Why I Haven’t Received My StubHub Tickets?

Being one of the largest online ticket-selling and reselling platforms, StubHub has now become a brand of repute that a majority of event-goers trust.

Whether you want to buy tickets for an event organized by your favorite celebrity, changed your plan and wish to reschedule your visit, or intend to give someone else a chance to experience the affair as some of your friends have other engagements, StubHub has your back.

What are StubHub Tickets?

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In a nutshell, the show or event tickets you buy via StubHub are usually referred to as ‘StubHub Tickets’. “Why StubHub Tickets are so hyped?” you may ask. The answer is simple. The platform practices almost impeccable online business ethics, ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck through a secure channel, which StubHub calls ‘FanProtect’. On your part, you can rely on StubHub tickets because:

  • All the tickets you purchase are legitimate and come with a 100 percent guarantee that you will have the clearance for what you have paid for
  • You always have a helping hand in the form of StubHub’s Customer Service that ensures you do not experience any inconveniences before and during the event. This continues until the event is over
  • The portal encrypts all your financial transactions keeping your sensitive information protected from unwanted exposures and misuse

When Will I Get My Tickets in General?

StubHub always sends you an email as soon as your tickets are prepared and ready for dispatch.

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However, depending on the kind of tickets you bought and the method you used to make a purchase, the channel and/or mode of delivery may vary. 

You can find the information on how and when to expect your tickets in your order details, which may also differ according to your account type. You can continue reading to learn more:

For Registered StubHub Users:

If you are a registered StubHub user, your Order Details page mentions the ticket type, which could be marked as any of the following: 

Mobile Transfer

It means:

You can expect an email from StubHub with instructions on obtaining your tickets. For more details, you can visit the https://support.stubhub.com/en/support/solutions/articles/61000276384 URL.

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Mobile Ticket

For these, you must:

  • Use the StubHub mobile app
  • Go to My tickets
  • Go to your order
  • Tap View ticket to view your ticket

At the event venue, you can use the same process to get your ticket scanned.

Electronic or Instant download E-Ticket (PDF)

For this ticket type:

  • Go to Get tickets
  • Download the PDF version of your tickets
  • Use a good and reliable printer to print the tickets you downloaded

At the event venue, you must present the printed form of the tickets for clearance.

Mobile or print

You can use these tickets as both types, i.e., Mobile ticket and Electronic or instant download E-Ticket (PDF) at the event venue.

Note: If you wish to use the Electronic or instant download E-Ticket (PDF) method, you must follow the process above to download and print the tickets to present them at the event venue.


In the case of these ticket types:

StubHub delivers a hard copy to your postal address. As StubHub dispatches your tickets, it sends you an email so you can track the status.


You must collect these tickets from the venue on the day of the event. For detailed instructions, you can visit the https://support.stubhub.com/en/support/solutions/articles/61000276347 URL.

For Guest (Unregistered) Users

If you bought StubHub tickets using an unregistered account, you will get a 6-digit access code in the confirmation email you will receive from the portal. At this point, to view your tickets:

  • Click/tap the Sign in button
  • Click/tap Bought tickets as a guest? Find your order
  • Click/tap Continue to view your tickets
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Why I Haven’t Received My StubHub Tickets?

As mentioned earlier, the mode of delivery of your tickets may depend on how you bought them, and therefore if you haven’t received your StubHub tickets yet, there could be several reasons behind it. Some of the most common ones are listed below:

  • Incorrect Expected Delivery Channel

This is a common issue that many users experience.

You might be expecting your tickets from the wrong channel, and because of this, you have not checked the other delivery modes. For example:

You could be expecting a hard copy of your tickets at your postal address via regular courier or postal service, but they might already be there in your inbox.

  • Pickup Type Tickets

If your order details page shows Pickup ticket type, you won’t get your tickets via email, courier, or postal service. Instead, your tickets are placed under the ‘last minute services’ segment, which means that you must collect them from the venue on the date of the event.

  • Delays at the Source

Sometimes, the artists, their teams, or the venue managers set deliberate delays in the delivery of the tickets, and do not issue them before 24 hours of the event. In such situations, you can expect your tickets by 10:00 a.m. on the date of the event after which, you can contact StubHub’s customer support team to intervene and look into the matter.

Bonus Tip

A few more possible issues that you may encounter while dealing with StubHub tickets are discussed below:

  • Incorrect Name on Tickets

This usually happens when someone resold the tickets, and you bought them. In such a case, the tickets may have the name of the original buyer. However, because StubHub has your back through its FanProtect Guarantee policies, you can contact their customer support department and request them to make the corrections.

  • Lost Tickets

This mostly happens with the tickets you downloaded and printed from the portal or received via postal or courier services. While you can redownload and re-print tickets in the former case, in the latter, you must contact StubHub from the https://my.stubhub.com/contactus/ URL and request them to help you through.

  • StubHub App Unavailable

You may experience this issue when the StubHub app isn’t available for your region or residence. In such a case, you can use the Google Chrome web browser to go to https://www.stubhub.com/, sign in using your account credentials, and continue from there.


You don’t need to panic if you haven’t received your StubHub tickets right after buying them. Instead, you must go to the confirmation email the portal sent you, check the order details to see the ticket type, and then act accordingly. You can always come back to this guide or StubHub’s official help section to understand the delivery method according to the type of ticket you bought.


  • What if I don’t need my tickets anymore?

While StubHub doesn’t offer any return or refund policy, it allows you to resell your tickets through its portal. You can check the process of reselling your tickets on StubHub by following the https://support.stubhub.com/en/support/solutions/articles/61000276294 URL.

  • What if all my seats are in odd numbers (or even numbers) even though I bought them together?

If you have bought your tickets together, your seats will be adjacent. According to the universal seat arrangement system (sparing a few exceptions), all odd seat numbers are placed together, and the same is the case with the even numbers.

  • Where can I find the details of my past orders?

You can go to My tickets > Orders. From there, switch to the Past tab (on the web browser) or choose the option from the drop-down list (while using the StubHub app).

  • I erroneously bought the wrong tickets. What should I do now?

Although StubHub doesn’t have any refund policy, you can always resell your tickets on the portal. You can learn the process of reselling your tickets on StubHub from the https://support.stubhub.com/en/support/solutions/articles/61000276294 URL. 


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