Cosmo C1 Support

1. the latency is around 40 ms
2. if the picture sending through Cosmo C1, but the voice sending through other path, then the picture and voice sending exists 40 ms latency.
1. Both of picture and voice sending through Cosmo C1, For example, Mount the microphones and Our C1 on the CAM together, then the voice and picture will be forced to send through our C1 simultaneously.
2. In the background equipment, for example: mixing console, director’s station or OBS software, manually set 40ms latency for the audio.

Support, and receiver support HDMI and SDI output simultaneously

Apple’s camera APP and some video conferencing software will automatically mirror the left and right images when calling UVC cameras, which is normal.

After the receiver is connected to the computer through the USB cable, the computer will identify the image transmission as a UVC camera device, so that all software supporting the camera can call and display the image transmission, and realize remote shooting monitoring, live streaming, remote video conference…

No, the C1 uses the new wireless connection mode HEVO instead of WiFi, so it does not support the APP function.