New remote headset can not pair to master headset—for US SolidCom C1 without Hub

March 27, 2023

OVERVIEWS: If you purchased SolidCom C1 remote headset but can not pair it to master headset, it may needs to be reset;

Please download the tools for reset:

Download:  Solidcom C1 remote headset reset tool

Please follow the steps below:

SolidCom C1 remote headset reset guidance: 

  • Open the ‘ Win ’ or ‘Mac’ file in the file directory according your system. (Note: Mac system with Apple M1 chip is not support)

  • Open the ‘I5802_Headset_Config.exe’ file in the file directory, and the interface will be shown:
  • The program will automatically search whether there is a headset insertion, and the interface will be shown when connected:

(Note:  that will timeout after automatically searching for 30 seconds,  it needs to click the interface to continue the search)

  • After the reset is successful, the interface will be shown as below, and then the headset will restart。
  • Please pair with master headset again;