To Create High-quality Video and Audio Work, the Following Three Things Are Essential!

May 31, 2022

In today’s streaming media era, short videos, live broadcasts, etc. have gradually become the mainstream. While the requirements for pixels are becoming more and more stringent, content creators are also becoming more demanding in terms of sound quality, that’s the reason why there are more and more people have begun to pay attention to audio quality. If there is no clear and shocking sound, no matter how gorgeous the video effect is, it cannot attract more people to watch.

Below HOLLYLAND will share with you tips for video shooting and how to bring more good sound to video works through this content.

1. Please connect an external wireless microphone to your recording device

If conditions permit, we don’t recommend using the microphone that comes with recording devices such as cameras, cell phones, tablets and camcorders to pick up the sound directly. Based on the actual feedback from those devices, the sound picked up by the built-in microphone is usually filled with a variety of noises due to its lack of professional functions. After all, such devices as cameras and mobile phones are not used to pick up sound but to shoot, so the built-in microphone preamps and conversion circuits are not of high quality. Generally, the automatic gain or manual gain function of this type of microphone will make the ambient noises more prominent. Therefore, this type of microphone is underperforming in terms of sound quality. Besides that, when using such microphones to record, it is the camera that is closer to the microphone than the acoustic source. And if you try to move the camera lens, you will find that the sound you’ve picked up is worse in clarity than expected.

In summary, to get carrier-grade clear sound, you need to connect a professional wireless microphone to your recording equipment.

2. Choose the appropriate pickup equipment: wireless microphone

(a) Shotgun Microphone

For cameras, if you want to reduce the impact of ambient sound as much as possible, then the gun microphone is the best choice.

Most of the shotgun microphones adopt a directional pickup design, mainly in cardioid and supercardioid directions. They have excellent sound pickup capabilities. Those shotgun microphones mainly pick up the sound source directly in front of the microphone, while the capability of picking up sound sources in other directions will gradually weaken. Most of them need to be used in combination with a DSLR and a camera, but in places with loud ambient noise or when the recording distance is far, the sound clarity will be reduced.

(b) Desktop USB Microphone

The desktop USB microphones are mainly built for indoor recording, and they are commonly used in indoor live-streaming, studio recording and other scenarios.

(c) Wireless Microphone

Wireless microphones are the primary choice for most video bloggers at present. As the representative of microphones that boast hands-free innovation and convenient pickup capability, wireless microphones are widely welcomed in vlogging, live broadcasts, and street interviews due to their portability, easy-to-use experience, and cost-effective performance. The HOLLYLAND wireless microphone LARK 150 adopts high-quality omnidirectional microphones, which can work at 360° and record the sound with precision and accuracy that reaches up to carrier-grade sound quality. 

3. Plan the accessories you need to bring in advance

This point is mainly aimed at outdoor shooting bloggers. They are recommended to bring the wireless microphone system with a shockproof bracket, furry windshields and other accessories in case of emergencies. In special scenarios, audio adapter cables, batteries, cold shoe adapters, metal belt clips and other accessories may also be required. All the accessories mentioned above that are necessary and useful should be fully considered and prepared in advance before going out to shoot, so as to improve the recording efficiency and enhance the video quality.

Nowadays, with more and more people opting to use their smartphones or other devices to record every moment of their lives, the need for excellent audio and video quality is becoming ever-increasingly stringent. Therefore, a high-quality wireless microphone with enhanced sound clarity is extremely needed, which is also one of the important factors affecting video quality.