Hollyland Ecosystem was Appreciated by Cinecom in Unreal Engine 5 Virtual Production

By Hollyland | May 26, 2022

In May, Cinecom, an influential content creator on YouTube, released a tutorial video on how to place a man in a 3D spaceship that yields nearly 90K views with engaging and enlightening content. In this video, the production maker indicates that several of Hollyland’s wireless video transmission systems and intercoms were used during the whole onsite production and expresses great recognition of our products.

Having noticed this, Hollyland is with great pleasure to provide those talented and inspiring content creators with comprehensive wireless transmission solutions for an upgraded teamwork synergy and a higher work efficiency.


User’s Profile

Cinecom.net, one of the best online video editing tutorials, was founded by Jordy Vandeput in Belgium to create educational content for filmmakers and video editors around the world. Starting from an industrial hall to a film studio with team members expanding as time goes on, this team has gained unprecedented growth through four inspiring and talented teammates. Up to now, their YouTube channel has reached 2.39 million subscribers, which is a big milestone in video production. 

How Hollyland’s Wireless A&V Systems and Intercom Worked in 3D Video Production?

A hands-free and easy-to-use intercom 

For such a 4-person production team known for their high standard in the weekly updated video, a time-saving and convenient kit that facilitates the onsite production is desperately needed. Thereby, Solidcom C1-4S comes in handy.

As the latest innovation, Solidcom C1 is Hollyland’s first true wireless full-duplex self-contained headset intercom. This self-contained ‘All-in-One’ design eliminates headset wires and even belt-worn radios. Different packages are provided to accommodate varying team sizes, and the Solidcom C1-4S is built for such a small production crew. Without a base station, this hands-free solution enabled them to be working at the studio and at the same time also working inside the unreal engine in the editing room upstairs, a killing point that greatly facilitated the onsite teammates’ operation with the most mobility. 

“Also, what’s cool is that if I put on the headset and when I have your mic upwards, it’s muted so nobody can hear me now. But if I put it downwards, it automatically connects my mic and I can now talk to my colleagues.”, as Jordy (founder of Cinecom) mentioned. A simple push-up/down the mic boom can directly stop/initiate your conversation. The easy-to-use and intuitive operating experience are highly appreciated by a vast majority of our users.

A detail-oriented design for upgraded user experience

Regarding onsite video production, timeliness is of overriding significance whether in teammates’ message delivery or video transmission. In terms of user experience, another technological upgrade in detail shall also be taken into account, especially for a production that lasts for hours even all day long.

Compared with most intercoms in the market, Solidcom C1 made ground-breaking innovation that emancipates users’ hands. It is worth mentioning that efforts have been invested in details processing, aiming to bring a further user-friendly experience. ToJordy’s surprise, each Solidcom C1 headset is lightweight and portable. Equipped with foamy ear cups, it enables a comfortable wearing experience all day long. A small improvement paves way for a big step.

A sound signal environment for a smooth onsite A&V transmission

For versatile production needs, there were so many wireless systems going on in the studio: other than the wireless intercom applied there, other wireless video transmission systems were required at the same time. In this case, a question arose: how to make sure a smooth onsite operation without cross interferences from different wireless devices? 


Having noticed this issue, we provided a range of wireless transmission solutions among which each solution separately operates in different frequency bands. Hollyland’s wireless video transmission solution Mars 400s Pro and Cosmo C1 were applied to send camera signals back and forth between Unreal Engine and their reviewing monitor. So when the actor sat on the chair of this spaceship, he could see the real-time scene on the monitor he was sitting in that virtual space to match the lighting perfectly. The two wireless video transmission systems both operate at the 5GHz frequency band, while the Solidcom C1 wireless intercom they’ve used for real-time communication operates in the 1.9GHz band, which creates a peaceful coexistence among those wireless systems thus ensuring a smooth and sound signal environment without interferences. 


Although the unreal engine is still new ground for most of us, the tutorial video enlightens learners in great enthusiasm and high spirits to the next level with fruitful and engaging content.

As a customer-centric company, we keep a fresh eye on the market as well as our customers’ shared needs. With years of arduous dedication, Hollyland is committed to unleashing the potential of those talented professionals across the globe with a full range of wireless transmission products within the Hollyland ecosystem.

For more details about this tutorial video, please refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvBVwgUBreo

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