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Solidcom C1 Support

Wireless intercom system works at a frequency of 1.9GHz, wireless video transmission device works at 5.1-5.8GHz, intercom and video tranmission are working at complete different frequency range, hence there will be no interference between them.

The hubs should have a distance of at least 1 meter between each other to prevent signal interference.

A green flashing light indicates the headset has disconnected with the Hub. Normally, it is caused by the user has moved over the connection range; the user may return to the area or relocate the Hub can solve the issue. When the headset is disconnected, it will have a voice message from the headset.

Connects the Type-C port of Hub to the computer using the in-box USB cable. The computer will detect an Audio Device【Solidcom C1】, switch the Speaker and Microphone in meeting software to 【Solidcom C1】 and good to go.

1、Restart the Hub.

2、Ensure the Hub connected to the computer is 【Master】 mode.

Set the Hub to【Master】mode will do.

1、Turned on all the headsets

2、 Connect the headsets to the Hub with in-box USB cable for pairing

3、Select an ID for headset on the Hub screen to complete pairing.

Tips: Do not choose paired ID, else the pairing will fail