Why Can’t I Send Stars On Facebook

Meta-owned Facebook has become the most popular platform for content developers. This social media platform hosts several creators who post their reels every day. The main goal of the creator is to connect with the target audiences and keep them engaged. As a Facebook user, you might be familiar with the Stars feature. If you love Facebook content or reels of some creators, you can send Stars to them.

On the other hand, Facebook stars allow creators to monetize their content. But some Facebook users claim that they are unable to send stars to their favorite creators. Why does this issue appear? Let us talk about Facebook Stars and the solution to the problem. 

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Understand Facebook Stars and its benefits

YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms provide options that allow users to pay their preferred creators. The concept of Facebook Stars is similar to what you can find on YouTube and other sites. This feature helps content developers earn more money. Moreover, Facebook has released the Stars feature to strengthen the relationship between followers and creators. Thus, you can monetize your Facebook content due to the availability of this feature. But this special feature is intended for Pages in some particular regions.

How to give Facebook Stars to content creators

Giving a star to a Facebook content creator is very easy. The social media platform sells Stars on various packages, and you need to purchase one for the creator. You have to just click on the Star adjacent to the comment box. To purchase the Stars, you need to hit the Buy Stars button and choose the pack. The screen will give you some prompts, and you can make the deal. The cost of 75 stars is $1. The top right corner shows the Stars’ balance. Facebook has claimed that it has only a minimal revenue share even if you have bought the largest pack. 

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While sending Stars, you have to type the number of Stars to be sent. You can send Stars to creators who publish on-demand videos, Reels, and live videos. Many creators set their Facebook Stars goal to find better contributions of followers. These goals can be of 2 types

  • Video-level 
  • Page-level

If you send Stars to any creator, you will receive some exclusive content from him.

Reasons you cannot buy or send Facebook Stars?

You might have thought of purchasing Stars for a Facebook creator. However, you find that the Star button is not activated. It happens due to some potential reasons.

A recently created account- Your Facebook account is less than 1-month old. In that case, you will not be able to buy Stars. Wait for at least 30 days before making a purchase.

Creator turned off Stars- In some cases, the source of the problem is from the creator’s side. You may find that Stars are accessible while watching the video of one creator. However, you do not find these Stars for another creator. It means that the latter one has disabled Stars.

Disabled payment account: Another reason behind the failure to buy Stars is your deactivated Facebook payment account. So, you should check the status of your payment account. You may also check the Stars balance.

Outdated app version: If you are using an old version of the Facebook app, it may cause different problems. Go to the Play or App Store to get the latest version. 

You have not logged into your account- Facebook Stars are not accessible until you have logged in to your account.

Your location- The Facebook Stars feature is not yet available in some countries. Both the creator and the follower should be from eligible countries. If they are from the following countries, they cannot use the feature.

  • Syria
  • Crimea
  • Iran
  • Cuba
  • North and South Korea
  • Russia

Can you send Stars to every creator?

Facebook Stars enables followers and video viewers to show how they appreciate the content. The feature also benefits creators, as they will earn money from them. But, if the creator is not eligible for the Star, you cannot send it.

  • The creator must have met Facebook’s community standards. He should also agree to Content Monetization and Partner Monetization.
  • The minimum number of followers needed to receive Stars is 500.
  • The minimum age of the content creator should be 18 years.

Why should you send Stars to Facebook content creators?

If you have sent Stars, you can draw the attention of the creator. The creator will answer your questions instantly. Every Star you send gives a significant value to the Facebook content developer. At the same time, you will receive incentives from the content developers.

It is essential to focus on focus on viewers’ incentives. For instance, if you are a game streamer, a game can be raffled for every $100 donated.

The aim of Facebook content developers is to get more stars. That is why some creators host a contest among viewers. They declare a prize to those who will send the maximum number of Stars. Although it may be a simple reward, you will receive it in exchange for the Stars you have sent. Creators try to create the most interesting content for their upcoming streams. Your Stars also make them feel what you want from them.

If you want to benefit the creator, you can share his content. It will increase the number of views and Star donations for the content. The creator can also receive Stars on the past live streams.


Facebook Stars is an innovative feature that lets you show your appreciation to the content developer. But new account holders will not be able to access this option. You have to wait at least a month to find the content creator. Facebook Stars automatically get activated for eligible public text posts, images, and reels. Still, you may not be able to donate Stars if the creator has kept it deactivated for some reason. As a Facebook user, you will find it easy to send the desired number of Stars. 


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