Top 10 Bluetooth Microphones for iPhone in 2024

Nowadays, everyone wants to record their daily activities either to post online or to cherish them in the future. However, iPhones or other mobile microphones are not good enough to record your audio when you are on the go. Using Bluetooth and other wireless microphones for iPhones will help you significantly improve the quality of your audio content. 

Whether you are a vlogger or interviewer, these microphones will ease the sound capture process. There are many microphones available on the market that will help you record with iPhones. Here, we will introduce you to the best Bluetooth microphones to make the selection easier. 

Factors You Need to Consider While Choosing a Bluetooth Microphone 

As we have mentioned, the market is filled with options when it comes to Bluetooth microphones. So, let’s consider some points that you have to consider when selecting a perfect wireless mic for recording with an iPhone.  

  1. Compatibility: The most important thing is to ensure that the Bluetooth microphone is compatible with iPhones. You should specifically look for a microphone that works well with the particular version of your iOS. Users can check the information in the product description or website for this purpose.
  2. Audio Quality: When it comes to the choice of mic, audio quality is a necessary factor to consider. Creators should pick the audio products with features such as noise cancellation. Other than that, they can also consider the sound output and frequency response values for clear output.
  3. Transmission Range: While recording audio content outdoors, transmission range also comes into question. For this, you need to consider the operating range of the Bluetooth microphone. Afterward, determine your outdoor recording needs to make sure the mic matches your requirements. 
  4. Battery Life: For long outdoor recording sessions, creators should also check the battery life of the iPhone microphone. Therefore, you need to choose a mic with long battery life to avoid frequent recharging during use.
  5. Size and Portability: Vloggers especially have to consider this factor when they have to travel to record content. Moreover, it is common knowledge that they need to pick lightweight options that are easy to carry around.

10 Best Bluetooth Microphones for iPhones and Other Smartphones 

Now, you know how to choose the best Bluetooth microphones for your iPhone recording needs. Utilizing this knowledge, you can easily select the most appropriate one from the list of Bluetooth mics given below. 

Hollyland Lark M2

With this lightweight Bluetooth microphone, you can record vlogs and podcasts using your iPhone devices. It has over 40 hours of battery life to let mobile users record audio content when they are on the go. In addition, the transmitter of this microphone set only weighs around 9 grams, so you can attach it to your clothing while traveling. Vloggers also get to choose from various wearing methods, including necklaces and magnets, according to their needs. 

hollyland lark m2 bluetooth microphone

Other than that, this iPhone microphone utilizes noise cancellation technology to minimize background noise when recording outdoors. It comes with two transmitters and one receiver to ease the process of recording podcasts on your mobile. Moreover, its 300-meter transmission range optimizes the way you create audio content in challenging settings. 

lark m2 box

Hollyland Lark M2

2-Person Wireless Mini Button Microphone.

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Key SpecificationsValues
Wireless Transmission2.4 GHz AFH
Transmission RangeApproximately 300m for LOS for Mobile Version
Mic Polar PatternOmnidirectional
Charging TimeUp to 1.5 hours 
Operating TemperatureRanging from -10 to 45° C
Signal-to-Noise Ratio> 70dB
Pricing $179

Sony Digital Bluetooth Microphone 

Vloggers looking to improve the audio quality of their video can utilize this wireless microphone introduced by Sony. They can record the audio in multiple ways with its three sound pick-up patterns, including mic, mix, and receiver. With its dust and moisture-resistant body, you can confidently use this microphone for outdoor recording. Plus, this audio recording system is comprised of a microphone and receiver for optimized audio content generation. 

sony digital bluetooth microphone

Other than that, you can see the connectivity and power levels of the mic with its lamp displays on microphones and receivers. Other than using it with a Sony Camera, users will be able to connect this microphone to their iPhone devices for recording vlogs and other videos. 

