Solidcom C1 Support

No, the Solidcom C1 master headset can only pair with remote headsets.

Connect the hub to a computer using a USB-C to USB-A cable, and then the computer will recognize the hub as an audio device (one channel IN and one channel OUT).

If there is only one hub, you need to set the hub to master mode.

Turn on all the headsets and connect the headsets one by one to the hub via a USB cable. The hub will recognize the headsets automatically. Then, select an available number for the headsets on the hub screen to complete pairing.

Up to 7 remote headsets.

9 headsets in total, included 8 remote headsets and one wired headset.

4 sets (HUB version or without HUB version) in maximum at the same range in 350 meters. 

The installations:

a. The distance between two hubs is at least 1.5 meters when multiple Solidcom C1 hub-based systems are cascaded.

b. You are advised to install the hub at a place higher than 1.7 meters in an open space. A confined environment may affect the wireless signal quality and reduce the transmission range.

The firmware requirements: Solidcom C1 HUB-based system versions later , Solidcom C1 no-HUB system versions later

Firmware upgrade manual: