NAB 2023 Invitation from Hollyland

By Hollyland | April 4, 2023

Dear friends,

We are excited to announce that Hollyland will be participating in the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, USA from April 16th to April 19th, 2023. You are cordially invited to join us at booth C7512 to experience our latest products and technology solutions.


As one of the largest and most influential annual gatherings of media and entertainment professionals, NAB attracts over 90,000 attendees from more than 160 countries. It provides a unique opportunity for industry leaders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts to explore the latest trends, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and network with peers and potential partners.

With nearly a decade of experience in wireless technology, we have developed over 100 patents in video transmission systems, monitors, wireless microphones, and wireless intercom systems. Our participation in this event is crucial to our continued growth, and we are thrilled to connect with our customers and better understand business requirements. We are confident that our products and services will help improve your content production capabilities.

We have prepared a variety of fun and engaging activities for you to enjoy, including daily lucky draws with amazing prizes, a folding fan DIY activity where you can decorate your own Hollyland fan, and a 360° wheel spinner where you can stand and record your memorable NAB moments. So, stop by and participate!


In addition to these exciting activities, we will demonstrate our latest Hollyland Wireless Solution Pack, which provides filming tools to assist production teams. Our lightweight wireless audio and video systems are cost-effective and efficient, with wireless intercom systems for clear and reliable team communication, wireless video transmission systems for stable monitoring and streaming, and wireless lavalier microphone systems for crystal-clear audio. At Hollyland, we are committed to providing professional solutions to help transform your creative ideas into stunning videos. So, whether you’re a professional filmmaker or just starting out, you can always count on Hollyland’s professional solutions to enhance your production process and bring your creative ideas to life.

Furthermore, we will showcase our latest products and innovations at the NAB Show, including the Solidcom C1 Pro wireless intercom system. With built-in ENC, this product is a true game changer, ideal for production teams working in loud environments where exceptional communication clarity is essential.

Here are some of our featured products that will be on display at the NAB show:

Intercom Systems

1.  Solidcom C1 Pro: Our incredibly lightweight full-duplex wireless intercom headset system features dual-mic ENC technology and advanced DECT 6.0 technology. It’s Hollyland’s first true wireless and self-contained headset communication solution with dual-mic ENC technology and PPT function, providing exceptional sound clarity. See it in action at the NAB show and experience it yourself.

2.  Solidcom M1: As the first member of Hollyland’s Solidcom series of wireless intercom systems, Solidcom M1 is perfect for small- and medium-sized events with a capacity of 100 to 1,000 guests. It’s ideal for church events, EFPs, exhibitions, concerts, and more, delivering smooth and efficient team communication and collaboration.

Video Solutions

1.   Mars 4K: Experience reliable quality and high performance at an affordable price with Mars 4K wireless video transmission system capable of a 450ft (150m) LOS range and ultra-low latency of 0.06s.

2.   Mars M1: Simplify device deployment and enhance video shooting efficiency with Mars M1, a wireless monitor that integrates transmitter, receiver, and monitor functions in one solution. Mars M1 supports transmitting camera signals at up to 450ft (150m) LOS range with low latency of 0.08s. The Mars M1 is compatible with Hollyland’s Mars Pro and 4K wireless video transmission systems.

3.   Cosmo C1: With a LOS range of 1,000ft (300m), Hollyland Cosmo C1 is a wireless SDI & HDMI transmission system that utilizes the HEVO wireless transmission technology. It offers a new standard for real-time video monitoring, as well as a simplified solution for streaming and cloud-sharing video work with the embedded USB video class (UVC) interface.

4.   Syscom 421S: The Syscom 421S wireless video & audio transmission system integrates four transmitters and one receiver, making it perfect for live streaming and other multi-cam production setups. Supporting up to 1080p60 video signals via both SDI and HDMI, this system offers a 1,800ft (550m) LOS range with a latency of 0.07s.

Wireless Microphones

1.  Lark M1: A compact and lightweight wireless lavalier microphone with a favorable cost-performance ratio. It features noise-cancellation technology that helps highlight crystal-clear vocals over ambient noise. The Lark M1 boasts unparalleled compatibility with various devices, such as cameras, mobile devices, and laptops, making it suitable for diverse audio recording preferences.

2.  Lark C1: An ultra-compact premium wireless lavalier microphone that is designed specifically for mobile audio recording without any limitations. With advanced sound processing technologies, the Lark C1 is perfect for capturing crisp audio at distances of up to 650ft (200m) LOS, making it an ideal choice for vloggers, podcasters, or YouTubers who prefer audio recording on their mobile devices.

3.  Lark 150: A 2-to-1 wireless lavalier microphone system with two independent ultra-compact mics, delivering exceptional sound quality at distances of up to 300ft (100m) LOS. It is perfect for professional sound recording in sports events, live broadcasts, conferences, and more.

We take pride in our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals, who will provide you with detailed demonstrations of our products, answer any questions you may have, and offer exceptional technical support. We are confident that you will find our products to be reliable, innovative, and competitively priced. We value your feedback and insights and encourage you to share them with us.


In conclusion, we want to express our gratitude for your continuous support and trust in our products, and we are thrilled to demonstrate our passion for innovation and excellence at NAB 2023. We invite you to visit our booth, C7512, located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where we look forward to meeting you in person.


Hollyland Team

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