How to Download Audio from Instagram?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform. Not only entertaining, but it is also full of inspiring, educational, and useful content.

We come across many reels that we love and want to save. However, Instagram has no feature to download audio. Therefore, let us learn how to download audio from Instagram in this article.

Part 1. Understanding Instagram Audio Features

Let us start this article with the basics of audio on Instagram.

Types of Audio Content on Instagram

Here are the different types of audio content from Instagram.

  • Stories: Most often, people share a quick update, some advice, or an important announcement through stories. These stories are deleted after 24 hours making you want to download the audio.
  • Reels: In contrast to stories, reels stay on the user’s feed until she/he deletes them. However, you cannot have access to it without the internet. Therefore, downloading the content can be helpful.
  • IGTV: As reels have a time restriction of 90 seconds, IGTV allows its users to produce and upload long forms of content. 
  • Live Videos: Last but not least, live videos are another way of sharing audio content on Instagram. It is more like an interactive session you would like to save on your device. 

Instagram’s Policy on Downloading Content

Here are some important points about Instagram’s policy on downloading content,

  • You cannot download audio content directly from Instagram
  • Users cannot download content from other users without permission
  • Downloading content without permission is a violation of Instagram’s copyright laws
  • Instagram does not allow misusing audio content by downloading it 

Part 2: Preparing to Download Audio

Before we jump into downloading audio from different sources on Instagram, we need to take a few steps to prepare for downloading audio. These steps are mentioned here.

Identifying the Source of the Audio

Locate the video from which you want to download the audio. Also, find out who the audio belongs to. It could be from a famous artist, a content creator, or an influencer. Also, the video could be in any form as mentioned earlier. 

Ensuring you have Permission to Download the Audio

While you have permission to use popular Titok songs that belong to a well-known artist in your videos, you cannot claim it as your own.

Additionally, if you want to download the audio of any other Instagram content creator, reach out to him/her and ask for permission.

Tools and Software Requirements

There are 3 ways to download audio from Instagram. So, here are the 3 software you can use.

1. Third-party apps and Websites

Several websites and apps are available online that can be used to download Instagram audio. These third-party software provide a hassle-free method of downloading videos and include, 

  • Instagram to MP3 converter
  • ReelSave.App
  • Insta.SaveTube.Me
  • Ig Converter 

2. Screen Recording Tools

You can use the in-built screen recording software of your mobile phone to save the audio. In addition, you can install screen recording tools from your app gallery to make the process even more easier.

Using this screen recording, you can extract the audio from it.

3. Audio Editing Software

Some audio editing software allows you to save the audio directly from a reel/story/IGTV/feed from other content creators and use them in your own content. 

These apps include, 

  • Vlog Now Video Editor 
  • iTube Go
  • Fast Save for Instagram 

Part 3: Using Third-Party Websites and Apps

The first method to download audio from Instagram is third-party tools. So, here is a step-by-step guide on using them.

Finding a Reliable Third-Party Service

You cannot randomly use any software tool for fear of a breach of privacy and leakage of data. So, find a reliable third-party service.

1. Criteria for Selection

The criteria for selection of third-party service include,

  • It is compliant with Instagram’s policy for downloading videos
  • It does not sell or leak your important data
  • It downloads the audio in your required format
  • It is accessible, affordable, and easy to use

2. Potential Risks and How to Avoid Them

Potential risks of using third-party apps include,

  • Malware 
  • Leakage of data 
  • No regulatory compliance 
  • Ethical issues 
  • Misuse of your private information

You can avoid these issues by,

  • Limiting access of such apps to your private information
  • Using a reliable third-party app
  • Setting up device monitoring systems 

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Third-Party Services

You can choose any of the software we mentioned above.

1. Copying the Link to the Instagram Content

image 60

After identifying the video, 

  • Hit the “three dots” you see on the top right side of the screen or the “Share arrow” just next to the comment box
  • Click on “Copy Link” 

You can also copy the URL from the screen of your browser if you are not using the Instagram app. 

2. Pasting the Link into the Service

image 61

After saving the link to the audio you want to download,

  • Open the third-party tool of your choice
  • Right-click and select “Paste” from the window that opens up

3. Downloading the Audio File

image 62


  • Click on the arrow facing downwards sign given on the right side of the link
  • Wait for the audio to process

Part 4: Using Screen Recording Tools

Screen recording tools help in downloading Instagram audio.

Selection of Screen Recording Tools

While you can use integrated recorders on your device, here are some other tools.

