Lark 150 Support

Please switch the work mode of the camera to video recording first

  1. For the SONY camera, please set the recording volume of the camera to 1~2, and the output volume of Lark 150 needs set to 11~13, you can record a video first for testing, then adjust the volume on Lark150 or the camera if you want.

       Please note some SONY camera does not have the settings for volume adjustment

  1. For the CANON camera, please set the camera’s recording level to the first gear, and the output volume of Lark 150 need set to 11~13, fine-tuning according to the actual volume.
  2. For the FUJIFILM camera, please close the built-in MIC of the camera, set the external MIC to the manual, and the volume to -20, keep the output level of Lark 150 to 11~13, fine-tuning according to the actual volume.
  3. For the NIKON camera, set the work mode of the camera to MP4 and MIC sensitivity to A, putting the output level of Lark 150 to 11~13, fine-tuning according to the actual volume.

  1. STEP1: Comfirm if the wireless microphone is ok, check whether the microphone and the receiver are connected properly, speak into the microphone, the microphone is normal when the audio track fluctuates on RX’s screen (Test in non-silent state).
  2. STEP2: Inspect the connection method between Lark150 and the camera, you nee use LINE OUT port of Lark 150 to connect the audio input port on the camera
  3. STEP3: Make sure work mode of the camera is video recording mode, and check if the recording volume or level is to the lowest, turning to 0 is definitely no sound, It needs to be adjusted to 1.
  4. Speak into microphone to check if there exists audio track fluctuates displayed on the camera’s screen, it is normal if there is a change, otherwise, it may be a problem with the connection line.
  5. Some camera needs set the work mode to MP4 like the Nikon camera

The only reason for audio howling is that there is a mobile phone in the same room to watch the studio when you are doing live streaming, you can adjust the volume of the phone to minimize or connect a headset. 

Both the audio sampling circuit and microphone circuit of the camera has white noise,  setting the recording volume of the camera to minimize can reduce the white noise to the greatest extent, and the output volume of Lark 150 need set to 11~13, these operations can improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the lark 150 to make the recorded volume becoming cleaner.

This is a problem with the camera itself, it does not matter with the microphone, you can record 2 to 3 seconds in advance, then cut it out later.

IOS is a different system than Android, the external microphone can be recognized by the original camera APP of iPhone to record audio, but a lot of the original camera APP of Android does not support it. 

 Step1: Comfirm if the wireless microphone is ok, check whether the microphone and the receiver are connected properly, speak into the microphone, the microphone is normal when the audio track fluctuates on RX’s screen (Test in non-silent state).Step2: Check if the connection is right? ensuring the Lightning to Type-C cable is from official

Step3: Problem seems on the connection cable if the operations above you have done, please connect our device to camera or computer for test.

Step1: Comfirm if the wireless microphone is ok, check whether the microphone and the receiver are connected properly, speak into the microphone, the microphone is normal when the audio track fluctuates on RX’s screen (Test in non-silent state).Step2: Check if the connection is right? ensuring the TRRS to Type-C cable is from official.

Step3: Please use phone’s recorder for recording because a lot of the original camera APP of the Android does not support to recognize external microphone.

  1. Different phone brand have different sound quality for recording.
  2. Please use Stereo/Phone mode to recorder, set the audio output level of lake 150 between 10~13.
  3. Use a headset to connect the PHONES port on RX of Lark 150 for monitoring.

The audio input port on the video camera, usually, is an XLR interface, you need to use a 3.5mm TRS to XLR cable for connection.Note: Please close the +48V phantom power of the camera before connecting Lark 150 to avoid burning the RX of Lark 150.

The operations to adjust parameters of the video camera is different, but there exist some things in common

  1. Select INPUT gear to MIC.
  2. EQ adjustment knob switch to receive, adjust to 3~4 gears.

There exists some insulating film under both TX and RX, please remove it and put all units back to the box for pairing.

The reason is that the receiver was entered protection modeSOLUTION: Please take the two TX out of the box and ensure the RX stay at the box, then please try to use a small needle to thorn the hole on RX to reset the device, then fixed the needle with the reset hole, charge the RX for 2~3 minute.

  1. Please use the original Type-C cable for charging, and the faster power supply is not suggested, ordinary power adapter with 5V 1.5/2A works well, the power bank also supports if the charging voltage and current are over 5V 2A.
  2. For the problem of single units does not charge, please reset the device then put it back in the charging box to check the device’s status, and send it back to us for repair if it still can not be charged.

The reason is that the built-in mic was broken, please send the device to us for repairNOTE:  1. Replace the device if the purchase time is less than 15 days and non-human damage.

            2. Replace or repair the device acccording to the situation of customer  if the purchase time during 15~30 days.

            3.  Send the device to us for repair if the the purchase time over 30 days

Please fill out the form to submit your problem, then our engineer will contact you ASAP.

  1. Please use a small needle to thorn the hole on both TX and RX to reset the device.
  2. Please long-press the mute button of RX when it is in the box to check if the firmware version is the latest, and upgrad the firmware to the latest.

  1. Please fill out the form below to submit your problem to us if all operations above you have done.

NOTE:  1. Replace the device if the purchase time is less than 15 days and non-human damage.

            2. Replace or repair the device acccording the situation of customer if the purchase time during 15~30 days.

            3.  Send the device to us for repair if the the purchase time over 30 days.

  1. Please check if the transmitter was mute.
  2. Use a headset to connect PHONES port on RX to check whether the audio is normal, if normal, the reason of problem is that the connection cable broken.
  3. Please connect Lark 150 to laptop via a TRRS to TRS cable, the problem is on TRRS to Type-C/ lightning cable if the lark 150 works well with the laptop, otherwise, please replace the TRRS to TRS cable.

  1. It may be caused by the customer connect the PHONES port on the receiver of Lark 150 for recording, but the PHONES port only for monitoring.
  2. Please face the camera for recording if the distance between TX and RX is over 10 meters when the Lavalier microphone is clipped to the collar, the body of human will become a huge obstacle for wireless signal transmission after you turn around.

  1. The built-in microphone of Lark 150 is an omni-directional microphone, collect some environmental sounds is normal.
  2. Please purchase a directional Lavalier microphone to connect the 3.5mm interface of the transmitter to decrease the background noise.

  1. what is the soundtrack?

    Soundtrack refers to the audio signal collected at different spatial locations when the sound is recorded.

  1. Right and left channels:

    The left and right channels are also commonly referred to as dual channels and stereo, the left speaker will only play the left side of the sound Channel, the right channel that does not play sound.

Three work modes:

For the Lark 150, each TX match to a sound channl, TX1 for left channel, TX2 for right channel

Mono Mode: Left channel = TX1 + TX2, Right channel = TX1 + TX2

Stereo Mode: Left channel = TX1, Right channel = TX2

Safty Track Mode: Left channel = TX1 + TX2, Right channel = TX1 + TX2 – 6dB

Phone Mode: It is the same as Stereo mode, but have the function of HFP(Minus 75Hz).

You needs to buy a mobile phone live sound card, connect Lark 150->Sound card->Mobile Phone, Meanwhile, the sound card can power the phone.

You need to switch the work mode of 3.5mm port of the MacBook to audio input mode in audio settings, please do the operations as below:

  1. Select System Preferences
  2. Select 【Sound】under the display menu
  3. Select【“Input”】