How to Change or Update Phone Number On Threads? [Step by Step]

Mark Zuckerberg recently introduced Threads, an app created by the Instagram team for text-based sharing, in its earliest form. Threads offer a fresh, distinctive space for real-time updates and open discussion, whether you’re a creator or just a casual poster. Its goal is to take the best features of Instagram and apply them to text, fostering an environment where you can express yourself freely and creatively. Similar to Instagram, Threads enables you to connect with friends and producers who are interested in the same things as you are, including those you already follow.  

However, if your phone number has recently changed, you must update it on Threads to ensure a seamless conversation experience. This article will walk you through updating your phone number on Threads. Additionally, we explained how to add a number to threads if you haven’t before. 

Steps to change or update the phone number on Threads

Providing a correct and up-to-date phone number is a crucial step to increase account security. Below we have shared steps to update and steps to add your number in the app “Threads.” 

Steps to Update Your Phone Number: 

Step 1: Open the app, and click the icon in the side menu.

apps profile

Step 2: Click on Account information from the side menu.

image 158

Step 3: Select Personal information.

personal information

Step 4: Click on the phone number icon.

 phone number

Step 6: Enter an updated phone number and then select Next.

 update the phone number

Your number has been updated, and you are ready to use the Threads app. 

Steps to Add Your Phone Number: 

Step 1: Open the app, go to your profile, and click on the icon at the right side of your profile.  

image 372

Step 2: Select the accounts option as shown below.

image 158

Step 3: From the, choose personal information.

personal information

Step 4: Click Verify your password and add your phone number. You don’t need to mention your country code or leading zero because we take care of them for you. Then click Next.

add a number

Step 5: A code will be sent to your phone number (by SMS text message). Click Activate Phone after entering the code in the Verification code box.

code confirmation


For a streamlined connection with your contacts, keeping your phone number current on Threads is crucial. Although you can quickly update or modify your phone number on Threads by following the easy steps in this post. However, confirm your identification and double-check the entered number’s accuracy to guarantee a smooth transfer. You may now have continuous discussions and keep in touch with your friends on Threads using your new phone number.


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