Lark C1 Support

 It may take about 3s for the indicators on the receiver to turn on when the receiver is connected to a smartphone.

The two indicators on the receiver indicate the two transmitters status, respectively.When only one transmitter is connected, the other is connecting or disconnected; one indicator on the receiver will steady on, and the other will flash and turn off in 60 seconds without a connection.

The steady green indicator light indicates that the transmitter’s noise cancellation function is on, and the flashing blue indicator light indicates that the other transmitter is not connected.

The receiver and transmitter have been paired with each other before delivery. After the receiver is connected to a smartphone, if the receiver and transmitter are disconnected from each other, please refer to the following pairing operations:

① Press and hold the pairing button on the receiver for about 3s to enter the pairing mode. Then the indicator on the receiver will flash.② Press and hold the pairing button on the transmitter for about 3s to enter the pairing mode. Then the indicator on the transmitter will flash.


1. The transmitter cannot enter the pairing state when it is paired and connected to the receiver.

2. The receiver cannot enter the pairing state when it is connected to the two transmitters.

The transmitter can be upgraded in the LarkSound app.1. Connect the receiver to a smartphone, then connect the transmitter to the receiver.

2. Smartphone opens the network (WiFi/4G/5G).

3. Open the 【LarkSound】 app and then tap the [↑] icon in the upper right corner to upgrade the transmitter.


1. The app cannot run in the background during the upgrade.

2. The transmitter cannot be turned off and must be connected to a stable power source during the upgrade.

3. The receiver needs to be plugged into the phone again after the upgrade.

4. You need to manually pair the receiver with the transmitter again after the upgrade.

For iOS devicesYou can search for the [LarkSound] app on the App Store to download the app.For Android devices: You can download the [LarkSound] app on the Google Play Store.

Yes, but you need to connect the Bluetooth earphones to your phone first, and then plug the Lark C1 into the phone. Otherwise, the microphone of the Bluetooth earphones will be prioritized.

If there is a problem with recording with third-party apps (such as TikTok and, Facebook), disable the speaker play function in the LarkSound app.

The Lark C1 iOS version receiver is certified to meet Apple performance standards. The interface material of the Lightning jack should not damage the phone interface when any external force acting on it. Therefore, the receiver interface material of the Lark C1 iOS version is made of plastic.

Note: The plug breakage due to human factor damage is not under the free after-sales warranty.

If you press and hold the yellow pairing button on the Lark C1 receiver while plugging the Lark C1 receiver into your iPhone. In that case, it will trigger the device debug mode, and cause the iOS system to have the “Cannot Use Accessory”issue.
Please unplug the Lark C1 receiver and re-plug it into the iPhone without pressing the pairing button.

Some applications do not support external wireless microphones, such as ZOOM, Whatsapp, and WeChat while using voice or video calls. That is because of the protection of call security. Most software with a voice call or video call function does not support external wireless microphone devices for recording, and it will automatically use the phone’s microphone in this case.

Only when you complete the call can the external wireless microphone work again.
If it is still using your phone’s microphone after ending a call, close the corresponding software, and  plug and unplug the microphone receiver again.

Abnormal problems:

One mic record normally, but the other cannot work.
The screen of your iPhone 14 is off while the Lark C1’s receiver is plugged in; you unlock the iPhone 14’s screen, then the phone starts recording using its internal microphone, but not the Lark C1. Try unplugging and plugging the Lark C1 receiver again to make it work properly.
When connected to the iPhone’s original camera, click the Record button. The recording will automatically stop after 1 to 2 seconds.

If you have any of these problems, please check your phone system version and try to upgrade to the latest iOS version.

No, the Lark C1 cannot be connected to a PC for recording.

When you use the original smartphone camera with the Lark C1 and encounter issues, try to record with a third-party app like TikTok or Facebook.

For more details about the Lark C1 compatibility list for Android phones, please check Compatibility list for Android.

Yes, the Lark C1 supports connecting to iPad with a Type-C interface and recording.But it can’t use the iOS 【LarkSound】 app to set the parameter, so if you want to set the parameter, you can set it via the Android 【LarkSound】 app on other smartphones.