5 Best Lapel Microphones for Streaming in 2024

Are you looking to elevate your streaming game with crystal-clear audio that captures every nuance of your voice? A top-notch lapel microphone, also known as a lavalier mic, can be an absolute game-changer for streamers seeking to engage their audience with professional-level sound quality. Whether you’re streaming your favorite games, conducting interviews, or leading a live workshop, the right lapel mic ensures your listeners catch every word without the distracting background noises. In our carefully curated listicle, we’ll guide you through the best lapel microphones designed for seamless streaming experiences. Get ready to find your perfect audio companion!

Selecting the best lapel microphone for streaming can enhance the audio quality of your broadcasts significantly, making your content more professional and engaging. When choosing a lapel mic, consider the following criteria:

  1. Sound Quality: Clear, crisp audio is essential. Look for mics with a wide frequency response and low self-noise to capture your voice naturally.
  2. Polar Pattern: A cardioid polar pattern is ideal as it focuses on sound coming from in front of the mic, reducing background noise.
  3. Connectivity: Choose a mic with the right connection for your setup—some connect via a 3.5mm jack, USB, or even Bluetooth.
  4. Compatibility: Ensure the microphone is compatible with your streaming device, whether it’s a PC, smartphone, or camera.
  5. Durability: High-quality materials and solid construction mean your mic can withstand the rigours of regular use.
  6. Comfort and Design: A discreet, lightweight mic that clips comfortably to your clothing will make long streaming sessions easier.
  7. Battery Life/Power Source: For wireless options, battery life is vital. Opt for models with a long battery life or that can be powered via USB.
  8. Additional Features: Some mics come with features like mute buttons, gain control, or multiple pattern selections for different recording situations.

By keeping these criteria in mind, you’ll be able to find a lapel microphone that suits your streaming needs and ensures your audience hears you loud and clear.

Please note that prices fluctuate and vary by retailer, so the prices listed in this table are approximate and meant to give a general idea. It’s best to check the current price at your preferred retailer.

Microphone ModelApproximate Price (USD)Pick-up PatternCompatibilityNotable Features/Accessories
Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone$60 – $80OmnidirectionalSmartphone, tablet,require RDE’s SC3 adapter for camerasTRRS connection, Kevlar-reinforced cable, includes clip and pouch
PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier$30 – $50OmnidirectionalSmartphone, camera, PCIncludes adapter, 78-inch extension cord, wind muff, carrying case
Shure MVL Omnidirectional Condenser$50 – $70OmnidirectionalSmartphone, tablet, PC,require MVL/A adapter for camerasIncludes windscreen, carrying pouch, ties
Audio-Technica ATR3350iS$20 – $40OmnidirectionalSmartphone, camera, audio recorderAdapter for smartphone, battery-powered, clip, windscreen
BOYA BY-M1 Omnidirectional Lavalier$15 – $35OmnidirectionalSmartphone, camera, audio recorder, PCSwitch between smartphone and camera usage, battery-powered, includes case and wind muff

By comparing these specs, you can decide which microphone meets your needs and budget for streaming. It’s always a good idea to read recent reviews for the latest insights and to find out more about the quality of each product.

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone

image 1449


The Rode smartLav+ is a compact and versatile lapel microphone that is already a favorite among podcasters, streamers, and professionals who need high-quality audio without the bulkiness of traditional microphones. This little mic easily clips on your clothing and plugs directly into your smartphone or tablet using its TRRS connection. It offers great sound quality for its size and price, which makes it an excellent choice for on-the-go streaming or any situation where space is at a premium.


The smartLav+ features a broadcast-quality, omnidirectional condenser capsule that captures sound equally from all around the microphone, allowing for flexibility in placement. It’s also equipped with a Kevlar-reinforced cable to endure the wear and tear of daily use.


  • The audio quality from the smartLav+ is exceptional for the price. It delivers clear, crisp sound with a reduction in background noise thanks to the included foam pop shield.
  • Its compact design and the fact that it can be connected directly to a smartphone make it ideal for streamers who prefer a minimal and mobile setup.
  • Rode is a reputable brand with a history of producing quality microphones, so there’s a level of trust in their products regarding durability and performance.


  • It’s primarily designed for use with mobile devices, which might not be suitable for users who want to connect to a computer or have a more complex audio setup.
  • Some users might find the gain a bit low, which can require additional tweaking or an app to boost the input levels.


The Rode smartLav+ is generally priced around $60-$80, depending on where you purchase it. This puts it in the mid-range bracket for lapel mics, which is quite reasonable given the quality it delivers.

