What To Do If Facebook Says I Violated Community Standards

Almost all social networking platforms have their unique standards and rules. If users do not abide by those rules, social media prevents the further usage of the platform. The same is true if you use Facebook and have violated its community standards. So, what will you do if Facebook claims that you have infringed their standards? Let us talk more about this issue and provide the best solutions.

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Why has Facebook set its community standards?

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, created the social platform to give users a voice. Users can use the platform to express their views and communicate with others.

If users have started abusing the system, it will lead to an unsafe and unhealthy environment. The aim of Facebook is to keep the big community safe for everyone. 

Facebook has focused on 4 values while developing its standards-

  • Security– It is important to protect your personal details. So, Facebook will eliminate the content that is physically harmful to others. 
  • Authenticity– Facebook always wants to accept only authentic users. Thus, Facebook community members should not misrepresent any ads and posts. Make sure you have shown your authenticity as a community member.
  • Dignity– The social platform wants to ensure that every user feels respected in the community. 
  • Privacy– The social media site, Facebook helps users maintain their privacy. Thus, if any user has interfered with another user’s privacy, it leads to a violation of the rules. 

What will Facebook do when you violate its community standards?

Facebook relies on the Meta software, which continuously undergoes improvement to maintain the best community. Engineers and data scientists constantly analyze data and want to refine their processes to ensure the right community standards.

So, when you have violated the standards, your account may get deleted, restricted, or disabled. 

Restrictions on Facebook account

Facebook has implemented a strike system to record violation cases. It can cover actions of the past 90 days. In case of highly severe violations, tracking may include actions of the last 4 years. You will receive a notification when the social media has removed your posts or pages for violations.

Facebook will take an action depending on the number of violations-

1st violation- Just a warning message

2 violations- Restriction on creating content for a day

3 violations- No content development allowed for 3 days

4 violations- No content can be published for a week.

5 violations- 1-month restriction on creating and publishing content

Deletion of your Facebook accounts

If you have seriously violated community rules and standards, Facebook will delete your account. You will no longer be able to use the account.

Account gets deactivated

If the number of violations exceeds 5, Facebook will keep your account deactivated for a month.

Steps for recovering your deactivated Facebook account

While logging in to your Facebook, you will notice that your social media account has been deactivated. The interface will show you a clear message about the disabled account. You may send your appeal to Facebook to recover your account.

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The image is the appeal form available for Facebook users whose personal accounts have been disabled. If you believe that Facebook has mistakenly disabled the account, you have to send this online form. The form allows you to input the contact number or email address. Make sure you have provided accurate details while filling out the form.

You can also upload an image of a government-issued ID card (like passport). Besides, you should declare why your account needs to be restored.

Just click a button and send the form to the social media company. You will receive their feedback within a few days.

How does Facebook restrict a public figure’s account?

Facebook has considered different parameters while restricting accounts of famous personalities and public figures. These prominent personalities have a significant influence and a large number of followers. So, when they are involved in violent activities through unlawful Facebook posts, it will lead to Facebook account restrictions. But Facebook’s action depends on how the user has violated the community standards.

The following type of content is not allowed in Facebook. If you do so, Facebook will delete or restrict your account

Criminal behavior and violence

Facebook will ban you if you have threatened someone or violated the rules. The type of content that causes threat to personal and public safety are

  • Human trafficking
  • Serial or mass murder
  • Terrorist actions
  • Criminal activity and any violent action

Facebook allows advertisements for only regulated items. However, this social platform does not allow individual trade and sales of non-medical drugs, ammunition, and other drugs. Other prohibited topics include something related to publicizing criminal action.

Activities that affect others’ safety

According to Facebook’s community standards, it will disable or remove content if you have directly threatened the public with unlawful content. For instance, if it is a self-injury or suicidal post, Facebook may take action against you.

Objectional content

If your content has glorified violent actions, you will get banned. The image or textual content showing that someone is enjoying others’ humiliation also leads to account restriction. Facebook warns that the minimum age of the viewer should be 18 years.

Authenticity and integrity issues

Facebook will restrict your account if you have posted spam content. The term ‘spam’ refers to something that refers to inaccurate and misleading information. 

Besides, you must not create any fake identity while opening your Facebook account. Make sure that your identity is real and verifiable. Users who have spread false news intentionally will get restricted or banned. Although Facebook will not remove the news, it will reduce the distribution of such content. 


Recovering a deactivated Facebook account is frustrating. In some cases, Facebook mistakenly deactivates or restricts accounts of users. So, you have to wait after sending your appeal to the Facebook team. But, if you have violated the standards intentionally or unintentionally, you may find temporary or permanent restrictions on your account. It is always better to be careful while creating and posting content.