How to Choose the Right Pop Filter for Mics?

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Recording your voice on a song you wrote can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable! This is because it will make you feel proud and satisfied to be able to use vocal sounds that YOU made to represent yourself. But have you ever heard loud popping and snapping noises on a recording that you made? This

12 Best Camera Microphones in 2023 – Low to Mid-Priced Mics

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There are very few chances for a built-in microphone on your camera to beat the external ones. Even if you spend a fortune on your video recording gadgets in the hope of finding a high-quality microphone intact within the system, you will still need to have separate mics. It is because when you get mics

11 Best Mics for Untreated Room in 2023

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In the realm of audio recording, the power of a great microphone can never be underestimated. But what if your recording environment is far from perfect, lacking acoustic treatment? Fear not, for advancements in microphone technology have opened up a world of possibilities for capturing exceptional audio even in untreated rooms. In this article, we