1. Desktop Tools

For desktop screen recording, the software includes, 

  • A Power Rec
  • Bandi Cam Free Screen Recorder
  • Screen Rec

2. Mobile Applications

The mobile apps for screen recording include,

  • X Recorder 
  • AZ Recorder
  • Loom Screen Recorder 

Guide to Recording Instagram Audio

Let us learn how to extract videos from using a screen recorder.

1. Setting Up the Recording Parameters

image 56

The first thing is to record the screen. For this turn on the recorder you plan to use and set parameters including,

  • Resolution
  • Video quality
  • Sound source
  • Volume

2. Capturing the Audio

image 57

After setting the recording parameters,

  • Go to the Instagram reel/video 
  • Start recording 
  • As the video ends, end your recording as well

3. Extracting and Editing the Recorded Audio

image 63

The last step is to extract the audio.

  • Go to a video-to-audio converting app
  • Upload your recorded reel here
  • Let us process and export it
  • Use an audio editor to trim/add effects/improve the quality of the audio 

Part 5: Extracting Audio via Editing Software

Here we will see how can you use software tools to download audio.

Selecting the Right Software

Just like a third-party app, you need to choose the right software.

1. Free vs. Paid Options

Depending upon your budget, the quality of content you want to download, and the features of the tool, you can try some free or paid options.

The paid software to save audio from Instagram includes IGoTube while VidPaw, FastSave, and VN Video Editing tools are free. 

2. Compatibility with Your Device

Some of the tools mentioned above are compatible with all sorts of devices while others work only on a specific device. So, ensure that the tool you plan to use is compatible with your device.

Process of Extracting Audio

Here is the 3-step guide on using audio editing tools to extract audio from Instagram reels. As the VlogNow video editing tool works for both iPhone and Android, let us take it as a reference here.

1. Importing the Video File

image 64

After downloading the app on your mobile, download it using any video downloading tool. Also, record the reel you want to add the sound to. Then,

  • Open the app on your device
  • Click on the “+” sign you see at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose the reel you recorded from your camera roll 

2. Isolating the Audio Track

image 65

Under the video, you will see a few options. 

  • Click on the “Tap to add music” option 
  • In the insert menu, select “Music”
  • Click on “Extract from Video”
  • Go to your camera roll and choose the Instagram video you recorded
  • Create a new album with this reel
  • Now choose this video from the album and click “Use”

3. Exporting the Audio File

Wait for your new video with the recorded audio to be edited and click” Save” to export the final file.

Part 6: Ethical Considerations and Legal Implications

As Instagram forbids downloading audio in general, let us talk about some ethical and legal aspects.

Respecting Copyright and Usage Rights

First of all, any video or audios uploaded to Instagram belong to the original creator. The creator could be a famous personality or an undiscovered person. In any case, the copyright of the content belongs to the original creator and you do not have rights to use it until stated otherwise.

Understanding Instagram’s Terms of Service

We discussed the Instagram downloading policy. Considering that policy, you must ask permission from the original creator or give him credit for using his/her audio.

Sharing and Distributing Downloaded Audio Responsibly

While you can use downloaded audio for your private purposes. You cannot distribute them randomly, especially for commercial purposes. So, taking permission and giving credit determines the audience you can share the audio with.

Part 7: Troubleshooting Common Issues

You might face some issues in downloading the audio, so here are troubleshooting common issues.

Audio Quality Issues

If the audio you are trying to extract has bad quality,

  • Check the audio/voice settings of your device and turn the volume up
  • Force close your Insta account and open it again
  • Clear cache 
  • Reboot your phone 

Download Failures or Errors

If there is an error in downloading the reel,

  • Try downloading it on another device 
  • Change the recorder you are using

Compatibility Problems with Devices or Software

If your device shows incompatibility with the software you are trying to use, simply choose a software that works well for your device or try a different method of downloading audio.


1. Is it Legal to Download Audio from Instagram?

No, it is not legal to download audio from Instagram because of ethical and legal reasons. However, you can do so by asking permission from the creator.

2. Can I Download Audio from Someone Else’s Instagram Story or Reel?

Yes, you can download content from Instagram by using third-party software, online tools, and screen recorders.

3. What are the Best Third-Party Apps for Downloading Instagram Audio?

VidPaw, IGoTube, and FastSave are some of the best third-party apps for downloading Instagram audio.

4. How can I Improve the Quality of Downloaded Instagram Audio?

For this, you have to download the video in the best quality and then use high-quality and reliable software for downloading the video. Additionally, users can edit the audio with audio-editing tools to improve its quality.


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