Personal Opinion

In my opinion, the Rode smartLav+ is the Swiss Army knife of lapel mics for streamers. Its plug-and-play functionality combined with Rode’s solid reputation makes it a reliable and hassle-free component for one’s streaming setup. Given its performance and design, it punches well above its weight class in terms of value, making it a wise investment for streamers and professionals who need dependable audio quality without a complex setup.

PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone

image 3

The PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone is a neat solution for streamers looking for good quality audio without breaking the bank. As someone who’s used this microphone for various streaming sessions, I find that it hits a sweet spot in terms of ease of use and quality of sound. It’s a no-frills mic that simply does its job, and does it well.


  • Omnidirectional pick-up pattern
  • Frequency range: 50Hz-16kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio: >58dB
  • TRRS jack (compatible with smartphones & most cameras)
  • 78-inch extension cord


  • Affordable: For those on a budget, this mic provides a commendable level of clarity and richness of sound.
  • Discreet: Its small form factor makes it relatively invisible on camera, which is great for maintaining a professional look.
  • Plug-and-play: I appreciate the simplicity of this mic – no drivers or software needed, just plug it into your device and start streaming.
  • Accessories included: It comes with a lapel clip, wind muff, and carrying pouch, which enhances the value proposition of this package.


  • Compatibility: Some users may require an additional adapter for devices that do not have a compatible TRRS input.
  • Not the strongest build: The materials feel somewhat light, raising concerns about its long-term durability.
  • Interference: I sometimes notice interference when the cable rubs against clothing, which means you need to be mindful when positioning the mic.

The PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone usually retails for around $30-$40. Given its performance level, this is a price that’s hard to beat for starting or intermediate streamers.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, the PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone is an impressive piece of kit for its price range. It captures clean and clear sound, making it a reliable choice for streamers who are mindful of their budget but still want a professional audio experience. Although it’s not the most durable microphone around, with careful handling, it can be a great asset to your streaming setup.

Shure MVL Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone

image 1451


The Shure MVL is a standout lapel mic that really nails the balance between quality and portability. Aimed at content creators who need a reliable audio solution that captures clear and consistent voice recordings, this discreet microphone can easily clip to your attire, remaining inconspicuous while doing its job effectively.


  • Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 45 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Connector: 1/8″ (3.5 mm) TRRS connector
  • Compatibility: Smartphone, Tablet, PC/Laptop with appropriate adapter


  • Compact and Unobtrusive: The Shure MVL’s small form factor makes it nearly invisible on camera, which is fantastic for streamers who want to maintain a professional look.
  • Consistent Sound Pickup: The omnidirectional pickup pattern means you don’t have to worry about which way the mic is facing, which is ideal for moving around or animated streamers.
  • Superb Sound Quality: The audio reproduction is very clear, making it perfect for spoken word content where clarity and vocal presence are paramount.
  • Solid Build: Shure as a brand is synonymous with durability, and the MVL lives up to that reputation with its robust build quality.


  • Possible Compatibility Issues: Since it features a TRRS connector, you might need an adapter for certain devices, which is an extra expense and inconvenience.
  • No Onboard Gain Control: Streamers can’t adjust sensitivity or gain on the mic itself, which means you’re reliant on your device’s input settings for volume control.


The Shure MVL typically sits in the mid-range price bracket for lapel microphones. You’re not paying bargain prices, but you’re also not shelling out professional studio mic levels of cash. The value is there, given its superior sound capture and build quality.

In my opinion, the Shure MVL is a wise choice for streamers who are serious about their audio quality and want a microphone that’s reliable and user-friendly. It’s versatile enough to be a strong performer in various streaming situations, whether conducting interviews, game streaming, or simply engaging with your audience. The absence of onboard gain control does mean you’ll need to manage audio levels through your recording device, but the trade-off is worth it for the audio fidelity and ease of use it offers.

Audio-Technica ATR3350iS Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Mic

image 1452


The Audio-Technica ATR3350iS is a discreet, small-profile lapel mic designed for clear, accurate voice reproduction. Ideal for streaming, it’s a favorite among content creators for its simplicity and performance. This microphone has a long cable, which is perfect for those who need to move around or sit at a distance from their device. Its omnidirectional pickup pattern captures sound evenly, which means you don’t have to worry too much about where it’s pointing.

In my direct experience with the ATR3350iS, I’ve found that it offers consistent audio quality that significantly outperforms built-in computer or camera microphones. The inclusion of a battery ensures that the microphone has a consistent power supply for better performance, which is a detail not to be overlooked in a lavalier mic. Its plug-and-play functionality is particularly appealing for those who aren’t looking for complex setups.


