How to Turn Off Speak to Chat XM4 [Step by Step]

Sony’s WH-1000XM4 headphones are known for their premium noise-canceling capabilities and advanced features. 

One handy functionality of these headphones is the “Speak to Chat” feature that allows users to control audio playback by simply speaking. 

This hands-free convenience enhances the ownership experience of everyone who purchased the headphones. However, the “Speak to Chat” feature isn’t perfect and some users encounter issues while it’s active. 

This guide will assist you in disabling the Speak to Cheat feature to customize your headphone experience based on your preference. 

Disabling Speak to Chat via Touch Sensor Control

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The Sony XM4 features a touch sensor control panel located on the right part of the headphones. This can be used to listen to ambient sound, control music playback, answer calls, and more. 

You can also use the touch sensor control to turn off the “Speak to Chat” feature.

  1. Using 2 fingers, hold the touch sensor control panel until you hear the voice prompt say, “Speak to Chat Deactivated”. 
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  1. Try speaking while wearing the headphones to confirm if you have successfully disabled the “Speak to Chat” feature. 

Use Sony Connect App to Disable Speak to Chat

There are instances when the “two finger” gesture doesn’t work. When this happens, you can use the Sony Connect App as an alternative way to turn off Speak to Chat. 

Connecting Your Headphones

  1. Download the Sony Connect App on your device via App Store or Google Play
  2. Next, open the app on your smartphone. 
  3. Turn on your wireless headphones and move it close to your device. 
  4. Connect your headphones via Bluetooth. 


If your headphones are not getting detected by the app, go to your phone’s settings and pair the headphones from the Bluetooth settings of your device.

Disabling Speak to Chat

  1. Ensure your headphones are connected to your phone. 
  2. Open the Sony Connect App
  3. Now, tap on Headphones and select your XM4
  4. Go to the Sound tab. 
  5. Set the toggle switch beside Speak to Chat to OFF
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If the touch control sensor is not working: 

  • Try holding the sensor with slightly separate fingers. 
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  • Directly touch the sensor panel. Remove any gloves or accessories that go between the sensor and your fingers. 
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  • Touch the sensor panel with the pads of your fingers. 
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Stop Speak to Chat from Re-Enabling Itself: 

As confirmed by users, the speak to chat feature on your Sony XM4 might re-enable itself if you don’t have an email registered to the Sony Connect app. 

This causes your headphones to revert back to factory defaults, which enables the speak to chat feature again. 

Make sure to register your email on the app to prevent this from happening.

If your Sony XM4 is not detected by the app: 

  • Make sure that your headphones and phone are connected via Bluetooth. 
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  • Try refreshing the connection by unpairing the headphones. Go to your device settings > Bluetooth > XM4 and forget/unpair the headphones. 
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  • Use the Sony Connect App interface to connect the headphones and not your phone’s settings page. 
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Additional Tips

Adjusting Speak to Chat Sensitivity

Besides disabling the speak to chat feature, you can also adjust its sensitivity to prevent it from activating every time.

  1. Ensure that your headphones and smartphone are connected. 
  2. Open the Sony Connect App
  3. Go to Headphones and select your XM4
  4. Next, tap on Sound
  5. Tap the Gear icon under Speak to Chat
  6. Tap on Voice Detect Sensitivity and set it to L Sensitivity
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Change Speak to Chat Active Time

If you’re annoyed that Speak to Chat stays active even when you’re done speaking, try adjusting the active time settings based on your preference. 

  1. Ensure that your headphones and smartphone are connected. 
  2. Open the Sony Connect App
  3. Go to Headphones and select your XM4
  4. Next, tap on Sound
  5. Tap the Gear icon under Speak to Chat
  6. Go to Time Until the Mode Closes and set it to a shorter period. 
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Disabling the “Speak to Chat” feature on Sony’s WH-1000XM4 headphones is a straightforward process. You can use the touch control sensor to deactivate the feature using two fingers or the Sony Connect App. 

Ensuring that you have a registered email on the Sony Connect app is crucial to prevent the “Speak to Chat” function from re-enabling itself. 

Overall, this guide equips you with all the knowledge to tailor your XM4 headphones based on your preferences and enjoy seamless audio listening. 


What does speak to chat do on Sony headphones?

With this function, your headphones will pause music playback and capture ambient sounds as soon as it detects you’re speaking. 

How can I prevent speak to chat from activating randomly? 

The speak to chat feature automatically enables when it detects that you are speaking. You can adjust the detection sensitivity so that it has a higher threshold of speech detected before it activates. 

The touch sensor might also wrongly detect a 2-finger gesture when you wear the headphones lying down and you rest your head on the right side. 


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