with noise cancellation for filming and other activities. Since not all brands offer noise-canceling features, you should choose the model that has one. It will block all unwanted noises, allowing you to listen and understand your team members without disruption. 

h. Price

Buying an expensive wireless intercom system doesn’t guarantee flawless performance. Some brands even offer intercom devices at mid-price with incredible features. So, if you think that purchasing costly equipment can put a hole in your pocket, look for medium-range options, like the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro. You can also go for models that are under $800 and $500 price range. But make sure they provide all essential specifications so you can communicate without complications. 


All the 8 best wireless intercom systems discussed in this article offer something unique and useful. However, from the price point, wireless range, and overall features, the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro and Hollyland Solidcom C1 win the prize. Their special qualities make them top-rated wireless intercom systems for video shooting projects. 

On the other hand, the Eartec Ultralite, SYNCO XTalk X5, and Came-TV WAERO are some low-priced options compared to Hollyland products. But these systems may not provide the necessary features you will need for crew communication. Contrarily, the Ikan Livecom 1000 Saramonic Wi-Talk WT9S, and Vaxis Litecomm V1 6S are high-priced intercom systems with typical features. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Wireless Intercom Systems

Q1. What is a bodypack, headset, and hub in a wireless intercom system?

A headset is a headphone with a mic for hands-free listening and talking to other persons connected to the system. The bodypack is connected to a microphone for transmitting signals to the hub station. Hub is the central unit that links all the headsets and bodypacks to ensure wireless communication between these units.

Q2. Do wireless intercom systems have good performance in noisy environments?

If the wireless intercom system has noise-canceling, it may work flawlessly in noisy environments. However, not all intercom brands provide noise cancellation. A few models like the Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro and SYNCO XTalk X5 come with built-in noise cancellation features. 

Q3. What is the best wireless range of intercom systems?

A wireless intercom system that offers a wireless range from 900ft to 1,200ft is ideal for communication with the team. 


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