Key SpecificationsValues
Battery TypeLithium-ion Battery Built-in
Type of Microphone Electret Condenser
Approx. Battery Life3 Hours 
Weight 27 Grams
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz
Pricing $199.99

DJI Mic 

DJI Mic provides you with an all-in-one audio recording system with two transmitters and one receiver packed in a charging case. The addition of a charging case into this system allows this microphone to record audio content over the duration of 15 hours. Also, it can catch audio signals from the source up to 250 meters to let you record sound from far away. 

dji bluetooth microphone for iphone

Besides, the receiver of this microphone has an OLED Screen to let the creators control the audio settings without third-party software. You will also get a DJI Mic Windscreen in the box to help you record content in a noisy environment. Furthermore, its 8GB of internal storage will allow you to save over 14 hours of podcasts and vlog audio within the system.  

Key SpecificationsValues
Wireless ModeGFSK 
Battery TypeLiPo 1S
Operating TimeOver 5.5 hours
Charging Time70 Minutes  
Charging Time of Case Up to 2 hours and 40 mins
Microphone DirectionsAll Directions
Pricing $159

Sennheiser Memory Mic

Content creators can make use of this microphone to record high-quality sound with an unlimited transmission range. This mic connects with your smartphone through Bluetooth to let you record vlogs handsfree. Plus, it can attach to the clothing of the creators to provide them the freedom to move around in any way while creating audio content. Moreover, you will benefit from its 4-hour recording time for long-format podcasts. 

sennheiser memory mic bluetooth microphone

Furthermore, users can download its free audio and video recording app through the App Store to streamline the recording process. This iPhone microphone is easy to carry around due to its lightweight and compact design. Also, it comes with a USB charger and user guide to help the creators during the audio content creation process. 

Key SpecificationsValues
Pattern Omnidirectional 
Frequency Response Ranging from 100 to 2000 Hz
Battery Time4 hours 
Charging Time1 hour for 70 percent  
Transmission Method Bluetooth 4.1 and over 
DimensionsAbout 51 x 37 x 16 mm
Pricing $199.5

MOVO Wireless Mini 

MOVO Wireless Mini microphone will allow you to capture professional-sounding audio using your iPhone devices. With its complete audio recording set, you will get access to an ultra-compact mic along with a receiver. Both these components will connect automatically within seconds, so you don’t have to worry about connection-related issues. Furthermore, the receiver of this mic has an MFi-certified Apple Lightning connector to let you record quality audio. 

mono wireless bluetooth microphone

Plus, it comes with all the accessories creators need to record audio, including a charging cable, a foam windscreen, and a neoprene carrying case. You can even turn on its noise cancellation settings to collect crystal-quality sound. Importantly, it delivers over 10 hours of recording time to avoid any restrictions while shooting vlogs outdoors.  

Key SpecificationsValues
Signal-to-Noise RatioUp to 77 dB
Battery Time10 hours 
Charging PortUSB-C
Wireless RangeOver 50 Meter  
Sensitivity-42 dB
Pricing $39.95

RODE Wireless Go II

Using this ultra-compact Bluetooth microphone, you can record audio within the transmission range of two hundred meters. This dual-channel wireless mic is perfect for recording podcasts with two or more guest speakers. Additionally, it is universally compatible with smartphones, including iPhone and other Android devices. With its 3.5mm analog support, creators get to use this microphone with DSLR and other cameras. 

rode wireless go bluetooth microphone

Moreover, users can benefit from its RODE Central application to manage the audio settings while recording audio content. You also get to use this microphone in challenging recording environments due to its small size and clipping mechanism. In addition, it provides YouTubers with RODE Connect software to let them record professional podcasts in crisp sound quality. 

