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How to get the best wireless performance with MARS 400S PRO?

March 27, 2023

The advertised working range of the MARS 400S PRO is 400ft Line of sight. However, many users complain about the actual working distance. 

Below are the tips to get the best distance performance:

  • Channel Scan feature:

    After you take the unit to the actual working environment, only power on the Receiver and find the channel scan feature to check the environment interference.

    Then select one Clean Channel on the Transmitter.
  • Place Position:

    Due to the new appearance of the 400s pro, it is required to place the device in the right way.
    It is suggested to place the Receiver in the Tripod and the suggested height is 1.7m.
    Also, it is suggested to place the receiver face up to the Transmitter.