Hollyland’s Solidcom M1 Was Re-trusted by CG PRODUCCIONES for the Onsite Production at the Band KISS’s 2022 Tour Dates in Colombia

March 17, 2023

Reliable product wins reliable respect

On May 8th, a well-known show by the KISS rock band was held in Colombia. Our long-term partner in South America CG PRODUCCIONES was entrusted to be the production team behind this event. As opportunity favors the prepared, our professional wireless intercom Solidcom M1 was applied to serve as a solid and smooth onsite real-time communication kit for the behind-the-scenery production line-up.

KISS, a legendary American hard rock band formed in New York City in 1973, is well known for its members’ face paint and stage outfits with shocking live performances. Gathering a vast majority of heavy metal fans with great fever and high spirits, the KISS’s 2022 Tour farewell show returned to Colombia to officially say goodbye to their fans.

It is an unprecedented show full of pyrotechnics, technology, special effects, fires, explosions, blood, and flights, and KISS reviewed their greatest hits in more than 50 years of career. It would be the last opportunity KISS fans in Colombia would have to enjoy the band live after almost 50 years of success and an impeccable musical career. Since the whole farewell tour was reorganized in a complex and arduous process, every step matters.

The Movistar Arena in Bogotá was the place chosen for this big event. It is an indoor arena that hosts 90 shows per year and is the first arena ever built in Colombia. This arena can accommodate up to 14,000 people.

Any type of live event is challenging but setting up an onsite production in an unfamiliar venue raises the stakes even higher. In this spectacle live show, reliable tools are particularly crucial. Based on the understanding and trust in Hollyland’s wireless intercom solutions facilitating in the broadcasting of FIFA’s Women Football in Colombia, CG PRODUCCIONES did not hesitate to choose Solidcom M1 again as their trustworthy field real-time communication tool.

CG PRODUCCIONES, an experienced homegrown production company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions in audiovisual and telecommunications in Colombia, was entrusted to be responsible for the onsite production throughout the show.


Why Hollyland?

A precise communication tool in the noisy environment

The biggest challenge was the onsite noisy environment to be overcome. Inside the arena were dozens of video screens, specialty mood lighting controllers, sound systems, and other electronic devices. Many of these are electronically noisy along with people’s uproar which can be a problem for onsite real-time communications requiring precision and clarity.

Based on the previous satisfying experience of Hollyland’s wireless intercom system, CG PRODUCCIONES turn their eyes back on this dependable intercom Solidcom M1 for its premium sound collection. By adopting self-developed Noise-Cancellation Algorithms and a super-wide frequency response from 200Hz to 7KHz, each Solidcom M1 comes with the professional dynamic LEMO headsets that deliver an authentic and premium sound at a broadcast-level sampling rate, thus ensuring the precise and clear message exchange among onsite teammates. It greatly alleviated their worries about unclear message delivery, especially during the peak time when the audience’s fever was ignited by the music and all types of noises were intertwined.


A solid and secure intercom for that vast arena

Another challenge was the sheer size of the area to be covered.With over 500 square meters to serve and more than 14,000 people in attendance, the host of the event had a large behind-the-scene staff who were roaming across the various places. The vast coverage area meant that wireless systems would be necessary for untethered communications. Roving staff members in the arena also needed to be able to move freely.Any lack of coverage would be disastrous.

Having taken their issues into consideration, CG PRODUCCIONES was convinced that Solidcom M1 is equipped to solve the above-mentioned communication challenges. Each Solidcom M1 base station offers two antenna options to tackle different intercom scenarios. While the built-in panel antennas render a one-way directional transmission range up to 1,300ft (400m), the FRP antennas solution is better suited to this event with the circular venue. The FRP antennas provided a reliable transmission in a 360° radius range of around 985ft (300m) and insured that mission-critical communications remained functional at all times.

For such a big event that requires multi-party cooperation onsite, enough devices for real-time coordination are extremely needed. Each set of Solidcom M1 is equipped with 8 beltpacks. Simultaneous group calls for 16 people in 3 groups are made possible with 2 cascaded sets, with a standard network cable of 328ft (100m) for cascading, sufficient for staff dispatching of most events.

Peaceful coexistence among multiple mobile devices for a sound signal environment

Actions throughout the whole live concert being underway could be fast and compact, so the need for reliable communication is critical. Reliability and stability were the most important features of CG PRODUCCIONES.In such a grand concert site with multiple wireless devices appearing, a sound signal environment for a solid and smooth transmission is extremely important. Solidcom M1 operates at a 1.9GHz band frequency and has little interference with other onsite wireless devices in the arena. Combined with its built-in auto frequency hopping feature, Solidcom M1 is endowed with an enhanced anti-interference capability in case of any contingencies. Therefore, Solidcom M1 wouldn’t be disrupted by any of the electronic products in use thus ensuring a smooth and secure flow in a complicated signal environment throughout the whole event.


Staff members of CG PRODUCCIONES for the event were able to communicate easily and quickly was greatly attributed to Hollyland’s Solidcom M1 full-duplex wireless intercom.

Things were greatly shifted by the global pandemic while music can reconnect us together. Many onsite audiences have expressed that their spirits were lifted by engaging in this spectacular farewell show. The unparalleled devotion and loyalty of the KISS Army to the “Hottest Band in the World” is a striking testament to the band’s unbreakable bond with its fans. Therefore, this visual and auditory feast was undoubtedly a success. Dedicated to wireless transmission solutions for years, Hollyland is also delighted to assist the behind-the-scenes team in presenting this grand concert to everyone by guaranteeing them precise and efficient real-time communication and coordination.