Solidcom C1 Support

  1. Cascade via the 2-wire interface with an XRL cable (only supporting some brands such as Clear-Com and RTS).
  2. Cascade via the 4-wire interface and a 2/4W converter: Connect to the Solidcom C1 via the 4-wire interface and to the wired intercom system via the 2-wire interface.

Enter the menu interface on the Solidcom C1 hub and adjust the 2-wire audio gain as well as the 2/4W converter audio gain.

The 4-wire interface of the Solidcom C1 is line standard. You can always cascade the Solidcom C1 with another wireless intercom via the 4-interface interface.

Please check whether there are 4-wire options in the group. If not, you may not hear the sound from either of the devices. Please also check whether the 4W definitions of the devices are correct.

Cascade them via the 4-wire interface with an RJ45 to XLR (2) cable.

Cascade them via the 4-wire interface with a standard CAT5 cable and set the 4-wire line sequence of the Solidcom C1 to the Standard or Cross mode.

Multiple sets of hub will not have call quality reduced if they are cascaded through IP port with standard cat5e cable. This is due to IP port transmit digital signal, it will not be disturbed or weakened.

The maximum length of cable is 300 meters. A standard cat5e or above cable is required, and the registered jack is to be made with 568B method.

The audio quality will not be affected when multiple sets of systems are cascaded through the IP port with a standard CAT5 cable. The IP port supports digital signal transmission, so the audio quality will not be affected.

3 pcs in maximum with IP cascade mode, and 2 pcs with 4W cascade mode. no limitations with IP and 4W cascade mode, but if all of the base station work in the same place and same range, then 3 to 10 pcs in maximum.