  • Element: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response: 50 – 18,000 Hz
  • Output Connector: 3.5 mm (1/8″) dual-mono
  • Cable: 6 m (20′) long, terminated with a 3.5 mm (1/8″) TRS connector
  • Accessories included: Tie clip, battery, foam windscreen, adapter for use with smartphones


  • Affordable pricing for the quality it offers.
  • Long cable gives flexibility with movement and device placement.
  • Omnidirectional pattern picks up sound from all around the microphone, making it very user-friendly.
  • The included adapter is quite handy for smartphone connectivity, giving it additional versatility.
  • Battery operation ensures that the microphone provides consistent audio levels.


  • The long cable, while useful, can also be cumbersome, especially if cable management is a concern.
  • Replacement of the battery requires attention as there is no power indicator; it can die unexpectedly if not monitored.
  • Some may find the need for a separate power source (the battery) to be awkward compared to USB mics that draw power directly from the connected device.


The Audio-Technica ATR3350iS is generally priced around $30 to $40, which places it comfortably in the budget-friendly range, while still delivering sound quality that can punch above its weight class.

In summary, for those looking to improve their audio quality without breaking the bank or delving into the world of professional audio gear, the Audio-Technica ATR3350iS stands out as a smart choice. It punches above its weight in terms of audio clarity, and its long cable, while potentially a bit unwieldy, provides flexibility that other mics might not. Plus, the affordability means it’s a solid investment for emerging streamers who want to step up their audio game.

BOYA BY-M1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

image 1453


The BOYA BY-M1 is a versatile and budget-friendly lapel microphone that surprisingly delivers performance above its price point. Often regarded as the go-to choice for up-and-coming streamers, podcasters, and content creators, the BY-M1 offers a blend of user-friendly features and satisfactory sound quality that can certainly enhance any streaming setup.

As someone who has tested numerous microphones for streaming purposes, I find the BOYA BY-M1 stands out in the realm of affordability without compromising too much on quality. Designed with an omnidirectional pickup pattern, it captures sound uniformly from all directions, which ensures a natural sound reproduction that’s essential for maintaining audience engagement during live streams.


  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Range: 65 Hz – 18 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -30dB +/- 3dB / 0dB=1V/Pa, 1 kHz
  • Output Impedance: 1000 Ohm or less
  • Connector: 3.5mm (1/8″) 4-pole gold plug
  • Battery Type: LR44
  • Cable Length: 6 meters (20 feet)


  • The 6-meter cable length is perfect for capturing audio from a distance, giving you room to move around without sacrificing audio quality.
  • The inclusion of a lapel clip and foam windscreen is a thoughtful touch, adding value to the overall package.
  • It’s compatible with a wide array of devices, ranging from smartphones and DSLRs to audio recorders and PCs, thanks to the included 3.5mm jack and adapter.
  • Remarkably easy to set up; essentially plug-and-play with a little battery installation for devices without a microphone input power.
  • Sound quality is rather good for the price; voices come through clearly and are distinct without excessive background noise, provided the environment isn’t too chaotic.


  • The need for an LR44 battery can be a slight nuisance, especially if you forget to switch it off after use and drain the battery unknowingly.
  • While the sound quality is indeed solid for casual streaming and content creation, it does lack the depth and richness provided by higher-end models, which may not be suitable for professional-grade audio work.
  • The build quality reflects the price; the microphone feels a bit flimsy, and care must be taken to ensure longevity.


As of my knowledge cutoff date in early 2023, the BOYA BY-M1 generally retails for around $15 to $20, which is an excellent price point for those entering the world of streaming or looking for a backup or secondary microphone.

It’s important to note that while my review paints a favorable picture of the BOYA BY-M1, the purchase decision should always be weighed against individual needs and preferences. For casual streamers or those on a tight budget, the BY-M1 offers undeniable value. However, for streamers looking to create content with higher production values, investing in a more expensive microphone with a richer feature set and superior build quality might be more appropriate.


Selecting the best lapel microphone for streaming boils down to your specific needs and budget. Whether you’re a game streamer, podcaster, or content creator, the quality of your audio can make a significant impact on your audience. From our review list, each lavalier mic offers unique features, from high-fidelity audio to noise cancellation and durability, suitable for various environments. Invest in the right lapel mic for you, and elevate your streaming content to professional levels, ensuring clear and crisp sound every time you go live.


  1. What makes a lapel microphone good for streaming?
    Lapel microphones, also known as lavalier mics, are excellent for streaming due to their compact size, discreet appearance, and ability to capture clear sound directly from the source, minimizing background noises and feedback.
  2. Can lapel mics be used for both indoor and outdoor streaming?
    Yes, many lapel mics are versatile and come with wind protection accessories, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, always check the specifications for environmental suitability.
  3. Do I need additional equipment to connect a lapel mic to my computer or camera?
    Some lapel mics can be plugged directly into your device, while others may require an adapter or an audio interface. It’s important to verify the connectivity options of the microphone you choose to ensure compatibility with your setup.


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