Cosmo C1 Support

The casing of our devices was made of metal, so the inside circuit will not be interfered by other wireless signal. Normally the power of walkie talkie is always huge which could effect the transmission if the HDMI/SDI cable shielding properties is not good. Please try to replace an HDMI/SDI cable which has a good ability of anti-interference, and keep the walkie talkie at least 1m away from the cable.

1. Please ensure to use DC/NPF battery for power supply, and the battery should be fully charged.
2. Please long-press the wheel button of receiver to enter the menu page, then select channel scan to choose free Channel to avoid the frequency interference
3. Keep the transmitter at least 1m away from the receiver, then enter the menu page of both units for pairing

Only one.

● Please keep the transmitter at least 1m away from the receiver.
● Long press the wheel button to enter the menu on both the Transmitter and the new Receiver.
● Choose “Pair” under “ Settings” at the same time
● Both devices will start to pair automatically.