Key SpecificationsValues
Acoustic PrinciplePre-Polarized Transducer
Signal-to-Noise RatioUp to 77 dB
Operating TimeOver 7 hours  
Frequency RangeBetween 50Hz to 20kHz
Transmission RangeUp to 200 meters   
Microphone Preamp Gain20 dB
Pricing $287.20

MAYBESTA Wireless Lavalier Microphone 

MAYBESTA Bluetooth mic provides you with a complete audio recording system, including two clip-on mics and a compact receiver. Also, it comes with a charging case which has LED lights to indicate the amount of battery life left. Each microphone can last for about 7 hours, so you will be able to get a combined duration of 14 hours of recording. With its noise cancellation and 360° sound pick-up, you will get crystal-clear sound even in noisy environments. 

maybesta wireless bluetooth microphone

The receiver of this microphone also has a charging slot, allowing you to charge your iPhone while recording audio. With its high-tech Bluetooth, creators can enjoy a large transmission range of up to 70 Ft. for outdoor content creation. All these features make this compact microphone system ideal for vlogging, podcasts, and interviews. 

Key SpecificationsValues
Total Weight 0.3oz
RangeOver 70 Feet 
Battery 300mAH rechargeable
Sound Capture 360°
Transmission 2.4GHz
iPhone Compatibility Lightening Cable 
Pricing $39.99


You can easily avoid jamming or delay while recording audio content with the high-fidelity sound output. With its two microphones and one receiver system, creators can easily record podcasts and interviews with multiple guests. Plus, you can monitor the quality of sound in real time to adjust any issues in tone or intonation. Other than that, you can utilize the SmartMike+ App to adjust the noise cancellation grade for optimal audio. 

sabinetek smartmike bluetooth microphone

This application is capable of recognizing audio in over 120 languages to create AI subtitles for the post-editing process. Through its various connection methods, this mic becomes compatible with multiple devices, including iPhone, Android, and cameras. Using all these features, you can record quality sound for over 6 hours with its long battery life. 

Key SpecificationsValues
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Protocol A2DP, HFP, SWISS
Sample Frequency About 48kHz
Recording Time5 hours 
Charging InterfaceMicro USB 
Pricing $239

Alvoxcan Wireless Microphone 

While using UHF wireless and Bluetooth technology for connection, this microphone allows you to capture sound with various devices. It has a small transmitter and an additional receiver to record sound with a transmission range reaching 100ft. In addition, it offers two types of microphones, including condenser headsets for stage performance and clip-on mics for vlogging. Both these microphone types provide a handsfree experience to record freely while interviewing or vlogging. 

alvoxcan wireless bluetooth microphone

Other than that, this microphone provides different frequencies and volume control settings for optimized output. For this purpose, you only need to press buttons on the transmitter to control the audio. Using its smartphone adaptor cable, creators can connect this device with iPhones for portable audio content creation. 

Key SpecificationsValues
Range  Up to 100 feet
Transmission Methods Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Compatibility  iPhone, Camera, Android 
Package DimensionsApproximately 7.6 x 7.1 x 3.1 inches 
Frequency 902- 928 MHz
Pricing $59.99


With its 24-hour recording support, SYNCO G2 Pro allows creators to create audio and video content for a full day. However, one transmitter lasts only 8 hours, so you have to charge them with the charging box that comes along with this microphone. You can also capture sound from a long distance up to 200 meters range for recording in challenging environments. Utilizing its noise cancellation technology, you can avoid the sounds of wind and traffic while recording outdoors. 

synco g2 pro bluetooth microphone

Besides that, there is a gain control button present on each transmitter and receiver to modify the sound output like a professional. Plus, you can also utilize a 3.5mm jack to connect headphones for monitoring sound in real-time. This microphone caters to the needs of every content creator with its compatibility with mobiles, cameras, and other recording devices.

Key SpecificationsValues
TransmissionDigital 2.4GHz
Working DistanceAbout 200m in the LOS area
Battery Charging TimeUnder 2 hours 
Working TimeOver 8 hours  
Display ScreenUnique TFT Screen
Weight39 grams 
Pricing $169 


After going through all these options, we hope that you will be able to find the Bluetooth microphone for audio recording. All these wireless mics will optimize the way you record audio with their high-quality output. However, Hollyland Lark M2 stands out as the best option, providing users with the longest transmission range of 300 meters. Also, its state-of-the-art ENC technology allows you to capture audio content without any interruption. 


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